Sayonara Coco...

24 March 2011

It took us by surprise... Coco as our first pet made him the most wonderful. Coco will always be Coco, no pet will ever replace him being COCO. He brought so much sunshine in our home. As a Beagle, he's a rare kind. I've always wondered what will Coco look like once he has fully grown...
Losing Coco is like losing a special person in our hearts. I cried the most... I took care of him 24/7 when he was sick. I fed him like a child, I made it a point that he gets the nutrition he needs and his medicines on time. I tried so hard helping him to fully recover. But I failed... 

It was relieving to know that my son even took it more lightly than I did... I was scared that he might get badly affected, since Coco was a gift to him from his Dad. 

What caused Coco's sudden passing? It's Pneumonia. Puppies in general, are prone to all kinds of sickness. The first 3-6 months are known to be the critical stages. We thought that Coco was going to make it. Emo came...

Yes, one of the things that held me back from doing what I regularly do was taking care of a sick dog and nurturing a new one. It is an extraordinary experience and it's all worth it. I wake up at 4am in the morning just to clean their dog pan, because I want to make sure that they stay clean and if they're clean, there's less chance for infection. 
My husband and I got caught in some mixed situations that got us so confused. We even had doubts, because we were kinda observing the veterinarian too. There was a point when Coco's vet  was acting as if she was also clueless of Coco's case. It was really bad. Some pet owners advised us to see another vet provided, we get recommendation from Coco's original vet. Another, was the possibility that Coco was already sick when we bought him. Coco stayed with us for about a month. We were very excited because Emo was around. But Coco got terribly sick so they didn't have the time to play together. Kept the 2 dogs apart,  avoiding Emo to get sick too. The 2 dogs are far different from each other. Emo is a loud dog, he loves to run around and he's more playful. Coco barks, but not as loud, he runs but he 'd rather lay down beside his masters.

When Coco passed away, I gave him his pillow. I know that looking at Coco's pillow without him will only break my heart everyday... We never thought that losing a pet was going to be painful like we lost a family member... We went through the very same process, we took a moment of silence and remembered the days this dog made us happy. We grieved.

A friend told us: "That Coco may have been your Papa's (my late father-in-law) Dog from Heaven. He lent you guys Coco to show how much joy a dog can bring. But now, he needs Coco back..."

Our friends know how much we love our dogs. We inspired some of them to get their own Beagles. And it was a touching moment when they sent their comforting messages. It helped us with the healing process.
 Emo is my husband's gift for me... Emo is a new phase in our lives.
We learned a lot from Coco.  I've moved-on with Emo. Like Coco, Emo is a pleasant dog. He amuses us, he makes me laugh by going after his own tail... Emo is a total angel.

To end, let me share a photograph I found online. I'm using it as my desktop wallpaper. Remember, when I shared that I'ved wondered how Coco will look like once all grown up? this photo also answered my thoughts on how Emo will also look.
Well, this image made me smile today... What do you know... we were given a chance to see the future of our Beagles. It's like Coco and Emo still  together...

Hey, It's Us!

23 March 2011

I just wanna treasure this picture. Even though we're not dressed in our most decent clothing, I want to remember this photograph because in 3 or maybe 4 months this, I just got to say, it's the only picture of me and my husband together in a photo. Not that we haven't been hanging out, we've been together all the time even with work in- between. When we get so in touch with our moments together as a family, everything else around us just fades away. My cameras been very useful  for my food blog but for personal use, they've  been laying in it's lair for the longest time ever recorded.
This was taken at BGC (Bonifacio Global City). We met up with some friends and it was nice of them to take a picture of us. It's a relaxing picture to look at. Not much borloloy (accessories), the wind was very cool for a warm, sunny, summer afternoon. Shorts, flip flops, flats, and loose shirts. It is going to be an amazing summer. Chill!
Speaking of Summer, here's a preview of our upcoming getaway:
The Cruzs will invade the beautiful, historical land of Baler, Aurora!

The Soul Of Epic Films

08 March 2011

Why do I love Epic Films... The beauty of epic movies aside from the core of the story, is the moving factor we get that can be applied in real life. From an ordinary script to a scroll of  inspirational words. From a famous actor to a struggling individual delivering the other side that makes up an extraordinary life.

To name more of my favorite films:
Shawshank Redemption
The Prestige
Legends of the Fall
Empire of the Sun
Big Fish
The Green Mile
Schindler’s List
Interview With The Vampire (an epic for me)
A story centered on a heroic mission dealing with majestic adversities and achieving goals of unusual fulfillment filled with hope and dignity.

Majestic Adversities... it may sound and look that these 2 words obviously clash. But if you're going to think about it over and over again, such thing can exist. Adversities considered as morale  boosters that pushes and inspires man to go beyond his limit with his passion to help and to make a difference by breaking a certain barrier that nobody has done before.
Energy and persistence conquer all things. - Benjamin Franklin-

Life's Small Gifts

07 March 2011

Living each day as it is and definitely, to the fullest... Life is what we make it.

A good night sleep,
A smile from a love one,
The innocent cry of an infant
Your child greets you good morning everyday
A pleasant hello from a total stranger,
A hug from a friend,
A pat on the back from a co-worker,
Laughter shared while having a good meal,
The scent of freshly brewed coffee,
An old lady crossing the street,
The tricks on driving an old car to help you get to work on time,
Being able to listen to an old favorite love song,
Chewing on your favorite candy,
Disappointments that makes us smarter
Moral support for a person in need,
Basket of fresh laundry with your favorite shirt at the bottom,
Your favorite shops on sale! 
Breaking Free, detachtment 
Marshmallows for breakfast
Blue Skies and windy afternoons
The relaxing sound of ocean waves
Dreaming and Reminiscing

Lifes Purpose
Lifes Purpose - Quotes - Pictures

Much Needed Short Break

02 March 2011

Let me put it this way, speaking of the word "much" March is going to be a busy month for me and my family. It already started last week that's why I wasn't able to make posts and even declined ads. Summer is here, we're preparing for activities with friends and families and of course, I find it healthy to skip a bit of what I do regularly. Blogging is an interest of mine that I consider as the most flexible. So far, it has been a smooth year for me in the blogosphere. Meaning: less pressure. Usually, I make it a point to post something at least once a day. Now, whenever I feel like it, that's the time I start doing something with my websites. 

Going back,  the 3rd month of the year is going to be spent with friends. Aside from our summer prep, we've been onto something big for the family. It's going to be huge and  definitely, a very exciting one. I will be dedicating my time for the next 2 months with my family and friends. 

Personally, I also have something for myself too. Can't wait for my much awaited make-over.