Lovely Dresses From Dad and Mom

24 August 2011

One of things I love the most on being pregnant is staying vibrant even with a big tummy. With my first child, I  enjoyed wearing dresses mixing it with sandals and flats. I make sure that I don't look old  by maintaining an easy and soft vibe with the clothes I wear during pregnancy.  
These 2 dresses were given to me for my timely pregnancy. They're not maternity dresses yet they can stretch even for a pregnant woman up to 9 months. The nice part of this entry, both dresses has a story to tell.
  Let me start with this  Dress With A Nautical Design From my Mom. 
Just last month I went out with my mom to accompany her to go shopping. It was a sudden trip to the mall. It just so happen that she has a party to attend to, and I'm dying with boredom being stuck at home. So we took our time, moving from one boutique to another, we browsed through the racks of the department store too. Looking around I came across this dress with black and white stripes on it. I found it adorable, but that time I thought that it might not be wise to buy it for the simple reason that I'm pregnant and I still have 5 months to go before I give birth. So I passed that day. 

At home, while browsing through my favorite fashion magazine, to my surprise I saw a dress similar and it was from Baby Phat , it was gorgeous. I was like: (looking gloomy) "I should have bought the dress and waited until I can finally wear it."  I thought it was already too late for me to go back since there were few stocks left during my last visit.

And when hope was fading away, good news came knocking at my door. My mom bought the dress!!! and in my size too! To make things more wonderful,  it fits me even with my bulging tummy. Like I've mentioned earlier, it is stretchable. At 9 months, I can still wear this dress and especially even after giving birth.

Moving to this Peach Maxi Dress From My Dad
This dress has an extraordinary history. It was given to me first week of April 2011.  I was with my parents when this dress landed on my hands. My parents were out to get new curtains and invited me to come since they'll be shopping near our place. I went and decided to do a little shopping for myself in preparation for our Baler Trip just this recent summer. When I was about to pay, I saw this peach dress inside my basket. I thought, maybe I accidentally placed it to have more choices and in line at the check-out counter was my dad too. I paid for what I bought ( the 2 dresses and 2 swimsuits) and left this peach dress. 

I consider this dress as a sign that something exciting will happen for the next months. You know why? because  when my dad asked me: why are you not getting that dress? I answered: well, I only have budget for 2 dresses. So he told me that he'll treat me, he'll buy the Peach dress for me, that I might need it in the future, maybe a baby might come along the way. And after a month, we found out that I am pregnant. I wasn't able to use this dress when we were in Baler, I guess it was really meant for something more special.

My Dad On His 61st Birthday

23 August 2011

My dad's birthday celebration this year was extraordinary. Usually, he celebrates his birthday with my younger brother (whose birthday is not far off from his), the whole family's complete, and there's a lot of food on the table. This year, my younger brother gave way, to honor our father. He told us that this time, he wants to give the celebration to our dad alone. Simple, extravagant, we never miss out on celebrating our father's birthday. Just over the weekend, we had an advance celebration. His birthday is today (Tuesday), but since it's a weekday, we decided to move the celebration earlier, so that we  can still make him feel that no matter what, we are here to honor him on his special day.
Today, he is  officially 61 years old. I bought his cake and ask for a single blue candle. Everyone then asked, why 1 candle? I said: because from now on, every year, I thought that his birthday should be celebrated like it's his first. Digits will not matter. As long as we are all here, he is here, every birthday is going to be celebrated as if  we are not aging.
Another extraordinary thing that happened during our celebration was the small program my husband prepared. Well, everyone was surprised including me. I wasn't expecting anything from my husband, I know how he loves and respects my father, but this surprising idea topped my dad's birthday celebration. So my husband asked everyone to share their fondest moments with our dad. My mom started, then I followed, my brother, my husband and my sister.  

I remember my dad as a strict father. But now I have my own children to raise, I look back at the things I learned throughout the years when I thought that being "strict" was too much. It all boils down to the fact that all he wanted was for us to grow up as simple human beings, respected and loved by others. When it was my husband's turn to talk, he shared that he saw a lot of my dad in me. Well, being a mother is not easy, I took a lot of things from my father when I got married and started my own family. Discipline, way of living and even on handling money.

As for what I told my dad that evening, I told him that I am very proud to be the daughter of a very respected man. That I know a person, through him who traveled the whole country, the person who has become an educator to his own children when it comes to dealing with life's situations, loops and holes. The person, who taught me to be selfless. The person who showed me the real meaning of hard work. I thanked him for the guidance and never ending love and support that he has given and is still giving my own family. He has always been there for his children. He never left our sides. 

To us (with my brothers and sisters), our parents are the most important inspiration we have in our lives and we thank God for giving them to us.

Therapeutic Effects Of Dogs

17 August 2011

I started to have a pet when I was a teenager. I was taking care of a cat then. Well, here in the Philippines it is considered as a stray cat. But my family was able to keep it clean and healthy. Cats were pretty much around our house when I was younger.  Then I started breeding hamsters, and Cichlids afterwards. I can say that yes, I am a pet person, but of all the pets to have, I never had a dog until I got married. Early this year, my husband thought of buying us a Beagle and we named him Emo.
As we go near Emo's first year with us, we are now thinking of buying a new dog of different breed. It all started when we noticed that as our Beagle's growing, he becomes more playful. And it's sad to see a fine, sweet dog without a dog playmate. At the same time, my son Franky is also showing interest on having a new puppy around. 
My son would often ask us to visit pet stores so he can choose and sometimes, just to have a picture with his preferred pet dog. 
Not that he doesn't like Emo, we all love Emo! But it would really be nice to have another dog around. Now, we understand why some people own 4 or 5 dogs. It's wonderful and therapeutic to watch these creatures play. Aside from the entertainment they bring, pets particularly dogs, if well taken cared of show a huge amount of unconditional love by being sweet and playful. That's what we are enjoying right now with our Beagle Emo. My son Franky,  he found an instant playmate in Emo. And by taking care of Emo, it taught my son how to be more responsible. The gestures of a loving dog is just out of this world. My husband, coming from work releases stress by playing with Emo the moment he enters our front door. Emo knows the time my husband is coming in. It amazes us how they can understand our work and the things we humans do. As for me, being the person who feeds him everyday, well, all I can say is... Emo completes me.

Over the weekend, we dropped by the pet area, same place where we bought Emo and Coco. Somewhat, we officially started browsing for a new pet dog. For me, I would like to get a female, standard sized Beagle as partner for Emo. Franky wants a Labrador and my husband is keeping his eyes on a Basset Hound. If we can only afford to get all 3 dogs. That is, if we also have the space (lol!) Anyway, it will probably take a few more months before we can finally get a new pet.

I was getting deep into this entry when I thought of doing a research, looking for well-studied articles that will explain how pets can be beneficial to us humans. I found one and they shared a great amount of information. It is a good website please check it out: Therapeutic Effects Of Pets

Will This Make You Happy?

16 August 2011

A very simple question, yet meaningful.
Over the weekend my husband was able to hangout with some of his music buddies. And their host for the evening just so happen to have a new set of camera. He showed some pictures, results which his camera can produce. To be exact, his friend owns a Canon EOS 5D and armed with this 16-35mm lens.
To make the long story short, when my husband got home that evening, he told me how pleased he is with the results of the lens. Though we own a lower Canon DSLR body, they told him that with the very same lens, results will still show quality.

Personally, I am already fine with whatever I have. I've let go of Photography since last year. I just had to face the fact that I don't have the time for it anymore. I didn't see the point of upgrading my kit since I can't focus on it 100%.

But if my husband will ask me this: "Baby, if I get you that 16-35mm Canon lens, will I make you happier?"  But of course, it will make me happy. I answered my husband: " I am going to be the happiest wife if you get me that lens".

I've detach myself to something I thought was for me... but come to think again, there's nothing wrong if we will have fun putting more color in every picture and memory in store for us.

Milestones of Motherhood---Proud To Become The Mother of 2 Boys

15 August 2011

That's right, we just found out over the weekend that our next baby is going to be a boy. 
Excited? very much! 
Baby Clip Art
Baby Clip Art
Throughout the time raising my eldest son Franky, I would always have conversations with my husband, some relatives and friends with what I personally want if given a chance to have a second child or even a third or a fourth. I'll be honest, I want a girl. Well, most of the ladies in the family including my mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters and my aunties wanted a girl for us. I think it's just our motherly and over-all, our girly instincts thinking that having a girl means that it's our turn for some bonding time with our daughters. But boy or girl, they're both gifts from God. I'm happy.

Besides, I'm pretty much into the role of being a "firm mom" to my eldest son right now. I can be soft at times, but when it comes to discipline and guiding my son/ children, I can be hard as a rock. 
Boys, they have a different mind setting. It's true that they should be trained well from the moment they start talking, especially when we all know that our sons are bound to lead their own families someday. I don't want my boys to stray away from being responsible men. "I must" teach my boys to be respectful of others. "I must" because it is clearly my obligation as a parent to show my children the right path not only to success but most importantly on being a good person.

I haven't experienced raising my 2 boys both at the same time. But  in a few months, yes, it is going to be a different scenario for me and my husband. I know that with the strong partnership, love and the passion on raising a family I share with my husband, everything is going to be just smooth.

"No earthly joys could bring more pleasure,
Than a little child to love and treasure.

We put our fate and our lives in the hands of The Almighty.
Everything, are intrusted In His Time...

11 August 2011

Posting will resume next week.
Thanks for dropping by and
have a blessed day!
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Blame It On The Rain

04 August 2011

So I'm stuck here at home with the rain pouring like there's no tomorrow and I have a baby to sing a song to... 

What do I do? 
Well... it's Magic Sing time!

My dear friends, don't blame it on me, if it started raining hard just a few days ago... It's not because of my horrible voice. It's the poor weather forecasting and of course, the ever reliable excuse--- that we cannot predict mother nature.

Even now on a sunny day, the singing continues!
Smiley Face

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Learning At Home

02 August 2011

It's been year since I had myself all conditioned to join a photography class. But as I get closer to my targeted dates, time won't permit with added tasks that I need to work on at home. I really wanted to pursue and widen my knowledge in photography. For the past 3 years, since I bought my DSLR, it's been a goal to take my interest in this field to a higher level. For the mean time, I have been joining various forums and subscribed in different photography lessons online. Staying at home shouldn't be hindrance to whatever you want to learn or whatever you want to achieve in life. I must say, that I am very for the internet, because Online Courses are now available everywhere.
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Credit Management

01 August 2011

Just the other day, I was having a talk with my husband regarding our finances. At least within a week we sit and discuss our financial statements, it's a weekly monitoring we're doing. With the baby on it's way, we want to make sure that everything is on the right track. 

Personally, my main concern is to have a good credit background. Even if I stay at home 24/7, my husband entrusted me on handling the financial aspect of what we get by with everyday. Like utilities, groceries, school needs, allowances and savings. Handling these things is a big responsibility. Yes, I do stay at home but I still pay the bank a visit and I make sure that all of our expenses are being monitored and recorded properly.

Keeping a bad credit record is a big mistake nowadays. And most of the time, because of work or because of a full schedule the person concerned may end up being not aware of it until it all piles up. But if you're going to think about it, monitoring of our records is a major task that needs to be consistent, credit report tips are available even online in order to keep track of what we have. Credit report tips also includes free credit report scores . It's as simple as making a quick click and immediately, you will be able to get tips and the chance to understand how to keep a clean credit record by managing it well.