Travel and the Future

13 January 2018

Since my 2 boys are big enough to appreciate and learn from venturing to different places, setting up something or at least coming up with travel plans is much easier.

Experiences like this will also aid them when they reach that moment when they can travel by themselves and how to do it comfortably. I have to emphasize on a comfortable travel because it greatly dictates the mood of the journey. It may require more money, but the whole trip is going to be so much fun and relaxing.

What we are doing now is basically preparing our children by exposing them to what travel can bring the in the future. We know as parents that it will really make a big impact and once they're exposed to the world at an early age, it will open their eyes to great possibilities. 

Personally, I was already old when I was able to travel out of the country. It changed some bits and pieces in me. I became more patient and understanding of the world that goes around me. What more for a child...
There are other destinations we plan to go to in the future. Believe me, my husband and I have our own list of travel destinations to visit, a couple's bucket list, places we desire to visit someday. Some of them are Mexico or Peru. I want to go to Jerusalem and then there's Moscow...

But for now, we're at the verge of planning a travel back to the United States... It has been "almost" 2 years since our last trip to America, but it felt like it was just yesterday. We are now looking into the possibility of spending the kids' summer vacation in the United States. My husband just arrived from his recent visit to the US. He went back to spend more time with his brother and sadly, his grandmother passed away during this trip.

Our planned stay isn't going to be as long because school will begin mid- June. A good 2-3 months is perfect. There's no exact itinerary yet, but Georgia alone, needs to be explored, which we failed to do back in 2016.

Just being able to go some place else is a breather from the usual life. It's rejuvenating. Whether it's abroad or locally, I've always believed that travel brings the same effect to any person in the world. If you're burned out from working or doing the same shenanigans everyday, start planning. Think of places and destinations you want to go to, because that's when dreams and goals will begin transforming into reality.

Spoiled Daughter- In- Law

24 October 2017

In the recent reunion I had with my childhood friends, the talked about topics was mostly family life. What's new, the fun part as married women and the ups and downs of sharing a new relationship with people we didn't grow up with, yet, are there to complete our families. I'm talking about our "in-laws".  I was the last person to share in the group about my experiences with my in-laws.

My friends asked me on what kind of relationship I share with my mother-in-law in particular. All I blurted out at that moment was "I'm a spoiled daughter-in-law".  Over-all, my relationship with my in-laws from my mom-in-law, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and even cousin-in-laws are close to perfect.

My husband and I have been married for 14 years. Throughout this span of time, I never had issues with anyone from my husband's family. My father-in-law and mother-in-law treats at me as their own daughter. Same with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, I'm like a full-blooded family member.

 We all have our stories to share, all are expected to be different and all relationships are bound to be created depending on the person or what defines both us and our in-laws. I realized in the end, it's all about respect. It's all about finding your spot in the family and by being sensitive or being aware on what's happening around you.

 My in-laws give importance to my part in the family, which I really appreciate. They respect my role as the mother of their grandchildren and nephews. They never bypass my role as the wife of my husband. 

 One of things my parents has taught me in order to have a smooth relationship with my in-laws is to pay respect by recognizing their positions and their roles in the family, radiate self-respect and  by being simple. Personally, as much as possible, I try to be the one to adjust in any given situation. 

Honesty is also part of a successful relationship, especially with your other half. 

It is given that we all have our ways in running our own households. On my experience,  being open about the things I prefer matters. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts on certain things. We all have our perspectives so honesty and sincerity will help both sides meet in the middle, agree on something without stepping on each other's roles in the family. Well so far it works for me.

I am very happy, thankful and partly proud to share with my friends the closeness I have with my in-laws. It kinda shed a new light to something where the in-laws (particularly the mom-in-law) plays the villain.  I guess for some it might take time, like a lot of time. Hopefully for most of us, everything is running smoothly. 

If there's one thing to learn when dealing with others in general, it's always to be respectful and understand our differences.

When I said that "I'm a spoiled daughter- in-law", it became a spot- on realization that made me even more grateful for meeting and marrying a man with such a lovely background and family. If my husband is a nice person... my in-laws are nicer. 😁