Life of Positivity

25 November 2016

To be honest, it's a total let down everytime I go online and the only thing I see are bad stuff that people say about other people. I try not to dwell so much on issues that I know has a solution, but no one would give a damn. So I thought maybe creating a more positive mood here on my blog might inspire a reader.

The environment is on fire with so much negativity, the next thing we might want to do is to avoid adding fuel to it. Pull the good from that same negative state instead. Let's set our pride and ego aside, remain grounded, be mindful of your surroundings and be a little sensitive towards others. Contribute something constructive. Be open to criticism and learn from those, be inspirational. Listen and don't over think. Help wholeheartedly, don't expect anything in return. Life is taken one day at a time so relax.

With all the negativity circling the world let us counter that with a good deed each day or at least do things with a sincere, kind heart.

3 Seasons of Happiness

15 November 2016

In my life, it was during our vacation that I was able to experience and enjoy the change of seasons.

 When we arrived in America, we were able to love the coolness of the last weeks of Spring. Most of our journey went around Summer and now it's Fall. The seasons played a big part on this travel of ours. As we all know, in the Philippines, we're stuck with 2 types of weather system---wet and dry or rainy season and summer, plus a certain level of humidity on top of both. Which is why I promised myself that if I get to travel abroad, I'll make it memorable by experiencing at least parts of the so- called 4 Seasons.

Early in June 2016 was the date of our trip. For some practical reason that was when my husband got his approval to get some time off from work, we had to take it. But given the choice, we prefer November in time for Fall and to experience the transition to Winter, you know, that whole concept of a White Christmas.

Anyway, the June date turned out great! We were expecting it to be hot knowing that Summer in America comes around at this time. To our surprise, it was still Spring and it was pretty cool when we arrived. One of the things I learned from this trip is that seasons change with a snap of a finger.

 Magic Kingdom, Disney World Orlando, Florida

The day after we arrived in Orlando, Florida it was announced in the news that it was officially Summer. So I thought maybe it's still a bit cool only lesser. But when we went out for our tour at Disney World, yup! it's Summer. All of a sudden it was hot, like "flat iron hot", it's dry, but definitely not as humid or sticky to what we have in the Philippines.

Come to think of it, we kinda extended summer from the Philippines (April- May) to America (July- mid September). This one is for the books--- 2 summers in 2016! Summer in America is different. I like it because it's dry. Using the Philippine summer as comparison, I'd rather have it hot and dry than hot, sticky and stinky hehehe! Anyway,  any place we go nowadays to is air- conditioned. 

The kids were treated for some swimming lessons at a nearby water park. Quite an experience, my kids learned more from this class. They performed well. Not only they became more knowledgeable, but they also showed interest on making swimming as a sport, especially my eldest son.

 Swimming Lessons with Ms. India and Ms. Chanel

Aside from swimming lessons, the kids enjoyed frequent visits to the water park for fun. We also go to a trail park within the vicinity.

We take long afternoon walks, "we try" to stay healthy considering that food in America is magic and  to warm up because we're on the go all the time and with kids in tow. We walk "at least" 3-4 km or 3-5 miles or at least meet 10,000 or more steps everyday. 

Our Summer tour went around with visits to Florida, North and South Carolina, New Jersey and New York! I must say, there's a good feel to go on tour at this time, because you don't get to wear and carry layers of clothing as you walk around, which is not bad, it's an experience as well.  Its just that summer has its own perks and benefits. 
 Main Deck Empire State Building

Summer in America is as fun as our summer in the Philippines. The thing we loved about summer in July was a cleaner setting, it is not polluted and humid. You know it's hot but at least what you breath in is clean, fresh air. 

Late in August, we decided to go to Washington D.C. and spend at least a week to discover the nation's Capital and a quick stop to Maryland.

NYC and D.C. are a must when in America. 

Plan it, get a map, set funds, bring an adventurous travel companion and head to these places. 

 16th st. NW, Washington D.C. going to the White House

Since we're on a budget, instead of flying or renting a car, we rode the Amtrak. Our home- base near D.C. was Annandale, Virginia.

When we got there it was still summer. It was blazing hot, but as we move along the week, it became cooler. Virginia is up North of GA, before we left we were advised that it might get cooler at this time in August. In the middle of supposedly a "hot summer", we enjoyed a cool one while in Virginia.
It was just right to ease out the skin from the heat of the summer sun, but also enough to enjoy and wrap yourself with a cardigan or lightweight jacket.  Last stop of our northeastern trip was Bethesda, Maryland.
Bethesda, Maryland
When we left D.C. it was already September. Anytime, I was expecting for a change in temperature. My mom-in-law mentioned that Fall was near. I got excited, like everyday I check the weather. It was still hot until they announced that it was officially Fall in mid- September, and just like that, the temperature dropped. 

I've always wanted to see the beautiful colors of Fall.

It's everyone's wish to experience Fall. I never thought of it as a dream but I've always wanted it. This I have to say marks one of the most memorable on this travel of ours. Not only we get to feel Fall, but we are witnessing its transition day by day.

They say, it's best to climb the mountains and appreciate it even more thru its foliage and people do that in GA. Maybe one day, we can too.

  Fall also marks the beginning of the Pumpkin Season and preparation for Halloween events and Thanksgiving. We were able to bring the kids to a traditional pumpkin patch with hay under our feet, country music playin' and pumpkins of different sizes everywhere. (in a different post)

I call it 3 Seasons of Happiness: Spring, Summer and Fall. 

It pulled out our young hearts and got us to our jolly feet throughout this journey. This is the most important for me as a person and as a parent, the effect, the result that was gained from the hard work we pour everyday, was surely worth the wait and of course, worth every penny.

One lesson I also learned from this travel was not to rush into things. It took us years to make this travel happen, but boy, it was big and definitely an extraordinary one!
I am very thankful to have experienced parts of the 4 seasons, grateful to have created this memory with my children and my forever partner in everything--- my dear husband.

 It was truly incredible and unforgettable!

 Winter is just around the corner, in GA, I heard it gets icy cold and this will have its own story soon.😉

A Good 10 Months

03 November 2016

Travel has always been included in our timeline, but it was never a priority for we have more important things "we thought" we must take into consideration. A good 4 months was all we needed to get off the rat race smoothly. My husband and I came to a point when we realized that we needed to do something new and different, a refresher to keep us on the roll despite the chaotic environment we live in. 

Our 12th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves was this travel abroad. Since it was our first time to travel as a family, we looked for a destination where we can enjoy and learn a lot from.

Why America?

1. The original plan was to go to Japan. Who doesn't want to visit Japan, it's the perfect destination for everybody, but...
2. Family is in America.
3. America is a melting pot, it's a vast piece of land that house people of different cultures from around the world. 
4. We get to experience everything from one destination. The change of seasons, food, culture, environment, architecture, life and what makes each State stand out from the rest. In our case, we were able to explore the East Coast.

I really love the fact that "travel" was made as a point of learning and as an eye- opener to things out of my comfort zone. It was a humbling experience for me. I saw the real version of what life is in America. It's not all good, like every place in the world, but it has its own charm as well like every place in the world. It's different if you stay for a month and just tour. It's way, way different to be on tourist mode at the same time, there's a need to adapt in order to make the most of our stay.
We took courage and made plans to go for a long vacation and just said, let's go!. Courage and a positive outlook? because it greatly involves time, money and the possible impact on us (which may be good or bad) of this move we made. 10 months was all we needed. 6 months to prepare and another 4 months for the whole thing to happen. With God's Grace, always in His perfect timing, it was easy. Everything was laid out for us perfectly.

Onboard Statue Cruises to Ellis Island and Liberty Island 

I always believe that if it's meant for you, it will always be made easy. Yes, there's going to be a second trip and even a third and a fourth. For as long as family is there, we will keep on coming back.

Installing Stairs On A Deck

26 August 2016

When it comes to building stairs that go on a deck, you probably don't give a lot of thought into what they look like as long as the color of the steps matches that of the deck's surface. You can learn how to build a deck by reading information online or by hiring a contractor to help complete the work.

Before you start the building process, you need to make a plan of how you want the steps to look and how many steps you want to include from the floor of the deck to the ground. You should also think about how many people will be using the steps. If you plan on entertaining, then you might want to consider wider steps so that more than one person can stand on them at a time. If the deck has a simple design without a lot of additions, then you should consider steps that are of the same plain design. When you look at how to build stairs for a deck, you also need ot think about whether you plan on adding other details, such as a rail or a cover.

When you get the materials to make the steps, it's best to get something that is weather proof as you don't want the wood to splinter. You should also think about staining the steps, as well as the deck, so that you have a uniform appearance. The height of the steps might need to be adjusted once you start to place the pieces of wood depending on how much space you want to see between each one. Something to think about is that small children and pets can easily get underneath the steps if there is a wide space.

The risers should be placed first. These are the sides of the stairs. You want to make sure you have a sturdy base for the sides as this is what will hold each step. Cut each step so that it securely fits between each end of the riser. Measurements should be exact as you don't want steps that are too short or too long. It is sometimes best to attach the steps to one riser before adding the riser on the opposite side so that each step is the same length.

US State of Mind

12 August 2016

I've been on break for about 2 months now. At some point I knew that I'll eventually make an update for my blogs. Just in case, you can still reach me thru email for both my sites. I check most of the time, it's just the posts that are limited because I'm on vacation with my family.

As much as possible I want to make our vacation stress free and enjoyable. It's our first to travel as a bunch, we poured so much time and money in this so yes, I/ we wanna make the most of it. For the location we're at and in which I thought of saving as a surprise, here it is:

We've been here in the United States since June. We went to several states for the past 2 months, Florida, Georgia, S&N Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. If you're going to look at the map, we basically traveled almost the whole of east coast and we just drove from one state to another.

I chose NYC to represent this travel  because of it's iconic reputation that greatly represents the United States. It was our main goal to be in New York and it gave us the most memorable experience on this vacation.

It was the middle of summer, but at the time of our long walks and exploration it did not feel hot and sticky, everything was pretty cool. It's like Philippine weather during the 'ber' moths minus the humidity, with clear skies, plus a much cooler breeze would blow once in awhile as we go around. For me, it was just right to enjoy the city.

Our travel to NYC was very important to all of us especially to my eldest son. The reason to reach NYC was to fulfill one of my son's dreams and we were able to give it.  Both our boys are happy, we're happy and fulfilled as parents.

Frankie is very fond of tall buildings and other architectural designs. A visit to the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center site and the One World Observatory was his dream. If there's something he'll spend time on online, that is to watch videos about  the said structures or to research on skyscrapers and construction per se.
 View from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building
View from the top of One World Observatory

There's more to tell than just our humble adventure to/ in NYC.

I'll leave you with this for now...

What's Better Than Vacation? Try a Stay-cation!

05 July 2016

This summer, you don't have to travel to have a wonderful vacation experience. In fact, you can save yourself all the stress of packing, driving, and navigating to instead have a relaxing and incredibly fun time all while staying close to home. This is especially great for families who want to save money on their holiday, or for people who hate long plane or car rides. Do a little research on the events and opportunities in your own community and you can have a stay-cation you'll remember for the rest of your life.

For families or individuals who love nature, your local stay-cation will be easy to plan. Pretty much every place in the United States of America is close to a National, State, or Local park. Go online and look for the nearest hiking trail, park, or nature preserve and take a visit. Pack a picnic lunch and a camera to document your experience. Science has proven that time spent in nature leads to less stress and better health. Take advantage to the natural beauty that's right outside your door.

If you're looking for some indoor fun, consider local museums and historical locations. Every town has a history, and most town have a historical center just waiting for a visit. You may have to go to your local library to find out about the secret treasures that are waiting in your area. Another tip is to visit a hotel and check out the flyers that are displayed in the lobby. This will show you all the local adventures and attractions that you may have missed.

Finally, consider attending a local event or activity going on in your area. Check online and in newspapers to find out about county fairs, concerts, or lectures. Consider attending a healing ministry event, such as those by Joshua Media Ministries, if you've been feeling unwell. Local colleges and universities often have a lot to offer as well, including visiting speakers and authors. You can even see celebrities at local bookstores or other speaking engagements. Alternatively, try out an exciting experience like riding in a hot air balloon or going to a nearby amusement park.

You don't have to spend a fortune or travel far away to have a break from the stress of life. Look outside your front door for ideas and inspiration. You deserve a break!

A Happy Father & Daughter Relationship

10 June 2016

It was a cloudy Friday morning and I met with my dad at the newly opened Novotel in Cubao, Quezon City. Apparently, my dad booked a 2- night stay at the said hotel and he is giving one night for me and my family, the other goes to my other sibling. Upon check- in, we were welcomed and greeted warmly by the front desk personnel named Michelle. As my dad and I were filling up forms, the both us were also conversing, our usual father and daughter bonding. We make jokes, we talk about funny stuff about each other.  With this, Michelle noticed this warm relationship I share with my dad and even acknowledged that we're blessed to have such wonderful relationship.

My father treats me and my other siblings equally... but we all have our own ways on how to be a good daughter and son to him and our mom.  We don't abuse his kindness and as much as possible, we think of him and our mom first more than ourselves. My dad "was" a strict father. There were times when I would make up lies just to go out or break a curfew... But him being strict and all, I'm thankful for that, because I wouldn't be where I'm at right now, happy and most of all, I have this sense of contentment and peace inside me if it weren't for that  stage in my life .

I carry and apply my parents' life principles with me in my own journey as a parent. At the age of 37, my father continues to teach us, his children life's lessons and he and my mom are our guiding factors on becoming better parents and beings. 

Sabi nga nila, " Habang  nabubuhay kami, we will never stop supporting all of you." We will always be here for our children". Support doesn't have to be always monetary. There's a lot a parent can give to his or her children that money can't buy. It is something that can define us both here on earth and even the afterlife,  that's our values, what people will remember us for.

I'm happy that Michelle noticed this blessing I share with my father and also same with my mom. Again, I'm truly grateful for this gift I share with my parents and siblings. It makes life more colorful each day. For every family gathering or event we look forward to, for the blessing of wisdom that each could share with the rest. For the laughter and tears of joy we share... and the list just goes on and on.

It's my first time to be away from them this long... it's my first time to miss Father's Day...

Importance and Benefits of Spring Cleaning

03 June 2016

Spring in the air, it's the perfect time to clean up around the house, and keep an eye out for any potential household dangers.

 Here are some benefits when it comes to cleaning our homes regularly:

1. Make room for new items.
2. Once we start digging through piles and piles, we discover memories.
3. We keep those harmful dusts away and we stay safe from sickness.

In our country we do general cleaning all- year round. Personally I go through our things almost every quarter of the year because I have allergic rhinitis. I sneeze again and again almost every morning. I'm sensitive to some scents, to dusts and I even get similar reaction if I'm drizzled with a little rain. But no worries, I can play around it with some over the counter medicine and I'm good. But you see, why wait for these allergens to activate when we can avoid it. Prevention is important.

Though we just moved in our new home, we still brought some of our old things with us and these things are also subject for disposal. Now that we're bound to stay abroad for a couple of months, I have to inspect and see what I can give away or throw out to make room for new items and of course, to keep my home clean while we are away.

These allergens, dusts, molds, etc. are harmful to our health especially when inhaled often. It causes several diseases like cancer, asthma and skin infection of sorts and these are just some. It affects our body inside and out. Making time to clean not only once can prevent potential household dangers. To safeguard ourselves while cleaning, it is important wear disposable mask, a heavy duty pair of gloves and even a coat so we don't get exposed too much.
Think before you toss. There are a number of toxic materials and substances that must be disposed of properly.

Asbestos — Many homes built before 1970 contain asbestos. Asbestos, a deadly fiber that causes mesothelioma, was used in insulation, floor tiles, home siding and roofing. Linings around ventilation pipes, furnaces, hot water heaters, and other piping were also commonly made with asbestos. Since asbestos is still legal, it may be in newer homes as well. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it’s disturbed in some way, releasing its fibers in the air. Actions like drilling and patching, along with natural deterioration, are a few ways asbestos can get released.The American Lung Association recommends that you hire a certified asbestos professional to take any samples, minimizing potential exposure to you and your family. If asbestos is detected, it’s imperative you hire a certified professional to remove it safely.

  1. Motor oil — It’s illegal in most states to pour motor oil down a drain or on the ground. You must place it in a clean plastic container and bring it to a location that will take care of it for you.
  2. Electronics — Old electronics contain heavy metals like cadmium and lead. Donate or drop them off at a recycling center. Some big retailers will recycle old electronics, including Best Buy and Apple.
  3. Paint — Oil-based paint and other paint-related products are classified as household hazardous waste (HHW) and should be returned to the point of purchase or donated or taken to a local HHW collection facility.
  4. Batteries — No battery is recyclable. Fore more information on where to dispose of a certain kind of battery, call 1-800-8-BATTERY.
  5. Light bulbs — When broken, fluorescent light bulbs, including compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, release a small amount of mercury. Take them to your local HHW facility.
  6. Smoke detectors — Ionization chamber smoke detectors (ICSDs) use a small amount of ionizing radiation to detect smoke. This is a radioactive material classified as hazardous by the Fire Protection Agency and must be mailed back to the manufacturer via ground mail. Or, bring it to your local HHW if the manufacturer won’t accept it.
  7. Mercury thermometers — If broken, mercury thermometers can release 500 milligrams of the neurotoxin mercury. Bring to your local HHW facility for disposal or find an exchange program that will give you an electronic one. 

Visit: How To Spring Clean Safely for more information.

Also with this, let us make ourselves aware of these ways we can prevent diseases like Cancer.

Cancer Survivor's Day: This day falls on Sunday, June 5th. It's a day to celebrate those who are fighting against cancer. This is the perfect opportunity to recognized loved ones in your life and their courageous battle. We'll also be taking part in a Twitter chat on Friday, June 3rd in honor of the day (hosted by the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance!Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance!)

My Partners for Summer 2015 & 2016: Neo and Cath

28 May 2016

If you noticed, I'm missing a post for summer of last year. 2015 has been a busy year for me and my family as we had the interior of our new home done, we did an early move- in, a total adjustment with our new community.

Let me do a quick story about my partner that kept me company last summer, actually for the whole year of 2015. 

It was a gift from husband back in 2014, a black Longchamp Neo made in France.

To notch it up a little, I was hopeful that Longchamp would come up with a body bag with a structure of a Le Pliage but still reasonable. Aside from having a strap, I was also hoping that it would be available in black so I can own a basic black Longchamp bag.

To make my story short, I did found something and my husband saw that I was viewing the Neo on Longchamp's website. Then lo and behold, a medium, black Neo. I'm a big Le Pliage user, it delivers everything I need of having a fashionable yet functional tote bag. The Longchamp Neo strap made it easier for me to run errands, go from one place to another with my hands full.

As to how he got it? he told me not to ask anymore hehehe!
Definitely, it took a lot just to get this bag and quite expensive as well, because back then, at the time I was looking, the Neo was not yet released here in Manila. Now it's easier because we have a Longchamp store in Greenbelt, but I go to Rustan's (much closer to our place) for Longchamps,  they have the Neo and I want my next to be in Pebble.


Summer is officially over and it's time to share my partner for 2016.  I went back to Cath Kidston and my order arrived via "Royal Mail" ( well it's just the citipost). Even if we have Cath Kidston stores here in Manila, I still opted to order mine direct from and had it sent to our address in the U.S. I like it direct because the online shop offers discounted items up to 50% off.

Anyway, when I went to a Cath Kidston shop, I browsed and saw that they sell the tote bag that I like for 6,000+php, (sale price is at 4500+php). But when I went online, my large Kingswood Rose Trimmed Tote was on sale less than $50 (USD). For $100 (the price of one bag), I got  3 different items instead: a large Kingswood Rose Trimmed Tote, Kingswood Black Canvas and Leather body bag and a lovely hearts zip purse.
After the spots and dots, I've always wanted to get the nostalgic floral print from Cath Kidston. I found the Kingswood Rose design elegant, sweet, it has that classic feel and look. Aside from that, it's a tote bag, I just have this thing for totes. I find my totes useful for trips and of course to hold as much important things that I can for the whole family.

It is easy to clean, it's durable and maintains its original form. It doesn't have a zip closure though just a zip pocket and an internal slip pocket.

When in Manila, advisable to bring for trips to friendly places just to be safe. Anyway, having this tote bag is fun and easy. Personally, even in a crowded area, I never worry, I just stay extra vigilant and I secure my money and phone in the zip pocket. The zip pocket can fit the size of a zip purse by the way.

I recently saw that the new releases has a zip closure, perfect for travel, might just get one.

The Trip Worth Waiting For

20 April 2016

How can travel define a person? I guess it depends on his/ her dreams, goals and of course, the travel companion. There were times when my husband would tell me to proceed and explore new places even without him. You see, my husband's work requires a great deal of his time as a global manager for one of the biggest global law firms. He is entitled to go on a certain no. of leaves but his role for this company is very important globally,  it's tough to find that window to go on long vacations. I always tell him, that I will never go anywhere else without him. Since we got married, in everything that we do, it was done with both of us in it. I don't care if it's a trip around the world, for as long as it's not with him and my children, a trip will never be as fun and memorable. My family is my life, and they make it sweeter.

It has been 12 years... 12 years full of love, laughter, unforgettable moments and learnings. My husband and I went through a decade filled with discoveries that nurtured our relationship even more. We waited and waited... true enough in God's perfect timing everything was easy.

Finally, we have arrived at the moment when we get to try  something new and different not just as individuals but as a family. We're about to fulfill another dream... the dream to travel as a family. I'm very happy that our 12th wedding anniversary is going to be extra special, definitely outside the country. Months away from the busy life we have here in the Philippines is surely worth waiting for and  it took us 6 months to prepare.

Travel does wonders to each of us, regardless of location and how it's spent. Near or far, travel makes us better beings, it pulls out our greatest strengths and fears and it brings us to a certain high where all we can think about is to explore and be limitless.

A new experience, a path to discovery and awareness. The most important for me is the impact of this whole new event to my children. My kids are at a stage where they like to discover and recreate, it's the perfect moment to make those thoughts come to life right before their very eyes.

As to where we are going? Let me hold that as a surprise...

Beyond Rodrigo Duterte

18 April 2016

Election day is just a few winks away this will be the last on my thoughts.

I'm supporting the candidacy of Mayor "Digong" Duterte.
Why did I choose him?

Track Record. I haven't been to Davao but that land has become home to my father who does business there almost every other month. Knowing my father as a choosy person and who you won't be able to persuade just like that, fell in love with Davao City, to a point that he almost bought a property in preparation for his retirement. As to how he describes the city,  as a traveler,  he never felt so secure in a place. There's a strong hold on peace and order. Pubic service is present. The people are very  nice and approachable without sensing any form of threat or insecurity at all. Given that the people are at peace, there's cooperation, sense of direction, discipline and a functional city, all of this, applied on a much bigger scale (the whole country), why not. Track record is a very important factor on choosing a leader. Davao is proof of his capabilities and strengths of becoming the next President.  That is just one of his works being a public servant for the past 20 years.

A true leader, a working leader.
A man of action.

New Approach. When I was still a teenager, I wasn't mindful of these things. It's when I started my own family when I got really affected on how and where this country was headed. For the past 12 years, I didn't feel or see any improvement, it was downhill all the time. I saw that there was no respect towards law and order anymore. It has become a dog eat dog country.

Everytime I go out with my family, especially when taking public transport, I feel threatened and uncomfortable. So I thought, if we can't change the governing system, why not try a new approach. It's all about the Filipinos in the end--- How can we live peacefully without threat, with food on the table, schooling, opportunities and equality. There's nothing to lose because we lost a lot already.

Change of government system? why not? that's how bad it is. This country is in great danger. I'm coming from the point of view of a regular housewife who does budgeting, marketing, basically everything to have a functional home. I get affected by the events in an instant because I feel it everyday. It's different when you drive your own car. It's different when you have helpers around to work for you. It's a different story for the common people. 

If he wins, whatever is going to be thrown at us, I have to say, we deserve it. Most have become abusive of the so- called democracy that was given to us. Apparently, most of us forgot that such freedom goes hand in hand with great responsibility.  Why fear when all you have to do is follow the rule of  law.

Very simple, if you don't like Mayor Duterte then don't vote for him. Those lambasting the Mayor as if they were there when it all happened, to those who live by making  assumptions and one- sided judgements... stop washing your hands of, we're all dirty as hell.
Whoever the President is, society itself is already a threat. So whether a presidential candidate made a bad joke, or said something offensive, or even got involve in a sort of misconduct, we need to look beyond that because the present governing system has been tainted already, it's all trash and manipulation even with our international ties. The qualifications for Presidency is crap, that anybody who "wants" to run can do so. Media is crappy as well (self explanatory).

What now right? consider the person who will be able to deliver what is rightful for the Filipino people. The leader who will make life less difficult, someone who will put his goals into action and will make the people of this country his #1 priority.

Why can't we move on? We're always stuck, we are always stuck. We like to dig graves and dwell so much on the old and the past. Nothing will happen if we will always react and let our emotions take over.

Personally, I'd rather have a leader with a dirty mouth but has a good governing track record, a strong sense of leadership and direction more than those who are playing clean but has done nothing but steal and burdened this country even more.

If you are troubled by the words and actions of Mayor Duterte, here's one for you, Morality starts within the four walls of our homes not with the President. Moral issues should be settled at home. A strong foundation at home neutralizes the storm we have to go through everyday outside our four walls. If you're sure that your principles and beliefs are intact, then there's no reason to get affected at all. 

Majority of Duterte’s supporters are the common people. They recognize themselves with him. These are the very same beings who will unite if things will go wrong. The people has spoken, this is not a battle between good and evil, this is a battle for equality and for what we deserve. Ibigay ninyo ang nararapat sa mga Pilipino.

They are afraid of Mayor Duterte because he is a man of action. The rich will not be able manipulate this country like they used to and how they want it to be--- always in favor of them. The DECENCY that Mar Roxas speak of doesn’t imply to the Filipino people, it reflects the rich and the business sector, also a state of mind that was brought to the heads of each Filipino--- that you have to be rich, powerful and famous in order to run this country and it goes all the way back in history.
-updated- 5/6/16


26 February 2016

The first person who introduced me to a beauty salon was my grandmother ( my mom's mom).  Around 9 or 10 years old, I spend summer at my lola's ( grandmother) house. Aside from cooking and making beautiful things in the kitchen, my lola would take me with her at a nearby salon. 

There, she'll have some "me time", from having her hair dyed and permed to cleaning and painting her nails. One afternoon, while having her nails done, she told me: "Chie (my nickname), when you grow up and become a lady, it is important to have "at least" your nails done". "Take it as something that you can reward yourself with "pampering". "Every woman needs to look good, presentable and confident".

I took her words for it. My lola who is 89 years old now, still goes to a salon and have the usual pampering, only, she's accompanied by my younger cousins because she couldn't walk well anymore.  I look up to her... a lot.  As I grew up from being a teenager to a full adult, I "at least" have my nails done. If I can't go to a salon, I do it myself. It feels good to have nice looking nails. I mean, everyday, we interact with people, in any given circumstance, it's best to have clean hands and nails, same goes all the way down to our toes.
With that,  my post today is going to be about my #1 choice when it comes to nail polish. It has been 2 years since I shifted to imported nail enamel. If I'm to have my nails painted most of the time, it's best to apply non- harmful polishes. Here in the Philippines, local brands hasn't improved yet, I mean, from the moment you open the bottle you'll immediately smell the chemicals.

Essie is considered to be a non- toxic nail polish brand. Web MD Is your nail polish toxic? 

Not only it will keep my nails healthy, but Essie has the cutest shades I've ever seen. My sister-in-law was the one who introduced me to Essie. I've tried other imported brands like Orly, Revlon, Wet n Wild etc. but so far, for me, Essie has the most adorable line to offer. I often see their collection from Lucky magazine. Recently, my sister-in-law sent me a couple of pictures while shopping for some nail polish. Just great, I really love every bit of it, if I can only have it all.
This was my first set of Essie. I don't wear pink nail polish but when I tried these, it's beautiful.
The spring and winter collection offers the colors I'm very fond of. It's a good set to have. A base coat was bought separately. I do a lot of cooking and baking so I live with short nails. But long or short, Essie can make my nails and hand look girly and more feminine even after working on loads of detergent and cleaning liquids in the house.

Essie Flowerista
Spring Collection
Essie Cashmere Matte: Comfy in Cashmere

Essie Cashmere Matte: All Eyes on Nudes

My interest with anything matte started by seeing some clips and images on Instagram. Matte brings a sort of "cool option" when it comes to lipsticks and nail polishes. It's a must- have. My younger sister was pretty ahead of me when she got a matte top coat. If not a matte nail polish, we use the matte top coat on any nail polish we like and it's fantastic.

This is not a paid post.

A Little of Everything Bag

27 January 2016

Now I can say that I've officially graduated from carrying a "mommy bag" as my everyday bag.  As a mom, there are times when I need to bring 2 bags: 1 for the baby/ kid and of course 1 for myself. As the child grows, we lessen the things we tote around (so far based on my experience). If you have kids maybe you can understand where I'm coming from. For the past 8 years, all I invested on are tote bags that can work as my personal, travel and an all- around bag.

It's just recently when I was able to fully utilize my purses. My youngest is such an adorable kid and wants to bring his own little backpack. So for quite sometime now I'm enjoying holding a small bag/ purse. Since I'm used to having my hands free, I go for at least a body bag or a messenger.

My so- called purse contains a little of everything I need: Pressed powder with a thin casing, chubby stick, a small hand sanitizer, a small "all- over" color stick and a tiny bottle of my favorite perfume. 

This is my "everyday bag".

If you can still recall, I even posted about my Vanity Kit  and why I like mine totesbig. There, you will see the things I used to bring in my everyday bag. From an iPad, sunglasses, a separate wallet and a coin purse, wipes and even a bottle of baby cologne. Compare it now,  yes there's a huge difference. With this new transition, I've excluded the iPad and my iPod Touch since the iPhone, I have a zippy wallet for all bills, coins and card, my son carries his own wipes and baby cologne in his sweet backpack, and I've replaced my vanity kit with "a little of everything" I need.

It's a big load off my shoulders and I believe that the simpler it is, the more we can maximize our energy and time. Over- all, whatever bag you choose to carry, it is most important that you are comfortable, happy and confident. 

Sky Gazing

06 January 2016

I named this entry Sky Gazing because one of my past times is spent in our balcony gazing at the sky and I get to take snapshots of anything amazing.
 Double Rainbow
An upcoming Thunder Storm

Sky Gazing is one of the things I do to unwind. I take a cuppa with me and just stare at the clouds or just plainly appreciate the things around and of course, city life. This kind of opportunity is truly I'm grateful for. Right outside my balcony, I see such beauty, breathtaking view of mother nature. Never in my life I have seen and experienced this kind of privilege to appreciate the sky right outside my very doorstep.
And just recently, Fireworks!

Fulfilled Dream 2015

How's everybody? and yes I'm back. 2015 has been a year of surprises and our focus went around our new home.

Early last year, my family and I welcomed 2015 with some good news, an early move- in at the new 2 bedroom condo we just bought. The official turn over was expected late in 2015, but God works wonders and we got our condo almost a year ahead of the original time. Throughout the year, my husband and I worked on the interior. Every 3 months since the final build- out, we add something new. And we're so proud that we  met our deadline on time. Exactly 2 weeks before 2015 ended, we were able to finish everything. 

During the 3rd quarter of 2015, our new home was featured in a write- up by Rappler. Yes, they went to our condo interviewed my husband and took photos of our humble home. A few weeks after, another group came and did a photo shoot with the whole family, interviewed us and of course took images of our condo, again. I will not mention names behind this production, but definitely our page is in one of AyalaLand's magazines--- which was Ayala's early Christmas gift to the family.

Early? because a week before Christmas, we were handed copies of the said magazine. Our family and our home was first to be featured. This I have to say, the spread gave great emphasis on how we gave our new home a personal touch. We are very happy with the write up. It's quite different from the rest, especially the story and reason behind this move we made on getting our own home and why we chose AyalaLand. It's a fulfilled dream because we designed the interior. The cut of our unit is exactly what we wanted. Location wise, it's in the middle of everything, it's a "prime property" at the heart of Quezon City. Everything we wanted for our dream home, we were able to achieve.

Family, Faith, Set Priorities, Dreams, Hard Work and Sacrifice are the key words. At this time of crisis our country is undergoing, most of us think that acquiring such property will only remain a dream. I thought of that too, because there's just my husband working for the family. As parents and as partners, we'll have to put our foot down at some point and say, let's do this! Those key words, are the things we hold on to even up to now. Nothing is impossible, it's up to you or it's up to us when and how to make these dreams and goals happen.

Thankful. 2015 started and ended right. As we enter a new year, we're set to have new goals and life improvements. Change will always be there and we need to embrace it and let ourselves explore what life has to offer. Take risks, always be good to others and fear will not haunt you and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.