Life of Positivity

25 November 2016

To be honest, it's a total let down everytime I go online and the only thing I see are bad stuff that people say about other people. I try not to dwell so much on issues that I know has a solution, but no one would give a damn. So I thought maybe creating a more positive mood here on my blog might inspire a reader.

The environment is on fire with so much negativity, the next thing we might want to do is to avoid adding fuel to it. Pull the good from that same negative state instead. Let's set our pride and ego aside, remain grounded, be mindful of your surroundings and be a little sensitive towards others. Contribute something constructive. Be open to criticism and learn from those, be inspirational. Listen and don't over think. Help wholeheartedly, don't expect anything in return. Life is taken one day at a time so relax.

With all the negativity circling the world let us counter that with a good deed each day or at least do things with a sincere, kind heart.

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