08 May 2020

The Positive Effects of ECQ

(Enhanced Community Quarantine)

Hi folks! I know its taking forever for this pandemic to end. As far as I know, the world is on lockdown. We have our own ways of coping and there are expected effects from this new normal we are all undergoing.

Let me share some positive events that has happened to our family in this time of isolation. Maybe some of you can relate or might get inspired.


My husband and I have a complete overview of our daily tasks, but this is the only time when I get to see his full function as a corporate HR practitioner and as head of talent acquisition. He became very busy since one of the things that's greatly hit by this pandemic is employment. The quarantine period is very limiting and that's the challenge for all, I guess.

The good side of working from home is I get to support him at times when he's really stressed, especially now while on ECQ. It was hard for him to break the news to his staff that they will be temporarily removed from their tasks. It hit him hard because he was trying his best to keep everyone, but he needed to abide with the guidelines. At the same time, cope with the load of work, and take care of matters on a business aspect being a health care company.

We talked a lot about work since. I check on him everyday and give him his space so he can work at peace and deliver on time. Moving forward, everything became lighter. His staff didn't leave and stayed to be of service to the company even without pay. Aside from me, he gets moral support from the big bosses and his co- workers. Same with the rest of their employees, they all support each other during this tough times.

Strengthened Relationships

This is the most cherished part in this whole lockdown. We think of others. Our families, friends, neighbors, old acquaintances... Every moment, every minute counts now more than ever. We make sure all are safe, all are coping well. Since this lockdown happened, we reach out to our loved ones in our own special way. I see videos of people taking a glimpse of their parents from afar. We send flowers and their favorite things to represent our love and care for them. We make calls everyday and talk almost the whole day, keeping each one hopeful and happy despite the situation of being away.

Those staying at home with their families, we spend more and more time, talking and sharing ideas. We all go back when everyone was seated at the dining table. There's no room for petty quarrels and we're more sensitive to the needs of one another.

Sharing is Caring

Not all are blessed to keep their jobs or have good food on the table everyday. We were given an opportunity to help those in need at this time, when a friend invited us to join him to give out food this weekend. It was a enlightening and inspiring to be able to share this deed with others. You forget the hard part of being limited. You forget the little pains and disappointments. It gave us hope and it gave us purpose even on lockdown.

The plan is to cook food and go around, give it to those in need. But since we are on ECQ, we have kids and we can't fit in one car, we might just donate of what we can afford in order to give our share.

Once this pandemic is over, we can commit to helping others without limitations.

Hidden Talents and Crafts

This is where the fun part begins. This involves my whole family. Though we're far away from each other, my parents and I opened ourselves to edible gardening. Just today, I harvested my first batch of water spinach. I planted it in soil. It grows in soil as long as you keep it moist. Then my dad turned our 200 gallon aquarium into a planter. He painted it and even polished it. Now they're set to put soil and start with their first seedlings.

My sister made an impulsive move and enrolled in an online course at the UC San Diego. She said it was a last minute decision but next thing she knows, the course was finished and she got her certification. This was while she's also taking her MA and working as a teacher all at the same time. So yes, some powers you got there little sissy! Kudos!

Baking 101. There was a time when I said, that a slice of cake became so precious when this quarantine began. Now, it's nothing because everyone is baking! My niece is into it too, my brother is very supportive of it too. Not only in baking or cooking, there are various crafts I see online. It's refreshing to see people share their products and videos. Plus, they put so much encouragement for the rest to be productive as well.

The positive outlook in all of his is, we use our free time to learn and understand the small things we don't mind during our old normal. We all came to a point that we decided not to limit ourselves even in a very limited situation. The most exciting part, we can continue all these when we enter to a new phase after Covid- 19, let's stay positive!

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The Positive Effects of ECQ

( E nhanced C ommunity Q uarantine) Hi folks! I know its taking forever for this pandemic to end. As far as I know, the world is on loc...