30 March 2012

Ever since I've grown my hair long again, one hairstyle I've been loving to wear especially on a hot day is braided. Braided hair isn't really damaging as long as you handle your strands lightly. A couple of months ago, I shared that I wanted a permed hair. I grabbed the inspiration for a permed hair when I saw the results after untangling my braided hair once, it was so nice.  It made me look different, like far different from having a straight hair.

Going back to perming. After having my hair assessed by 3 salons, I found out that with the length I have, it will most likely cost me 6K-9K with digital perming. The price alone, made me hold the decision to have my hair permed and will just go braided.

Last night, I went through braiding tutorials on Youtube. I got the tip from my sister Les who's very good at braiding and doing her own hairstyle.
1. Waterfall Braid

This waterfall braid I followed was from the bangs area. The result was really nice. It was very neat to look at, chic and it can be worn to formal events.
2. Fishtail Braid
I like the Fishtail Braid because it's really extraordinary to look at. I often see celebrities wear this kind of braid. The Fishtail like any other braid, can fit both casual and formal occasions. The results in my photo above didn't get the exact look from the tutorial, thicker bundles of hair were used. But I saw the difference from a regular braid. I love it!

With several other options to consider to get a different look on an ordinary day and aside from spending $200 just for a hair treatment, I look at braiding as a great choice for all seasons.  Summer is here, it's perfect to make us ladies look fresh.

Of Fireworks,Floating Lanterns and The Beach

You know what's amazing? FIREWORKS and Floating Lanterns on a relaxing night at the beach.
Our first HURRAH! for Summer officially started with a visit to Laiya Batangas. It was just a one night stay, but boy, it was the most memorable among the trips we made to Laiya. It just so happen that in a nearby resort, a beach wedding took place. Later in the night, fireworks lighted the sky and the floating lanters made everything vibrant. It's an event that made an impact not only to the newly weds but also to the people around them. It was a fantastic night and I thank the couple who shared this amazing experience with us.

Let's Do The Move!

It's been a pretty hectic March for me and my family. One of the things that's keeping me busy is the new PS3 Move. Finally, they came out with something like Wii and Xbox Kinect. Honestly, we waited until we're able to buy an LED tv to match. Because most of our friends advised us to buy an LED first so it is going to be more fun and watching Blu-ray is awesome in HD. Which is true by the way... So after purchasing the t.v, here we are... doing the MOVE!
It's a choice between Xbox and PS3. Since we have been using PlayStation our whole life, from PS1,  to PS2 it's best to get something that is familiar to us already. Besides, it's a super good deal because PlayStation 3 is also a Blu-ray Player. PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye camera to track the wand's position, and inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion. -source-
The PlayStattion 320GB Move Bundle came with :

  • PlayStation®Move motion controller (wireless)
  • HDMI cables, etc... 
  • PlayStation®Eye camera
  • The DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller
  • a bonus game which is the Sports Champions.

  • We bought a Vertical Stand separately with charging stations for the controllers and a rack for the games. A wireless keypad later on. We tried it when we were in search of the best game console in the market. I have been working out through the dance moves of Everybody Dance and the Michael Jackson Experience. Total workout. At the same time, it's enjoyable. You wouldn't even notice the time, a person can practically dance the whole day. Gran Turismo is also one of my favorites. In PlayStation 2 it's the only game that kept me occupied. Better graphics with PlayStation 3. More cars, more action.

    The Michael Jackson Experience is my favorite because I'm can dance to my favorite Michael Jackson moves. Well before, I just watch him dance on television, wondering if I can do such dance moves. Now, as tribute, PlayStation 3 was able to come out with the Michael Jackson Experience. I chose it over Zumba, it is a must-have.

    Though Nintendo Wii started it all then Xbox Kinect got people raving,  PlayStation Move offers a more realistic experience when it comes to motion gaming.