30 November 2018

Being able to share part of the story that made our year extraordinary was a form of closure to me. I waited 2 months after the event in order to put things together and face the impact once I made these posts: 

2018 The Onlisystem
2 Sides of the Story

My intention and my choice why made these entries was not to destroy but to bring awareness. To give some realization that these things happen. It was my first time to experience where a friend got so deeply involved. 

As the unfortunate event was transpiring, I was in total denial. To a point that during the week my dad confronted our friend, a few days after, my husband and I welcomed him and his wife to our home, without the knowledge that something was already going on. But even that last night we've met with them, both our friend and his wife was very eager to learn what my father does. It made me feel that they were questioning his capability, his connections, his work and even his knowledge in running a business. It all made sense when I found out what they did and connected everything to the time when they were asking about my father. Why? Did they feel that my father didn't have the right to question their work and intentions, even if he was the one losing money in all of this? Why? 

Going back to bringing awareness... If I was to destroy somebody, I would have dropped names and even posted pictures and documents. But I will never gain anything from doing that, as a matter of fact, it will only taint my being because I wasn't raised to counter things and events like these. I was taught to remain silent because there is always a Higher Being watching our every move, hearing our every intention, and taking note of what we do to others.

I personally took this as a turning point, a learning curve. I know better now, I will be more careful when it comes to people, especially when friends are involve. 

As to that friend of ours... thank you... you weren't as bad until this happened. Thank you for the fun times you shared with our family. You are still welcome to come back and fix what needs to be fixed. You will still get your last paycheck as long as you clear your billing statement.  Thank you for still being a friend to my husband who is one of the most affected in all of this. There is a reason why he is still there for you... but I pray that the right opportunity would come for him so he can move forward.

The impact of everything has done so much damage in our personal lives. I can't go into details with that, but yes, it turned things from good to bad. We can earn the money that was lost, but when people and relationships are affected, it will take time. We are in the process of healing, that is why this blog will serve as closure for all. Just in time for Christmas and for the new beginning that awaits.

We will leave everything in the hands of God, accept what it was, and embrace what good it will be.

2 Sides of The Story

29 November 2018

In relation to the post I made entitled 2018 The Onlisystem, in this entry, I'll be shedding light as to how I personally feel about the unfortunate event that transpired. I will look upon the idea that in this whole fiasco, "if" there is still 2 sides of the coin that exist. 

In everything we do, it's always only for the good or for the bad. We give or we take. The only thing that will make the difference is when we give more, if we give less, or if we take less and we take more. Given both "choices", it greatly define our intentions towards situations and most specially towards others. Honestly, even if we turn things upside down, there will never be 2 sides to look into.

I highlighted the word "choices" because it will be the measurement and my basis why in the story about The Onlisystem, there is only one side to consider. Harsh, yes, it will be... Everything I shared in that post are based on facts, not entirely on my opinion. We have photos and documents to back things up. 

We chose to work with a friend for the build- out of my parents' house because "we trust" that he will deliver. He guaranteed everything verbally. Whatever what was agreed upon, it was verbally emphasized that we as clients will get our money's worth in restoring our precious home. Everything flowed naturally. Like I said, it started out well, but right in the middle of it, we knew that we were already being taken advantage of. It's hard to explain on text, better to see the site or "our house" in person, but why go through that when it's done. The mistake was made.

We gave our friend a chance to fix things, we reached out to him several times, even thru my husband, his close friend. My father had to come up with other things they can work on to give them 
another chance. But they didn't, they ignored everything and that my friends was a choice! even given opportunities to fix the problem and damages, he, they let it pass like nothing happened. 

As clients, it's normal for us to ask and question because we are spending money, hard- earned money, blood, sweat and tears of my father. Can't that be a reason  to put a little effort on giving this project importance? Can't that be enough to put value on somebody's dream to have his house fixed so it can serve his family? We entrusted our family life, our stories with him... and yet...

Once we make a choice, it means whatever it is that is involve, has brushed our heads, giving us time to think and gauge how are we going to get through, and what are the next steps we need to take.  In this case, our friend whom we trusted, chose to leave things hanging. He chose not to face and fix the mess made, he chose to proceed like he didn't do any damage. Is it even worth to know the other side of the story? 

Given any situation, the next best thing anyone could have done was to face the problem. Exert effort and show that if that's not who you are, take the moment or opportunity to prove yourself. In running a business, everything will be thrown at you. What we had was just minor compared to those who spend time in court, and they can't even face the facts.

My family has fell victim to these types of people, you know, opportunists. For everytime things like these happen, we let it go, because the Universe will take care of them sooner or later.

I'll be honest, my family has learned to let it go already.

 It saddens me and it breaks my heart to know that my parents has no choice but to swallow and deal with what was given to them. To live with this everyday, is shattering. This whole thing made me feel like I delivered the devil right at our very door steps, not a friend. A friend or someone who values people and their hard work will never do such thing, that's why I have to say something.

 It is not easy for me to shrug it off because I considered the person who did all these things as family. We all considered him and his wife as family.

I am baffled by what just happened. Why it happened.