A Good 10 Months

03 November 2016

Travel has always been included in our timeline, but it was never a priority for we have more important things "we thought" we must take into consideration. A good 4 months was all we needed to get off the rat race smoothly. My husband and I came to a point when we realized that we needed to do something new and different, a refresher to keep us on the roll despite the chaotic environment we live in. 

Our 12th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves was this travel abroad. Since it was our first time to travel as a family, we looked for a destination where we can enjoy and learn a lot from.

Why America?

1. The original plan was to go to Japan. Who doesn't want to visit Japan, it's the perfect destination for everybody, but...
2. Family is in America.
3. America is a melting pot, it's a vast piece of land that house people of different cultures from around the world. 
4. We get to experience everything from one destination. The change of seasons, food, culture, environment, architecture, life and what makes each State stand out from the rest. In our case, we were able to explore the East Coast.

I really love the fact that "travel" was made as a point of learning and as an eye- opener to things out of my comfort zone. It was a humbling experience for me. I saw the real version of what life is in America. It's not all good, like every place in the world, but it has its own charm as well like every place in the world. It's different if you stay for a month and just tour. It's way, way different to be on tourist mode at the same time, there's a need to adapt in order to make the most of our stay.
We took courage and made plans to go for a long vacation and just said, let's go!. Courage and a positive outlook? because it greatly involves time, money and the possible impact on us (which may be good or bad) of this move we made. 10 months was all we needed. 6 months to prepare and another 4 months for the whole thing to happen. With God's Grace, always in His perfect timing, it was easy. Everything was laid out for us perfectly.

Onboard Statue Cruises to Ellis Island and Liberty Island 

I always believe that if it's meant for you, it will always be made easy. Yes, there's going to be a second trip and even a third and a fourth. For as long as family is there, we will keep on coming back.

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