Outside Filipino, Panitikan

This post was created a few months back when this issue came about. Please pardon for the late posting. I was hesitant at first, but this topic is very important to be seen on a wider perspective, so let me share my personal thoughts on it.


Coming from a home where I have maintained English as the first language spoken, at the same time, live around our traditions and culture as Filipinos, I have to say, that yes, removing Filipino, Panitikan in the college curriculum is okay. Who am I to say why it is okay? Read on...

The moment we came out in this world, regardless where you’re from, which country you grew up in, awareness of our roots begins from the very walls of our homes. Schools are institutions that give us the chance to broaden our idea of the said culture and background. They’re also the very same body that helps us practice and embrace these traditions outside our homes.

Taking the said subject out of the curriculum does not make us less of a Filipino, especially when it’s taken from a certain level of education where we should have embraced our nationality by heart and mind.

In my own opinion, this is just a step up in preparation for the world that is globally competitive. Work begins with good communication skills and with English being the main language. As a matter of fact, a third language would be an asset.

3 languages, 4 or more, does not rip you off from your roots as a Filipino citizen, our history, our traditions, from our beliefs. The foundation during our primary and secondary days in school has made us love and appreciate who we are.

Anyway, it’s a different story when you feel that this is just another political issue where you feel the government body concern is dumb- downing you. I mean, really? That’s how lowly you think of yourself as a Filipino? So far, that’s the only outburst I’ve seen online, the cry out of those who complain a lot but do nothing.

As a parent of 2 boys, who will lead their own families too, I look at the bigger picture. I searched for the benefits instead.  It’s simplifying work load of students and putting their concentration on something that can be more useful now and in the future. 

In the end, our beloved institutions are still given the freedom whether to include or not Filipino, Panitikan  in their curriculum, it is not a requirement anymore but a choice.

True Colors

Please be advised that this event I'm about to share happened in the past. I am in a better state now that's why I'm able to put it into context. I was hesitant to make this post or to put this entry online. But if I don't, then that makes me untruthful and worse, towards myself. We all go through adversities, what's life without it.

It was a tough 2 years for me. 

Change happened after our family vacation in the United States 3 years ago. There was a bit of a struggle going back to our daily grind after living there for almost half a year. While we were in America, I was warned by my husband of the changes that could happen, especially because I've experienced and seen what life is in a different perspective. 

Staying positive is an important aspect I hang on to everyday to remain sane in my daily challenges. But with the bombardment of assumptions towards me as a person, as a mom, as a wife and just simply a girl who was able to make her first travel extraordinary,  the lighter side dimmed down. 

The very reason why we made our long time plan to travel to the United States materialize was because our children were old enough to appreciate the experience. It was due time to see our family abroad and for the fact that it will take a long time again before we can make such event happen.

This travel unfolded easily for us, it felt right so we went on with it. The feeling was surreal because I was with my own family... The experience became extraordinary because of my children.

It changed my perception in life. How to react on things, how to deal with people and how to be more sensitive of my surroundings. I became knowledgeable of things people most probably thought I'm not capable of. 

When we were finally home from our trip,  I was so excited to tell stories about the things I learned and experienced to anybody who was ready to listen. But the reception was different, some got disappointed because we weren't able to meet their expectations. Others were not as enthusiastic just because "maybe",  they don't want to show they're excited for us. Some were truly thankful and happy for the gifts we got for them. 

As the days moved on, it turned into months and came a point when my other half had to leave for the United States again.  There were few who questioned our motives and most especially our capability to pursue the plan of moving to the United States. It came to a point when a certain individual even researched and tried to debunk our said goal.

e share these things because being part of the small group we trust, it is more likely expected that we will get support, that we will get encouragement, but that did not happen. Anyway,
I survived this particular phase.  

In 2017, I functioned as a single mom for 6 months because my husband had to take care of things in the United States. During his stay, his grandmother passed away and he needed to be there longer. I was at my best everyday to get by as a single parent. Those whom I expected to be there for me in times when I needed support were insensitive of our situation, not all showed sincerity.

During this timeline, my role as a stay at home mom was also questioned. Why am I not working? Apparently for some, work, money and title are forms of empowerment. I greatly respect that, but no one can choose what I should do and tell me what I should contribute.  For the past 15 years, I maintained a well- balanced home, I created a healthy environment for my family, and that's all on me and my husband. The sacrifices I  made is worth more than the money and power these people are suggesting. 

My purpose is to keep our family intact despite the distractions we are getting, despite the intruders that came into our life. Support is the very foundation of every good deed. Once that crumbles down, it loses the whole essence and reason of doing the deed at all. 

I learned to play around it by standing firm. I remain quiet but I know when to treat a situation and demand respect in return. 

Lessons and Realizations: 

People whom you thought can be trusted are the ones with fake smiles and holds the most destructive form of weaponry which is envy and deception. 

Find your purpose and focus on it than on someone else's life. 

Plant memories beyond what money can buy and what will stick to those you love once you leave this world. 

The best thing about hard times and defining moments is you get to see the true colors of those around you

What happened for the past 2 years was a turning point for our family. A complete transition. We saw our plan of the future as something good, we were filled with so much hope. With the feedback we got, we thought, it is also something we should learn to let go.

Even with the absence of support, there were those who remained true. I commend the people who reached out and cheered us on, especially to those we don't see often, but did not stop from inspiring us to continue.

The Passing of Emo

2018 is indeed the saddest year for us... Not only we encountered something difficult with a friend, but it became truly heartbreaking because our Beagle Emo passed away last October 15, 2018.

The passing of our dog was one of the things I feared the most. It feels like we lost a special person in our lives. We mourn and we still are in the process, missing his presence a lot. Emo brought so much joy and love especially to our children. A Beagle is a great companion, a loyal dog and a sensitive one, it feels whether his masters are troubled or excited.

I can't go to details as to how he passed, what happened... Better if I celebrate the life he shared with us...

We appreciate all the love and support that went our way with the passing of Emo... The outpour of comments on our social media pages that described their knowledge and experiences with Emo... Everybody knows Emo as a lovable Beagle. Emo is a one of a kind dog... Emo is emo, no other pet can be like Emo. My eldest son was the most affected with this event. It was our first time to see and hear him cry so hard... Emo was his from the very beginning. We got Emo for him... A day, a week without Emo beside our son makes him feel that something is missing.

It has been 2 months since Emo's passing and it has been a difficult stage for us because we also need to balance our son's emotions, and at the same time, move on with life without Emo... To be honest, this entry is making me emotional. I pause and stare out the window taking some time to breathe in this reality.
You are truly special and a one of a kind companion Emo... you will always be in our hearts... Be one with the Universe again...

Emo: December 28, 2010- October 15, 2018