The Xtraordinaire

Hello! You're just in time, because I just made a few adjustments to this blog. My name is Enchie by the way, the only author of this page.

Since I created this account in 2007, I shifted 3 times from one blog title to another. "To Last A Lifetime", "Sweet Nothings" and now... the "Extraordinary Life of an Xtraordinarymom". These 3 titles stand for my journey as a mother and wife. The milestones I've made and experienced, the moments I discovered along the path of marriage, the wonderful effects of becoming a mom and my growth as a person which includes inspirations from my childhood.

The Extraordinary Life of this Xtraordinary Woman
My life is composed of the ordinary things we all do everyday. To make my life more meaningful, I grab the good in everything, even from the saddest and meanest encounters I may come across with. I celebrate love with my 3 gorgeous boys and being thankful and grateful for the simple life and joys God has gifted me.

I'm No Writer At All.

Before, we write on small notebooks and we keep it to ourselves. Now, it's the other way around. As much as possible we want people to read our articles and the most important of all, we want to reach out and know their comments, wait for suggestions and be aware of other people's thoughts. With these, it is an opportunity for me to grow and improve not only in writing or as blogger, but most of all as a person.

I want to be known as an inspiration not an influential factor in the blogosphere. I don't share my thoughts for the purpose of changing a reader's point of view. I don't insist that my posts are right and surely, I am not here to impress people.

I share what's inside my mind as if I am talking to somebody. In person, I've been an open book and blogging has been my favorite outlet on pouring both my thoughts and feelings. It is an amazing form of self-expression. 

For the 8 years of being open on some parts of my life, all I wanted was to inspire women, young girls, moms, aspiring moms and even men.
I don't know how wide this 8 year old blog has touched, but no matter what...

I will continue to share my one of a kind experiences that make my life colorful and meaningful.
The ups and downs that pull out a stronger being in me. 
Events that offer unforgettable memories. 
Music that keeps my daily routine in tune.
My inspirations and love for simplicity. 
The interesting gadgets that make me go crazy.
A little of the things I love as a woman.
Over- all, my never ending excitement to be able to share the beauty of life.
Thank you very much for the continuous visits... Stay happy!


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