Fulfilled Dream 2015

06 January 2016

How's everybody? and yes I'm back. 2015 has been a year of surprises and our focus went around our new home.

Early last year, my family and I welcomed 2015 with some good news, an early move- in at the new 2 bedroom condo we just bought. The official turn over was expected late in 2015, but God works wonders and we got our condo almost a year ahead of the original time. Throughout the year, my husband and I worked on the interior. Every 3 months since the final build- out, we add something new. And we're so proud that we  met our deadline on time. Exactly 2 weeks before 2015 ended, we were able to finish everything. 

During the 3rd quarter of 2015, our new home was featured in a write- up by Rappler. Yes, they went to our condo interviewed my husband and took photos of our humble home. A few weeks after, another group came and did a photo shoot with the whole family, interviewed us and of course took images of our condo, again. I will not mention names behind this production, but definitely our page is in one of AyalaLand's magazines--- which was Ayala's early Christmas gift to the family.

Early? because a week before Christmas, we were handed copies of the said magazine. Our family and our home was first to be featured. This I have to say, the spread gave great emphasis on how we gave our new home a personal touch. We are very happy with the write up. It's quite different from the rest, especially the story and reason behind this move we made on getting our own home and why we chose AyalaLand. It's a fulfilled dream because we designed the interior. The cut of our unit is exactly what we wanted. Location wise, it's in the middle of everything, it's a "prime property" at the heart of Quezon City. Everything we wanted for our dream home, we were able to achieve.

Family, Faith, Set Priorities, Dreams, Hard Work and Sacrifice are the key words. At this time of crisis our country is undergoing, most of us think that acquiring such property will only remain a dream. I thought of that too, because there's just my husband working for the family. As parents and as partners, we'll have to put our foot down at some point and say, let's do this! Those key words, are the things we hold on to even up to now. Nothing is impossible, it's up to you or it's up to us when and how to make these dreams and goals happen.

Thankful. 2015 started and ended right. As we enter a new year, we're set to have new goals and life improvements. Change will always be there and we need to embrace it and let ourselves explore what life has to offer. Take risks, always be good to others and fear will not haunt you and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

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