My Favorite Lens Broke

13 October 2010

2 years. This is a 2 year old lens. Too early to have it fixed. They say the life span of a properly maintained lens or kit would last up to 6 years maybe even 10. My favorite lens got busted. If you'll remember in one of my shoutouts on Plurk: Somebody borrowed my camera. Since it's for a photography class and with full support coming on my part, I didn't hesitate anymore. I understand the need when it comes to these kind of things. But when it was handed back to me yesterday, sad to say, it didn't return in good condition. There were a lot of things to consider, but #1 the person  who borrowed it is not an expert yet. Like me, I rely so much on the basics. And it took me years to fully utilize my camera's features, and this is also the reason why I haven't moved to a higher unit. Yes, I do have spare lenses. But I always come back to my basic 18-55mm. For me, it's the most balanced lens I've ever used.
Even between another SLR with a better lens, I still choose my basic18-55mm. This baby has brought  out so much in me as a picture enthusiast. I can't say as a photographer, because I still have so much to learn and to experience. And as a full time mom, it's impossible for me to embrace that path at this time. The EFS 18-55mm gave me my most memorable shots too. Remember the photo contest I joined 3 months ago?
It was my first photo contest, with just a basic kit I was able to take a clear shot of what they call a once in a lifetime event. How? What? 18-55mm can take this image? Well, there was a bit of creativity and resourcefulness pulled on my part. Another category was THE CITY LIGHTS. Of course my shots weren't as clear compared to the professionals who joined the contest. To be honest, I was the most "kulelat". Meaning: last in the competition, with less equipments at hand. I really didn't have any intentions of joining. I was there to take pictures of the event. But the whole feel lured me to join. Seeing people with cameras inspired me to try.  Gladly, my shots qualified. It was very fulfilling. So guys, don't be ashamed to use your basic kit. Show them what you got with less equipments. This will truly test your eye in this field. Today, my husband will bring this lens to Canon Marketing Service Center in Makati. If the cost of the repair will be as much as buying a brand new lens, most probably, I will get a new one or upgrade to another lens then still have this 18-55mm fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Thoughts On A Tuesday

12 October 2010

It's drizzling outside. For a Tuesday, somewhat middle of the week, I have so much things to finish. Plans that has been rescheduled over and over again. It's just a harmless drizzle, I can work through the day commuting (considering that our car is color coding). Don't wanna rush just because I need to beat the color coding cut-off time.

On a Tuesday, I'm also going to get some pampering: a facial, manicure and a pedicure.
On a Tuesday, I will take a picture of our new toooot! 
On a Tuesday, I will visit my hometown, and have a wonderful afternoon with my mom.
On a Tuesday, my son doesn't have school, so will take advantage of the free day.
On a Tuesday, will be having home-cooked Bulalo (Beef Bone Marrow Soup) for lunch!

The weather is perfect for everything. It's not hot, but the sun is still smiling through, the food matches the semi-cold feeling the drizzle brought us... spending the day with my family, treating one's self... It  will surely be a one colorful Tuesday!

lovely tuesday

It Was Just A PictureThen

07 October 2010

NO it's not our anniversary...I made this post because the other day, a good friend of ours posted a picture from our wedding on Facebook. Digital cameras were already out that time, but not as enhanced and not as popular compared today. In fairness, that single photograph  magically drew back fun memories from our first special moment as husband and wife, our wedding night.
Our wedding was not as grand but the celebration itself was very tight. Friends from both sides gathered together as one. It's one of the things that made our wedding different. Our friends were total strangers to each other, but that night, we saw how happiness worked its ways, how everybody blended in as if they knew each other. Nobody felt that he or she was being left out. A table consisted of different people , and they were talking and having fun.
sweet nothings
(Hindi pa uso ang photobooth, kaya group picture na lang)
Now this picture is already a treasure. Something that will remind us all the time, that hey, we did great! it was fun a night, our friends loved not only the food and the souvenirs, but also being able to celebrate with the rest--- the bride and groom's friends... it was an unforgettable evening for everyone. Every time we see our friends, from the music circle, high school, college and even our childhood friends, everybody never misses on mentioning about our wedding, and that was 6 years ago.

Foggy Night In Tagaytay

04 October 2010

It all started with a text message last Thursday afternoon. Our friend Ricky, circulated a message of a possible meet- up over the weekend. Since it was also Rachel's birthday and my husband also needed a break after being hospitalized a few weeks back, we thought, yeah, it is a good idea and a  perfect activity. It wasn't really  planned, and that's the fun part. Saturday afternoon, we all decided to dress up and drive to Sta.Rosa, Laguna. At first, it was a choice between Paseo De Sta. Rosa, then Nuvali and even Enchanted Kingdom. But 2 of our friends were already in Tagaytay, so we all agreed to go all the way to the lovely city of Tagaytay. When we got there, it was already gloomy and a bit cold, but that didn't stop us from roaming around. While waiting for the rest of the guys, my husband and I decided to take our son to Paradizoo. 
While doing our snake photo op, in just a few minutes, the fog started to set in, and it came with a pouring rain. We had to end our short trip to the zoo immediately. Driving to the restaurant took us quite sometime because of the fog covering the road. As we approach our destination, with our friends waiting, the area started to get clear.

Began our wonderful dinner and enjoyed the whole time with our close friends. While eating we noticed that the fog was setting -in once again. This time, it was getting thicker. We almost stayed over night thinking it would be best not to drive with the weather. But we were not prepared, so we waited until finally we could see the road clearly. 
When foggy circumstances pops out and you're in the middle of the road, immediately go on hazard , slow down then put your lights on high beam. If you can pull over please do so, with caution. This was not my first time to experience fog in Tagaytay, but definitely, my first time to see it thicker than ever and at night time. Every car was on hazard driving slow. It was dangerous because the cars approaching were only seen with their headlights, when they're already a few meters from our car. It was crazy! We even missed the turn we're suppose to make going back to Manila. My husband drove on our way home, since he is used to this kind of scenario, he drives in San Francisco in zero visibility.

The weather was actually just right, it wasn't too cold, it's just the fog making the drive complicated, but over-all , it was a nice evening.