School Is Over!

18 March 2013

Last Friday was my son's last day in school. Come to think of it, it relaxes me a  little that I will not be waking up early for the next 2 months. For the past 3 years, since my son started to attend school, I noticed that even if he is on vacation, he still gets bored at home. When he entered primary school, I made it a point to prepare a line of activities for him. Things that will keep him busy and productive in the house. This year, my husband and I have decided to enroll him to summer school. Well that is, with our son's consent. 

We've coordinated with the school as early as this month. This summer, the school is going to offer various lessons on arts and crafts, math, reading, language and "I think" music. My son is a hard core student when it comes to numbers. So since he's already good in Math, we're looking into enhancing his reading skills and/ or language and an additional of arts & crafts. These activities will surely prepare him for the next years and steps in school as he grows. Some students prefer a private tutor.

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When it comes to a more physical activity, over the weekend, my husband and I took time to set- up the humongous swimming pool of my parents. I like the pool because the size is just right for the children to swim without the fear of them getting into an accident. At the same time, it's big enough for someone to learn how to swim. Even if we don't go to the beach as much this summer, at least there's an available place with a swimming pool we can go to enjoy a sunny day.

A Good Cup of Our Favorite Moments

01 March 2013

Last month I got a surprise visit from a very close of mine. Our small get together was spent with our friend Karen as well. It's been aw long time since Ate Rina's last visit to the Philippines. Last time I was with her was back in 2009. I was the only one available then to meet up with her and her husband. Since I stay at home 24/7, for every friend who comes home from another country, it has always been me whom they look up to when it comes to organizing reunions.

Well, ever since we were teenagers, when it comes to gatherings, I really like to participate and share my ideas on how we can spend  an occasion.
Hectic schedule here and there, but another friend was able to make it. Karen. As always...
It's the 3 of us again! 
The picture above was taken in 2008.

We started our beautiful afternoon with some catching- up. When Ate Rina saw my younger sisters, she got overwhelmed with how they've  grown. She even thought that my youngest sister Les is still in high school. But actually, my youngest sister is already graduating from college soon. Which changed our topic on how we were during the times when we were looking for a good school for college. VeritasPrep is very famous when it comes to preparation for college, especially for elite schools.
This year, most of my friends are pretty busy, mostly because of work. Some of us have babies to attend to and other events in our calendars. The least that I was able to come up  with was a small afternoon gathering at our place. My parents' house has always been the ideal meeting place for us even as kids. My parents has become my friends' guardians too. We had dinner, talked about things from "then" and "now". The highlight of our evening was about ghost stories from our old houses. It sure is nice to see my friends again. Whether if  someone's back to visit or whoever are here in the Philippines, a relaxing time spent with them is greatly considered as the cream on top of a good cup of our favorite moments.