Growing Hydrangeas

05 November 2014

To be able to grow this flowering shrub has always been our dream. We had several attempts before and the plant won't survive after a week. At last, my mom's green thumb on growing Hydrangeas is finally working. First off, they bought the Hydrangeas near our place in Antipolo, Rizal. With that, the plant itself have adjusted to the climate and the total environment of the province. Unlike before when it was still being purchased from Tagaytay City, once the plant lands in Manila, it shrinks and it won't continue to grow anymore.

By the way, these were just bought from the marketplace (palengke). I must say that it's quite a find  for a public market. My dad bought a couple and to our surprise, it produced another flower and it continued. So they went back to buy some more.
The blue, lilac, and pink Hydrangeas were planted in front by the porch. The Hydrangeas we have are the "mopheads" and are branching out. Hopefully it turns into a Hydragrea bush, just like those in magazines and countries with cool conditions.

I have been doing a lot of research on how to grow Hydrangeas properly because I want them to last and I want this flowering plant to be healthy all the time.

Some things I learned:
  • Hydrangea thrives with half sun and half shade treatment.
  • It blossoms if the soil is fertile and with just the right amount of water and sunshine.
  • It is not advisable to plant Hydrangeas near trees. 
  • The color of the petals will vary with the pH level of the soil it's planted in.

Growing Hydrangeas here in the Philippines is not common except for flower farms which are located at the far off regions of the country. If you see a Hydrangea in full bloom from a local flower shop in Manila, that was probably ordered abroad. I'm just saying... and that's what I often encounter everytime I make an inquiry.
This particular Hydrangea was planted in a huge pot. It has blossomed a couple of times already.
These were the first ones that were used as basis if it will grow and survive in my mom's new home.
For the past month we have been feasting our eyes with the beauty of this wonderful plant. Of course, it made my mom very happy, because one of her dreams was granted again. Imagine, growing Hydrangeas in a tropical country!

Hydrangeas are so pretty. It's attractiveness is often linked to vanity with it's round shape and colorful petals. But for us, it symbolizes grace, serenity and simplicity. 

He has made everything beautiful in its time Ecclesiastes 3:11

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