What's Better Than Vacation? Try a Stay-cation!

05 July 2016

This summer, you don't have to travel to have a wonderful vacation experience. In fact, you can save yourself all the stress of packing, driving, and navigating to instead have a relaxing and incredibly fun time all while staying close to home. This is especially great for families who want to save money on their holiday, or for people who hate long plane or car rides. Do a little research on the events and opportunities in your own community and you can have a stay-cation you'll remember for the rest of your life.

For families or individuals who love nature, your local stay-cation will be easy to plan. Pretty much every place in the United States of America is close to a National, State, or Local park. Go online and look for the nearest hiking trail, park, or nature preserve and take a visit. Pack a picnic lunch and a camera to document your experience. Science has proven that time spent in nature leads to less stress and better health. Take advantage to the natural beauty that's right outside your door.

If you're looking for some indoor fun, consider local museums and historical locations. Every town has a history, and most town have a historical center just waiting for a visit. You may have to go to your local library to find out about the secret treasures that are waiting in your area. Another tip is to visit a hotel and check out the flyers that are displayed in the lobby. This will show you all the local adventures and attractions that you may have missed.

Finally, consider attending a local event or activity going on in your area. Check online and in newspapers to find out about county fairs, concerts, or lectures. Consider attending a healing ministry event, such as those by Joshua Media Ministries, if you've been feeling unwell. Local colleges and universities often have a lot to offer as well, including visiting speakers and authors. You can even see celebrities at local bookstores or other speaking engagements. Alternatively, try out an exciting experience like riding in a hot air balloon or going to a nearby amusement park.

You don't have to spend a fortune or travel far away to have a break from the stress of life. Look outside your front door for ideas and inspiration. You deserve a break!

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