Keeping The Christmas Spirit

24 November 2011

November 25 exactly a month from now, we will be one  with the rest of the world celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the time of the year when everyone is very excited to buy decorations and presents to share with love ones and friends. The coolest season within the year when everyone's on break spending quality time with the family, joyous moments with friends and rewarding oneself with happiness and fulfillment. This year, my family and I are looking forward to 2 things.
1. Christmas
2. The birth of` our  baby boy Immanuel.
By the looks of it, preparing for both occasions is going to be a big task. I started organizing by sticking to our motif  Red & Gold. All in all, for the past 7 years we have been celebrating Christmas, we have 4 sets of colors to mix and match. Blue, Silver, Red and Gold. Red & Gold has always been presented as the colors of Christmas so we're doing it again. The Christmas menu will turn out to be the simplest, thinking that I might give birth on Christmas Day itself. If that's going to be the case, a small salo-salo in the hospital will do, and when we get home, my mom offered to prepare for a double celebration. Whatever may come, we will make sure that there's still something special served on the table this holiday season. Gifts? that's the hardest part... God help me because each day as I reach my due date, it gets heavier and heavier for me. It's hard to move around the mall searching for the perfect gift for our friends and love ones, especially with the crowd too. It may look difficult for a pregnant woman to handle these things, but as I assess the situation, you know what, if one will greatly consider that sometimes we have to give way from the things we're used to, the over-all scenario will turn out to be relaxing, there's no stress at all. My priority now is the baby that I'm about to deliver soon. And yes, God is helping me because for starters, I was able to create an atmosphere here at home clearly stating both, that Christmas is just around the corner and a baby is coming along.

An advance present to our family this Holiday Season. Another extraordinary experience given to me as I become a Mother to 2 little boys. To my family, as we celebrate Life this year.

So how's your preparation for the holidays coming along?

21 November 2011

When you're stuck with nothing to do, listening to your favorite music... bored? maybe... fine, this happens. With just one click from viewing an old rose themed template to plain white.  I accidentally removed my old template without any backup. I got carried away when I saw the Google blah, blah, blah, new look check it out thing. I didn't know that if you click on a new template it will automatically apply (Dynamic Views). And on the upper right corner, that's where it says (back up/ restore) I tried restoring but nothing happened. Back up? I guess it's too late for that. And after my PC broke down last week, I am still in the process of gathering my old files including the template Ms. Carlota of My Web Blogs (the design of my permanent template since 2009). It sucks being stuck in this kind of dilemma. Oh man!

Anyway, just for thought and as I pull something good in this situation... Maybe it was meant to happen since my header was the picture of my son (my only child then), and considering that I'll be giving birth to my second child soon, I think it's about time to change and make space for the new members of my family. My second baby boy and of course our adorable Beagle Emo joining my eldest son.

Everything that happened tonight was crazy with mixed feelings. I felt sad because my old template was a gift from a fellow blogger. Then suddenly,  I was feeling hopeful and creative with a little hint of excitement after realizing what's about to take place on December. My life will change again. It's a start, it's an opportunity to share stories, (new stories) about my extraordinary life.

I say: I'm ready to introduce this new chapter of my life...

The Extraordinary Life of an Extraordinary Woman

Another Flip Flop Story: Love Toeberries

For the past weeks, I've been hanging out with my sisters. And when the youngsters take leadership on organizing an activity within the day, surely, the older ones will get a high dose of  what's latest in the market. One of those great finds we had are these cute pairs of  Toeberries. I have been seeing Toeberries in every local department store since last year. Well, it didn't attract me as much, because I still have my old Havaianas.

As far as I'm concerned, I stopped buying expensive rubber slippers in 2009. 1 or 2 pairs were enough.  With my younger sisters, they told me that they're not bothered whether their flip flops are from a famous brand or simply locally made. The important thing for them is that they're able to pull a whole outfit without trying too hard.

So how did I end getting myself some Toeberries? Read On...
I was at my usual weekend visit to my see my parents. That day, my husband had to go somewhere, which lead me and my son to take public transport going to my hometown. I was wearing my super old pair of black Havaianas Top. I arrived just in time at my parents' house, my slippers finally gave way and said goodbye. So I was in a dilemma where I had to buy temporary slippers just for the day. That's when I went to the nearest mall with my sisters and was able to find these cute Toeberries.
I bought 2 because it was being sold for a very affordable price of Php99 each. Very plain but they're adorable, especially for those who loves to try anything cute regardless of the brand. They also have it in purple. Comfort? I'd say 100% comfortable and it's soft.
In line with my Flip Flop story, just this month, 2 of my oldest Havaianas died on me... I was hoping that it will last for another 2 or 3 years... But hey,  for a pair of rubber slippers,  4 years is pretty long right?. I think they served their purpose well...

With this...

Now it's time to hoard some new pairs from All Flip Flops! Don't forget their last call, 40% off for a minimum of 2 pairs of Havaianas. Promo runs until November 30 2011.

My Favorite Scarf

Here in the Philippines a scarf works as an accessory. With the climate we have, the thinnest scarf that you can find is going to be the most applicable for everyday use. I started wearing a scarf around my neck middle of this year. Since the time I found out that I am pregnant and knowing that I'll often be wearing dresses and maternity clothes, I finally was able to put my scarves into good use.
This particular scarf has been with me for almost 3 years. I bought it at the department store of ShoeMart. I was kinda in a rush when I was looking for a scarf then... I thought that this scarf is going to be for one time use, but it turned out to be my favorite. I like pairing it with my favorite Liz Claiborne Villager Purse. Actually, both the purse and the scarf goes well with any of my dresses. Wearing a scarf makes an outfit look more interesting. Well,  I can't say more fashionable... maybe that will depend on the person. I know in other countries, scarves are associated as a main accessory for the cold seasons of Winter and Fall, especially the thick ones. I guess I've met the very same purpose. Because as we go near December (when our Philippine climate is a bit cool), I make use of my scarf instead of a jacket. It gives me the very same warmth and comfort. At the same time, a scarf is easier and lighter to bring around.

A Short Update

15 November 2011

Personal Computer's busted... trying to save files which includes: recent photos, word documents, edited entries for my blogs and games. It's really weird, we're still figuring out what caused this sudden breakdown. But definitely it wasn't a virus. Please bear, will update blogs soon. Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day :)

10 November 2011

It's so nice to wake up in the morning and the first thing you see in front of the mirror is your face glowing and you haven't even put anything on yet. It's your all- natural look, simple and your silly smile makes it extraordinary.  

What a fine way to start my day...
Happy Thursday Everyone

Saturday Chillin' Out

08 November 2011

It was a rainy weekend when one of our friends invited everyone for a meet up in one of the restaurants in High Street Fort Bonifacio. It's been a long since we saw each other. It's like every month we make plans to see each other, but for my husband and me, as we all know, I have been preserving my strength since the first trimester of my pregnancy. For most, they've been pretty busy with work, so none of our plans pushed through for the past months.

With our recent get together, 2 of my husband's high school classmates joined us for the very first time.

To Anne and Amanda: It was really nice to finally meet you guys. Wish we could have spent more time last Saturday.
Our rendezvous last Saturday started with dinner at the Texas Road House. Our get together was also in celebration of Rachel and Khamila's birthday. Quite a treat I must say... Thank you guys! Of course, I stuffed myself with different fruit juices. The guys had beer and boy they make me jealous. Ha! and yes, definitely, we will have a  whole new session once I give birth, can't wait to have a taste of that San Miguel Premium again.
The night was filled with laughter. It was raining hard, it was already late, but we took our time just hanging out talking about married life, being single and the joy of having kids. It's one person inspiring another.
As for me and my husband, we can say that our short vacation break was well worth it. Especially, that we were able to spend time with our friends as our grand finale.

Now It's The Fingernails

05 November 2011

After mastering my own toenails, here I am trying my best to do my fingernails. When it comes to color, I prefer lighter shades. A nude polish is highly considered. I finally thought that I needed to get my fingernails done too with or without the help of the experts. I'm not really used to having my fingernails done. Maybe once a month but most of the time, there's got to be an occasion for it. It all started when I was in college, in line with my course I don't get my fingernails done because I handle food most of the time. After graduating I took a breather and was able to experience getting regular manicure. I must admit, it is fun to get both manicure and pedicure with your favorite shade.
That breather turned out to be a short one because I went back to school and took up Nursing. And in the medical field, sanitation is part of our #1 concern, so I ended leaving my nails bare and short again. When I got married, I maintained my short and fuzzy- looking fingernails because I'm handling a kid. So much stories about my fingernails right?

People would tell me, "have your nails done once in a while, it would be cool". And I really appreciate the concern these people are showing for my itsy bitsy set of nails. So I began doing my own fingernails 3 weeks ago. Like my toenails, A Pedicure At Home it may not be as perfect like the ones being done by the expert, but it turned out just fine. Now I'm ready to go and show- off my little work of art and I might just start shopping for  nail polishes in different shades too.

Lovely Stroll at Paseo de Sta. Rosa With Rachel

We left Tagaytay City after lunch then we decided to contact our friend Rach who's from Sta. Rosa to meet up with us at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Sta. Rosa Laguna has been a frequent stop for my family. Enchanted Kingdom, outlet shops, parks and of course, it's the easiest way going to Tagaytay City and Nasugbu Batangas. We began our sunny afternoon by making a quick stop at Nuvali. The sun was pretty high that day, since Nuvali is still being developed, we decided to move to Paseo de Sta. Rosa.
At Paseo de Sta. Rosa, we were able to have a good look of the outlet shops. By the way, it's one of the ideal places to buy a nice pair of  Havaianas, they have an outlet shop for All Flip Flops in Paseo. We spent most of the afternoon at Starbucks. And as usual, we ended up making plans for another trip out of town, but this time, with the rest of the Montessori Gang.
Rachel toured us around the spots we haven't been to in Paseo. All the way at the back, Paseo was turned into something like High Street in Fort Bonifacio. Only, most of the stores found in the newly developed Paseo are outlet shops, and I say, what a SPLENDID idea!

New Finds, awesome shops: These are actually the stores we go to even in Manila. And it's really cool to know a place where we can go shopping with discounts here and there.

BENCH Depot: Inside BENCH,  I found a Charles & Keith depot, P999 for any pair of your choice.
Payless Shoesource: Though we have several Payless Shoe Stores here Manila, I got excited when I found the pair of flats that I love and it's available in 3 different colors. I bought the red one before, now I want the other colors too.
Nike Factory Outlet
Gap & Banana Republic Outlet 
Marks & Spencer Outlet 
Rudy Project: Where my husband found the Luminox watch he's been looking for.
It was wonderful to end our short vacation hanging out with a good friend while having a peaceful afternoon of coffee (coffee- free frapp for me that is) making discoveries and spending the day just sharing jokes, making plans and just simply living the day as it is.

There and Back Again At The Cliffhouse

04 November 2011

The Cliffhouse has always been our favorite spot every time we visit Tagaytay City. The Cliffhouse located along General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City, offers a more private venue for tourists and folks of Batangas City. 
We discovered The Cliffhouse through a very close friend of ours. Early this year, my husband and I spent a short getaway with our friends in Tagaytay City. Before going home, we decided to make a quick run of  the places that we haven't  visited in Tagaytay, and one of them was The Cliffhouse. I consider this tourist spot as a place of Zen. It's quiet, it's clean, the view is spectacular, restaurants within the area offers scrumptious dishes... everything a person is looking in a quick getaway from city life is here.
This is the perfect choice if you're after a relaxing vacation. One can spend the whole afternoon, feeling the cool breeze while staring at the beautiful Taal Volcano.

I wanted to share this entry because 2 weekends in a row, I spent  most of  my time with my family at The Cliffhouse.
1. 2 weeks ago, we took our balikbayan relative from GA on a lovely trip to Tagaytay.
2. A week after, we went back to spend our long weekend in Tagaytay too.
Here are some random shots taken from The Cliffhouse.
Taken near our favorite spot, the very place where we first tried some Mochi from Mochiko.
Overlooking the whole Taal Lake, great view of the sunset too.
Everytime we go there, this white chair is always empty. It feels like for every visit we made, this particular spot was made ready for us. I mean, the place is always full with tourists and guests, and they just walk around this spot. And once we're about to leave, that's the time visitors rush just to get this seat. Nice right?
And this photo was the most recent. Taken by the fish pond. We decided to spend our long weekend in Tagaytay just to get rid of the stress and traffic within the city. We made the right decision. We left for Tagaytay City late in the afternoon. We looked for a hotel, had dinner and then we spent the rest of our night at The Cliffhouse.

I have about a month to go before I give birth. My husband and I plan to make the most of the time remaining by going on relaxing trips such as this.

Next trip: Laiya Batangas!