Learn The Success of Our Awesome Planet

29 March 2010

Who doesn't know Anton Diaz? Every Filipino blogger should know Anton Diaz. I came across his site mid of 2007. I was actually looking for a restaurant and the link led me to Our Awesome Planet. It is a great source. An awesome site full of family stories and adventures.  Reminds me, his site was one of the reasons why I embraced blogging. Food, family, life in the Philippines... As a Filipino and as a reader, I am very proud of what he has accomplished and  for the difference he made. It made an impact to me from being an ordinary reader, net surfer to now, a blogger. To be honest, it's my  goal to meet him in person. I keep wondering what life is before, and being a very successful  blogger turned pro-blogger  like Anton Diaz. 

I found out about this event through my brother. He posted it on his Facebook profile. On how he knew about this event and his connections? Let's say, he gets invites all the time.

My brother is not a blogger by the way, but since childhood, he's been into creative writing and he's been doing compositions. He sure is a writer by heart...
sweet nothings
Discover the success secrets of
a pro-blogger and Internet marketing maven, Anton Diaz, founder of
Our Awesome Planet. First session starts on April 7!

Love and Quality Time

Spending Quality Time for me is bonding time for the whole family. Me and my husband, with my husband, our son, with my parents, my brothers and sisters, with my in-laws, relatives... friends... It's making the most out of the given time being with eachother's company. I just noticed that I never really shared anything on how I spend quality time with the people I love. My life's full of it. 
Quality Time is all about sharing moments. Unforgettable moments. Memories we always look back to and makes us smile. It is actually living each day to the fullest. Not a second wasted. 

A simple conversation makes quality time, all we need to do is to listen... A kid showing -off his artwork  to you is quality time, acknowledge and praise for a job well done. A joyful hello from your neighbor is quality time, wave back to make their day. A smiling face sent online is quality time, call or send a message back...

On how I spend quality time?

I often enjoy cuddling with my 2 boys in bed. We tickle each other, I love the warm feeling it brings. The laughter makes the whole scenario worth remembering.  Quality Time with my other half is very simple. Warm massages, watching tv or a movie together, having tea together, helping out each other, being the king and queen of the kitchen, we often ask questions if want to know something (honesty), doing pranks on each other is fun too. My husband and I also likes straying off from the usual... Sometimes, I drive for him and he cooks for me. HOME is where I share the most of  it.

Before, I always thought that spending quality time is actually shutting oneself from the rest of the world. 

Marriage and family woke me up from old realizations and introduced me to better ones. Just a moment ago, I was cuddling with my husband, we were just seated in our small couch whispering sweet nothings, sweet whatevers. It's the moment when I felt again that I am so blessed to have married a good man and it made me love him more...

Some People...

28 March 2010

This is just a personal ranting... 

If there's actually something preventing my life from being perfect, that would be because of some people... There is no such thing as a perfect life... I know. Maybe that's why I was given a detractor to spice up everything. I made this big realization some years ago and started believing that "to each his own". Through this, I gained respect for myself and for others. You have deep issues if you still...
  • make sure to prove that with whatever I have right now...you have something better.
  • make a total big deal of my posts to a point that you still need to do something better.
If you want to be the best in all of this, go ahead and be at your best. But never compare yourself, especially your works and life. Nobody , not even me is trying to level with you. We're all  living a different life! and  I don't need to open it up all the way just to prove it. Why will I do that. It's just so irritating when  people try to shove it on your face saying " I'm better than you or  it's better than yours".

Let me tell you this, I may be the person who hasn't been anywhere yet, or the person who may not have everything... I may be the person you think who doesn't know much of the world, all these, because "I choose and I chose" not to. I always embrace what God gives me and I never look beyond that.  Because I think where and what I have right now are enough to complete me as a person.

This is a dream that literally came true. A Family. I found a man who is very loving, responsible, intelligent at the same time down to earth, an artist who plays soothing music to my ear, a person who listens, a person who is full of discoveries. My husband is a work of wonder, he surprises me all the time. And now, we have our son, who is the most important part that binds us together tighter and tighter, stronger than ever that made life simpler.
I cherish life because I have my husband and son with me and "we are loving life together."

Comparing isn't all that good. It may be good in a sense that it makes a person work harder but not for the reason that he needs to be better than somebody else or he needs to prove something. It would be nicer if it's going to give good benefits for both parties. If not, then stop it. Find inspiration instead.

How To Train Your Dragon

27 March 2010

How To Train Your Dragon Is first on the list as one of our favorite movies for 2010! Finally, after months of fixing and transferring, we're able to watch a movie for the family. 
How To Train Your Dragon is about the mythical world of the Vikings fighting dragons their whole life. It is also based on a book by Cressida Cowell. The story goes around the Viking Chief's son Hiccup, who is exactly the opposite of his father being the bravest and the strongest. His life changed when he had a close encounter with the most feared Dragon, The Night Fury.
The movie is filled with values about trust, friendship, hope, inspiration, love and family. It is an action comedy that the family will surely enjoy and remember. Also on 3D.
Hatch and train your own dragon, see the How To Train Your Dragon widget right side of my site :)

Me And That Famous Street

23 March 2010

It was a typical Tuesday for me. Today was also my son's last day in school. He celebrated with the rest of his classmates, while I went to do some errands after dropping him off. I seldom find myself doing errands or going places alone. I always have Franky or the whole family go with me. It does feel kinda lonely, especially I'm used to be around with other people. But every quiet moment spent alone is also a chance to ponder on things that most of the time we never think of.
I was caught between myself and this famous street in Cubao. It's just me, an empty bench and New York Ave. For the past 5 years, I have been a frequent passer- by of this street. Everybody knows New York Ave. My husband grew up here. Aside from that, it has also been part of fun punch lines and topics.
Taga saan ka ? (Where are you from?)Galing akong New York (oh wow, New York), yeah...New York Cubao (I'm from New York, New York Street in Cubao)

Pretty corny huh? but this old joke makes me smile all the time. Now, I have witnessed what life really is in New York Street Cubao.
My son's school is located along this busy street. After having breakfast in Araneta Center, I immediately went back and waited for Franky instead. I opted to stay outside. I was just in the mood to feel the 'ol street of Cubao.

Tricycles everywhere, cars honking, vendors and school children passing by... These made me realize that living here in the Philippines may not be as high as the life we see in other countries, but we are filled with the blessing of being able to see and appreciate the simple joys in life. This is clearly the reason why we are still here.

Dito, simple lang ang buhay...
New York Street! It completed my day.

Parental Achievement---Franky's Graduation Day

22 March 2010

Hey guys! Dolf and I are super duper proud parents! Being a parent really brings the real meaning of wonder and joy in life.
This day brought another remarkable experience for us.
It is a role that makes you both humble and proud.From Franky and me, we give Papa all the warm hugs and kisses, he's been working so hard to be able to provide what's best for the family.

There's more to come, more to come, this is just the beginning...


16 March 2010

Just months ago, I told my husband that this is one game I don't want to play. Well, it looks complicated compared to the other Warcraft games. Aside from that, it might eat up most of my time getting the most of what we paid for. But then again, W0W brought a new level when it comes to online gaming. Since I finished all campaigns from Warcraft III to Frozen Throne, my husband expected that I will get the hang of W0W too. If I will not try, I will never know right?

Over the weekend, we made a deal. I'll try playing W0W and see if I'll like it, but he needs to treat me to the new Pizzeria near our place :)

And so it began. I was given a 10 day trial version, in 2 hours I leveled up to 6. I chose to be part of the Horde. A lady Tauren- HUNTER.
The following day, after getting my approval to play W0W, my husband bought me the real game online. For every player, one must have an original copy and have it registered online.

Yes, I enjoyed playing W0W. My husband was right all along, he knows me too well :)

Revisiting Enchanted Kingdom

10 March 2010

Our trip to Enchanted Kingdom last March 6, 2010 was not actually planned. My husband sent me a message 2 nights before the moment he found out that he was needed to be there. Work related in terms of looking after the employees. Family, because he took me and frank with him to spend quality time on a weekend.

Over-all, it was all about having fun. My last visit to Enchanted Kingdom was years ago, I can't even remember when. There were a lot of changes made since my last visit. The whole park is clean, not too crowded even if there's a lot of people, clean bathrooms, food is very affordable now compared before, they added more exciting booths, rides and gimmicks .

It was Franky's first time. We saw the excitement on his face as we entered the gates of Enchanted Kingdom.
The Wheel Of Fate has always been my favorite. It's a ride that's thrilling and fun because of the height and it swings when it's windy. Relaxing, because it goes around on a very limited speed.
The view from up is breath-taking. This is also our son's favorite. We rode it 4 times.An almost empty Enchanted Kingdom for a SaturdayAfter having lunch at Amazon grillAt Boulderville
We missed a lot of rides. Such as: Space Shuttle, Kart Trak, Rio Grande Rapids, Xtreme Paintball. Nobody else was with us to look after Franky and even to take our family picture. Instead, we looked for a spot where our camera is going to be safe without anybody running away with it. It just so happen that we didn't fix the stand well. All of our pictures are "tabingi" (slanted). But it's okay. At least we have a good reason to go back. This time, with a baby-sitter and a water-proof casing for my camera. (wink!) Love them!
Our Souvenirs: Kiddie Tumblers (mine in pink, dolf's in blue and franky's in white)
At Enchanted Kingdom, The Magic Stays With You!

2010 International Women's Day

08 March 2010

International Women's Day has been observed since in the early 1900's, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.

It emphasizes on the hardships every woman endures. IWD's logo is a symbol of being female and of Venus.
This is actually my first time to formally pay tribute to this special day for women. I saw a great change throughout my lifetime. Women, girls, ladies are now being recognized for various works, achievements both big and small. Being a working mom, a single mom, a single person, female leaders, public servants, all are given equal chances and choices to make a difference. On a personal note, being a stay at home mom and a blogger, I know that through inspiration and productive living I am unique in my own special way in contributing. Being able to raise a family of good morals and conduct is a great way to start.

Let's try and make our every day a Day for Women...

Loving Red-Orange

Tagged! A high school-blogger friend of mine Isa of Scribbling Angel tagged me to share something about fashion. I am not really a fashionable person. Especially for the fact that I stay at home all the time. Most likely, you will find me wearing jeans, shorts, a t-shirt, slippers or rubber shoes.

But one thing I consider in looking smart, elegant and fashionable... that is keeping a lovely pair of high heels.

Loved this elegant pair of red orange shoes... It was originally a choice between charcoal gray and maroon... But fell in love with this pair in an instant when I saw it.

Anything stunning that can be worn with almost everything truly captures my heart♥ and boggles my mind.
Have an awesome week everyone. A Happy Monday to all!

photos: SE P990i

My "almost" 3rd Year As A Blogger

03 March 2010

Today, marks my "almost" 3rd year as a blogger. One Woman’s Tale is now on it's 2nd year.
Note: to view everything you need to be my contact.
Who's Enchie if she didn't start blogging 3 years ago? I would probably be my old self. Shy, insensitive, typical girl in a nutshell, waiting to crack- up open. As what my husband told me, my life would have been boring if I didn't get married. Well, I found it true, because I was a total home-bum when I was single. I love staying indoors and it's also fun. Again, life is a journey full of adventures and surprises, it made mine more enjoyable. In fact, I am at my happiest right now.
But I gotta hand it to my parents, I learned a lot from them. And those lessons are the building blocks for my own family's foundation. I guess, it's all about balancing and prioritizing.

Let me put it this way: Faith, Life, Love, Family, Marriage, Parents and Myself.

Important subjects that drew me into blogging. As soon as I was able to find time, I started typing stories. I found my first articles bad or poor in grammar. But practice makes perfect. Still getting there...

One Woman's Tale is compose of private stories and albums throughout my life. I have old pictures with friends, albums created from different websites, recent events and fun gatherings. I placed it for private viewing to be able to keep a little part of my life hidden.
one woman’s tale

Stories are amazing, but sometimes, photos speaks louder than words. As part of an old saying goes, it's even worth a thousand words. I like to take blogging as a form of inspiration not only for others but also for myself. I know that anytime I need to pour out some feelings whether good or bad, I have a safe outlet to rely on.

If I share most of my thoughts, my most memorable moments and things with my husband and son, blogging is the only "it" for myself. It is a sanctuary where I can personally bloom. I call the shots, I make the rules where nobody will have to bother me. Even in the middle of family life, we all need to have time for ourselves.

I'm glad that I don't have to travel far to find satisfaction, I'm glad that I don't have to buy the most expensive bag or shoes just to stay happy, I'm glad I still have that old part of my life with me... staying happy at the very comfort of my own home. With a simple chair, a desk, and blogging.

Great Finds: Magic Touch Lights

02 March 2010

When electricity is out, darkness sets in especially at night. And it's the last thing we all need in this world right? Last night at around 5:30pm, the whole of Quezon City stopped as power supply was cut -off without giving any notice. Right now, the Philippines is somewhat undergoing some crisis in terms of power and water supply NOTE: at some parts of the country.

I wasn't really expecting a brownout anytime. Usually, the people concern would give an early notice if they'll cut power supply and up to what time. Had to coordinate with my parents through cellphone regarding this matter. What were the reasons and how long will there be no power.
Learning our lesson from Typhoon Ondoy that left us with no electricity for almost a week, we made sure to equip our family with tools that will safely provide light and that will add a little breeze in case we run out of power.

Once again, these Magic Touch Lights from Edmarks came in handy. Started using these the day after Ondoy left, preparing for the next Super Typhoon (Sept 2009).
sweet nothings
The small black light come in pack of 3s for a very good price of Php300

You can double-tape it on your ceiling, on your wall or just simply place it on your side table. One black light can make a room light up but dimmer than your usual fluorescent. Just push the center to turn it on and off. 3 AAA batteries as source of power. Of course, function will vary on type of batteries used.

If I'm not mistaken, the round White Light costs around Php350 each. But it's the brightest. We have one hanging on our bedroom wall and another in the living room. It can literally light up like there's a real light bulb on. Like the black light, there's a push button to turn it on and off. 2 D2 batteries as source of power.

If you want total safety and a relaxed mind away thinking about possible accidents a mere candle can bring, I think these gadgets are for you.
You're safe and comfortable.
A mini-fan that is pretty breeze-full (if there's such term) at Php 300+. Obviously, when lights are out, the little boy messes with whatever is functioning at the moment. Please excuse the pen writings on the fan :D

You can purchase all these from any Ace Hardware Store.

Love Ace Hardware! daming abubot pang-bahay :)

Our Favorite Corner

01 March 2010

Our Favorite Corner in Our New Home
sweet nothings

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home. ~Author Unknown

A warm light, some scented candles and flowers are enough to make everything fall right into place. This is also the corner where my husband plays his music. The corner where we derive inner peace and relaxation. The corner that makes us glow all the time...

Me and My New Red

Remember my favorite shoes: My Red Adidas
Well last month we went on our separate ways... Because of that Red Adidas, I learned to love wearing Red shoes. But not just any red shoes. I'm very particular with the kind of Red I wear. From shirts, bags and shoes. I don't like the "eye- catching red", I want the cool deep red or close to that.

Before Red said goodbye, I was still able to use it during my son's mini-olympics in school. I danced, exercised, cheered and did a lot of walking and running.

I guess, that pushed my shoes to the limit. Aside from using it for almost 4 years. Not to mention the activities throughout those years were pretty heavy too. Talk about durability for a walking- running shoes.
You know what, it took me months to finally find the right Red Shoes to replace my Adidas. I just gotta have another Red to replace it. I went back to several Adidas Shop hoping to find something Red and Black. But all they have are Pink and Black, or whites. If there's going to be a Red and Black, that's going to be their most expensive pair on the rack at almost Php8000. But damn, even if I can afford it, I'm not going to spend so much on a footwear.

So where did I go? NIKE!
Aside from the Air Max 2009 I wanted, I was able to find this cool Red pair of walking shoes. This time I had to separate my walking shoes from the running shoes. The real rubber shoes can go with any color now, I have my new Ruby Shoes. Took 2 to replace my only favorite. Love it! love it! love it! A worthy replacement!