Beyond Rodrigo Duterte

18 April 2016

Election day is just a few winks away this will be the last on my thoughts.

I'm supporting the candidacy of Mayor "Digong" Duterte.
Why did I choose him?

Track Record. I haven't been to Davao but that land has become home to my father who does business there almost every other month. Knowing my father as a choosy person and who you won't be able to persuade just like that, fell in love with Davao City, to a point that he almost bought a property in preparation for his retirement. As to how he describes the city,  as a traveler,  he never felt so secure in a place. There's a strong hold on peace and order. Pubic service is present. The people are very  nice and approachable without sensing any form of threat or insecurity at all. Given that the people are at peace, there's cooperation, sense of direction, discipline and a functional city, all of this, applied on a much bigger scale (the whole country), why not. Track record is a very important factor on choosing a leader. Davao is proof of his capabilities and strengths of becoming the next President.  That is just one of his works being a public servant for the past 20 years.

A true leader, a working leader.
A man of action.

New Approach. When I was still a teenager, I wasn't mindful of these things. It's when I started my own family when I got really affected on how and where this country was headed. For the past 12 years, I didn't feel or see any improvement, it was downhill all the time. I saw that there was no respect towards law and order anymore. It has become a dog eat dog country.

Everytime I go out with my family, especially when taking public transport, I feel threatened and uncomfortable. So I thought, if we can't change the governing system, why not try a new approach. It's all about the Filipinos in the end--- How can we live peacefully without threat, with food on the table, schooling, opportunities and equality. There's nothing to lose because we lost a lot already.

Change of government system? why not? that's how bad it is. This country is in great danger. I'm coming from the point of view of a regular housewife who does budgeting, marketing, basically everything to have a functional home. I get affected by the events in an instant because I feel it everyday. It's different when you drive your own car. It's different when you have helpers around to work for you. It's a different story for the common people. 

If he wins, whatever is going to be thrown at us, I have to say, we deserve it. Most have become abusive of the so- called democracy that was given to us. Apparently, most of us forgot that such freedom goes hand in hand with great responsibility.  Why fear when all you have to do is follow the rule of  law.

Very simple, if you don't like Mayor Duterte then don't vote for him. Those lambasting the Mayor as if they were there when it all happened, to those who live by making  assumptions and one- sided judgements... stop washing your hands of, we're all dirty as hell.
Whoever the President is, society itself is already a threat. So whether a presidential candidate made a bad joke, or said something offensive, or even got involve in a sort of misconduct, we need to look beyond that because the present governing system has been tainted already, it's all trash and manipulation even with our international ties. The qualifications for Presidency is crap, that anybody who "wants" to run can do so. Media is crappy as well (self explanatory).

What now right? consider the person who will be able to deliver what is rightful for the Filipino people. The leader who will make life less difficult, someone who will put his goals into action and will make the people of this country his #1 priority.

Why can't we move on? We're always stuck, we are always stuck. We like to dig graves and dwell so much on the old and the past. Nothing will happen if we will always react and let our emotions take over.

Personally, I'd rather have a leader with a dirty mouth but has a good governing track record, a strong sense of leadership and direction more than those who are playing clean but has done nothing but steal and burdened this country even more.

If you are troubled by the words and actions of Mayor Duterte, here's one for you, Morality starts within the four walls of our homes not with the President. Moral issues should be settled at home. A strong foundation at home neutralizes the storm we have to go through everyday outside our four walls. If you're sure that your principles and beliefs are intact, then there's no reason to get affected at all. 

Majority of Duterte’s supporters are the common people. They recognize themselves with him. These are the very same beings who will unite if things will go wrong. The people has spoken, this is not a battle between good and evil, this is a battle for equality and for what we deserve. Ibigay ninyo ang nararapat sa mga Pilipino.

They are afraid of Mayor Duterte because he is a man of action. The rich will not be able manipulate this country like they used to and how they want it to be--- always in favor of them. The DECENCY that Mar Roxas speak of doesn’t imply to the Filipino people, it reflects the rich and the business sector, also a state of mind that was brought to the heads of each Filipino--- that you have to be rich, powerful and famous in order to run this country and it goes all the way back in history.
-updated- 5/6/16

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