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12 August 2016

I've been on break for about 2 months now. At some point I knew that I'll eventually make an update for my blogs. Just in case, you can still reach me thru email for both my sites. I check most of the time, it's just the posts that are limited because I'm on vacation with my family.

As much as possible I want to make our vacation stress free and enjoyable. It's our first to travel as a bunch, we poured so much time and money in this so yes, I/ we wanna make the most of it. For the location we're at and in which I thought of saving as a surprise, here it is:

We've been here in the United States since June. We went to several states for the past 2 months, Florida, Georgia, S&N Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. If you're going to look at the map, we basically traveled almost the whole of east coast and we just drove from one state to another.

I chose NYC to represent this travel  because of it's iconic reputation that greatly represents the United States. It was our main goal to be in New York and it gave us the most memorable experience on this vacation.

It was the middle of summer, but at the time of our long walks and exploration it did not feel hot and sticky, everything was pretty cool. It's like Philippine weather during the 'ber' moths minus the humidity, with clear skies, plus a much cooler breeze would blow once in awhile as we go around. For me, it was just right to enjoy the city.

Our travel to NYC was very important to all of us especially to my eldest son. The reason to reach NYC was to fulfill one of my son's dreams and we were able to give it.  Both our boys are happy, we're happy and fulfilled as parents.

Frankie is very fond of tall buildings and other architectural designs. A visit to the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center site and the One World Observatory was his dream. If there's something he'll spend time on online, that is to watch videos about  the said structures or to research on skyscrapers and construction per se.
 View from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building
View from the top of One World Observatory

There's more to tell than just our humble adventure to/ in NYC.

I'll leave you with this for now...

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Jona said...

Nice! I'm sure you enjoyed it :D thanks for dropping by at my blog.