Installing Stairs On A Deck

26 August 2016

When it comes to building stairs that go on a deck, you probably don't give a lot of thought into what they look like as long as the color of the steps matches that of the deck's surface. You can learn how to build a deck by reading information online or by hiring a contractor to help complete the work.

Before you start the building process, you need to make a plan of how you want the steps to look and how many steps you want to include from the floor of the deck to the ground. You should also think about how many people will be using the steps. If you plan on entertaining, then you might want to consider wider steps so that more than one person can stand on them at a time. If the deck has a simple design without a lot of additions, then you should consider steps that are of the same plain design. When you look at how to build stairs for a deck, you also need ot think about whether you plan on adding other details, such as a rail or a cover.

When you get the materials to make the steps, it's best to get something that is weather proof as you don't want the wood to splinter. You should also think about staining the steps, as well as the deck, so that you have a uniform appearance. The height of the steps might need to be adjusted once you start to place the pieces of wood depending on how much space you want to see between each one. Something to think about is that small children and pets can easily get underneath the steps if there is a wide space.

The risers should be placed first. These are the sides of the stairs. You want to make sure you have a sturdy base for the sides as this is what will hold each step. Cut each step so that it securely fits between each end of the riser. Measurements should be exact as you don't want steps that are too short or too long. It is sometimes best to attach the steps to one riser before adding the riser on the opposite side so that each step is the same length.


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Oops! I think that's exactly what we do, as long as the color of the steps matches the deck's surface..

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