Change A Little Of What We Do

16 July 2015

Note to self:

Yeah, I've been very busy since school began last June. Well, even if we've kinda "officially moved- in", we are still adjusting. I gotta be honest, once I step outside, it's chaos. Traffic is worse, dirt is everywhere, I don't feel secure at all. You see, our country has gotten worse for the past 5 years.

Anyway, I didn't make this post to rant about that, but put everything on top of each other including my daily routine, errands, adjustments and a whirlwind of nonsense going on in the streets, all you get in return is stress.

I am very much into multitasking. For some it's bad, but for me, it's good especially as a stay at home mom. It depends on the outlook of a person. But for some reason, just recently, first time it happened to me, I just gave up.  Well, I got sick.

So again...
It's good to change a little of what we do everyday. It's healthy and makes life less boring. Our new home kinda gave me that vibe. I am thankful to do some changes. At the same time, I am also free to go back to what I'm used to. That's one blessing right over there, I can be anywhere I want to be, I can do anything in my own perfect timing. Life's good.

The Blessing of Our Home

The home blessing added light and positivity to our new home. Our parents were very happy with what we have achieved. Of course, they're so proud of the hard work my husband has poured. It was a dream come true for us as a couple and as  parents. It was a goal we were so focused on. Even if life's a bit hard for most in this country, we are blessed that God graced us with the resources in order to attain this goal--- being able to provide a permanent shelter was one of our dream for our children. 

We had a solemn celebration with our close family. Our good friend Ricky graced us with his presence too. As always, my husband and I are known for small but intimate gatherings. We saw the value in celebrating with just the special people in our lives. Even our officiating priest felt that he was home... He stayed longer than expected and shared a meaningful conversation with us. Through that, we were able to build a certain bond with him. The Parish Church isn't too far, that alone is a gift.

Our home will always be Christ- centered. Our faith binds the relationship between family members. It serves as the light to whatever we take inside from the world outside the walls of our home. 

Now I can say that...
We've now officially moved- in!

Breathing A New Life

Heather Von St. James, a Mesothelioma Cancer Survivor is breathing a new life. Mesothelioma Cancer is an asbestos-related disease. A few months after giving birth to her baby girl, Heather was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer. She didn't give up. Heather and her family sought for medication and made herself aware of the disease. Her attitude towards her medical condition was incredible.

"Don't give up, don't take death sentence as a diagnosis."

Watch and share her story: Heather Von St. James Story

She fought with hope and a positive outlook both in her hands with her PURPOSE deep in her heart and soul. Family in her story, was a factor to her healing. Her family supported her all the way. Adjustments were made but it didn't serve as barrier. Heather won this fight, and her journey as mother, wife, a motivational example and as an inspiration continues.

"We operate from a place of hope and a place of living in the moment" - Heather

Heather's story inspired me to reach out to those undergoing not only challenges on their health and wellness but over-all, life's adversities. After learning about Heather's battle, it taught me to fear nothing and it even pushed me to hang on so tight to my sole purpose in life. Heather's story is proof that there's hope. That we should make ourselves aware. That fear will bring you nowhere. That we shouldn't stop doing what makes us complete. That we should take it one moment at a time and cherish each memory we make every day.

One of my fears as a mother is to pass at an early age. I don't fear death itself, it's really about the "what ifs". What if God suddenly decides to cut my life short. I want to be present and watch my children grow and mature. I want to grow old with the love of my life and both of us will be there for our children, for every milestone they'll make until they're ready to face the world on their own. Even if they're married, I want them to realize that I will always be there for them no matter what... and that's how I see my purpose in life.

Our "purpose in life" is being able to meet the reason what to live for., why we are here. For each day, I always see myself with my family. I look forward to this every single day of my life. It makes me happy, it makes me feel secure and loved.  They're my motivation to open myself and face reality as it is, they're my medicine to fight off negativity and they will always be my inspiration in everything I do.

Our PURPOSE is an instrument that brings out the greatness in each of us. It washes all the negativity away so we can clearly see the path to hope and better living.