Sunday Was Monsters vs Aliens Night

30 March 2009

It was quite a lazy sunday for us. After going to church in the morning, we went home to get some sleep again. It's a good thing that my son was having that same mood too. From Friday until Saturday, I got busy with various activities and appointments. Pedia appointment in the morning, groceries in the afternoon, photo shoot in the evening and a family reunion the following day. Sunday night, we went with our instincts, I was so damn lazy to prepare dinner, had to eat out, and decided to watch a Family movie.
Everyone was raving about this 3D movie. Gateway Cineplex was the movie house to be. After buying our tickets (Php271), went to Starbucks to wait for the time, and to relax some more. Bought some burritos from Taco Bell and went inside with our 3D glasses. It's movie time!
By the way, the glasses are not for free, how I wish.
Monsters vs. Aliens is a computer animated film, 3-D feature film from Dream Works and Paramount Pictures. This is the first computer animated movie produced in real 3-D instead of converting the film into 3-D after it is finished.-source-

A meteorite that contained an element called Quantonium hits Susan Murphy that turned her into a giant monster. She was taken to a secret government compound where she met a group of monsters taken from other encounters over the years. Far away from earth, an Alien (Gallaxhar voiced by: Rainn Wilson) was after this Quantonium to make a new world of his own. Using one of his Alien Bots, he was able to track the Quantonium inside Susan Murphy (aka Ginormica). With the US government all pushed to the edge, they had no choice but to use the monsters against the aliens.

Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie), a mad scientist turned himself into a cockroach hybrid, BOB (Seth Rogen), the gelatinous, mass brought to life in an experiment gone wrong, The Missing Link (Will Arnett), Lizard- Man from the Black Lagoon event, and the humongous-sized mutant larvae Insectosauru. Including, Susan Murphy (aka Ginormica).
It was a fun movie :D Considering that it was also my first 3D experience and my son's too. The price was a good Php 271, we got free popcorns. You guys should watch it with your kids, they'll love it.
-all photos from google images-

I'm Setting Up A Portrait Studio!

And my dad is funding everything. I can see that he is pouring all the time and support to something he was very passionate about. Note: was very passionate about. It's not that he doesn't like it anymore. It's reality speaking, he has work, he's getting old and he has other plans for the future.
So now, that I have the medium and the interest, he thought why not do it again .This time, through his daughter. I have been very much into portraits since I got my DSLR. Even with a digital camera, most of the time, I take snapshots of people, friends and families. It's one of the best subjects around that will not require so much time and money.

This Studio project? If you think that it is going to be a waste of money and time, since I have no background. This is how we do things...Believe me, anything that will make us smile and happy. Besides, there's not a day within the week that we don't take pictures. By the way, my mom is a commercial model before, and my sister studied modeling in Abs-Cbn. They need to update their portfolios too. Right now, I am holding 2 portfolios of my sister Ella, 1 with our cousins. And just recently my sister Les, who had hers made.
These photos are made with resources I have at home. Lamp shades, a black cloth for the background, hair and make-up by moi, the smiles by her (Les). I had to ask her to hold one of the lamps for some effect. And out of 50 pictures, I was only able to choose, 10 good ones. It was a bit frustrating after the shoot. 10 out of 50? But putting into mind the words of Rene Salta... I thought, I just need to practice some more and maximize every equipment used and search for better angles.

I am no photographer wanna-be. It just so happen, that I am very much into taking pictures and the fact that I own a camera. Why not right? And to be honest, I also wanted a portfolio for myself. I was looking for a new head shot to go with my sites, I can't find a new one. Nothing for me.

Me Time: The Family Man

25 March 2009

Tuesday Night was another chance for some Me Time again. My husband was still at work, my son slept early, a good meal of Pork Afritada, Corn Kernels, Hot Jasmine Rice and The Family Man waiting for me to start.

I went through old piles of original VCDs the other day. Boy we had a lot. Since Dvds costs so much then, VCDs were the next best thing..

Same picture to be shown, not as clear unlike with a DVD and it goes with the trouble of changing the disc after the other. I didn't mind, I was caught between watching Blast From The Past or The Family Man. Clearly both Family movies are great, might as well go with the more serious one first.
The Family Man was shown in 2000. It was one of the nicest movies of Nicolas Cage. Jack Campbell, a successful businessman, was happily living his life. Single, rich, successful, what will a man want on Christmas Eve/Day, but to nail a big time deal as Christmas gift for himself. Christmas night, he decided to take a walk home.
Passed by a shop for some eggnogs, encountered a life changing experience that led him waking up with a new life the following day.

He's married to Kate, lives in New Jersey and has two kids. Kate played by Téa Leoni was the old girlfriend whom he left for London. Kate wanted a normal life with Jack, but he chose a different path that ended their sweet relationship.

Jack was having a hard time understanding the glimpse of his life as a Family Man. Part of it, he was trying to get back his Luxurious life as a single person, which he worked for 13 years. As he went through discovering Family Life, he learned a lot of things. The value of relationships, the happiness that a Family can give that Money can't provide, and of course, the unconditional love.

I was thinking of my husband the whole time while watching the movie. I am grateful for the life I have now. With my family...
This was a great movie. I'm buying the DVD :D

Inspirations: The Virtuous Woman

24 March 2009

Inspirations from My Personal Promise Bible...

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Proverbs 31:10-31 NIV

May God Give You The Best Of Everything, Everyday...

I'm A Mother; I'm A Wife

23 March 2009

My big THANKS to Eds of Eds Mommy Life and Nisha of Nisha’s World and Baby Alisha

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~ Parenting Style ~

1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child’s / children’s behavior?
Yes! I make sure that my son knows that "I'm The Boss"

2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them?
No, I'm not expecting 100% from my son. He's going to be a big boy soon.He was created to be a different person. He's free to do whatever he pleases. It's our job as parents to lead and guide our children towards the path to goodness.

3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules?
I am very open for discussions. I weigh things through that.

4. Do you reprimand?

5. Do you use spanking for punishment?

6. Do you use some kind of a reward System for motivation?
Yes, but in a very healthy way and purpose. It motivates the child to do better all the time.

7. Do you enjoy being a Parent?
Of course, who doesn't! It made me appreciate life more, and my bond with my husband, became stronger than ever.

8. Are you a hands-on Parent or do you have a full-time Nanny?
I am a hands-on parent. My husband and I agreed for me to stay at home full-time. We don't trust (100%) anybody else aside from family, to handle our kid or kids.

9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself?
Now! He can make simple decisions already. We let him decide on simple situations, like getting caught between 2 toys.

10.Do you and your Husband have the same Parenting Style?
Nope. We meet in the middle, when it comes to discipline.

~ Wife Style ~

7. How long have you been married?
5 years

8. How do you feel about being a Wife?
I feel very, very special. I feel like a child, with all the love and care I get from my husband.

9. What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married?
Still the same from my usual. Pajamas and socks.

10. How do you show how appreciative you are of your Husband?
I thank him all the time...whether he gives me something of none. I say I Love You as much as I want to.

11. What do you do when your Husband annoys you?
I surprise him with a prank. I don't get mad that easily, like seriously. In the end, we'll be caught laughing at each other.

12. You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife….
Yes, we are in the process of planning, gathering more info. Plus, we're not in a hurry, we want it to be perfect. Something to be preserved for our children and grandchildren.

13. How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
Depends on what day? Monday---stuff around from a weekend activity. Tuesday---Laundry, Wedenesday---I have dry clothing piled up somewhere (for folding) Thursday---the whole place is free from clutter, but not from my son's toys, Friday---definitely, my husband will come home to a well-organized and clean home.

14. How do you feel about running a household?
Like a QUEEN! :D

15. What is the sweetest gift you have given your Husband so far?
I think his Bubble Footspa Massager. That's 100% pampering, which Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani can't give. :D

I am tagging all the Moms and Wives!

A Woman's Tale---“Blog to the world; Blog for you and me”

19 March 2009

I decided to use this title because it best describes me as a person. And most of all, as the Blogger I am today. My journey as a blogger is basically compose of my travel from being a first time mom aiming, to become a fulfilled parent.
I became interested to blog in 2004. I was reading celebrity blogs then. I found it fun and exciting looking at pictures and reading stories about them. Putting myself at the author's position, it is indeed something to look forward to everyday.
From then, I got stuck with reading somebody else's blog. I got too busy establishing family life . And it wasn't very easy. I had to put my interests at the bottom of my priority list. But then, we were able to get through all the trials and tough times together. Maybe that's why I got married to him...we were meant to help each other...With blogging as my new passion in life, his support is just amazingly overwhelming!

My story starts here:

I may have started late creating my own zen in the blogosphere, but my stories will remain . I gotta hand it to a friend, she was the one who led me, in a way, inspired me to blog.
I knew this person since we were kids. She moved to another country. From there, she told her stories through her blog in Multiply. It was very inviting. Until I finally felt the excitement, the unexplained feeling on sharing my own stories.

And so I started with Multiply too...My first successful site was entitled One Woman’s Tale . It was the only site that made it for 1 year.

While at it, I decided to create a Blogger site, just for the sake of trying something new. And I must admit, it's more fun than Multiply. The wave of sites is longer. It's more interactive and the opportunity for discovery and learning is wider. With what I am enjoying, definitely, SWEET NOTHINGS will turn 1 this year :D

My blog entries goes around my Personal and Family Life. The sad moments I have encountered, the happy times I spent with family and friends, the places and events that have captured our interests. A Woman's Tale is said to be my life's journey through the hardships, laughter, love and to finally finding the true meaning of happiness. This is in search of happiness for every good deed done, for every story that has been told and for every experience made.

Part of this, lessons are also learned. The person whom I have mentioned who "inspired" me, was also the individual who added spice and conflict to my blogging life. There came a moment that our point of views didn't meet, and I eventually gave up. I must admit, I viewed my life as something that is close to perfect. It was a situation to think about...I had to let go. And once in awhile in life, we need something hot in- between. It was the challenge that made my blogging journey a bit complicated. I faced it, I conquered.

Letting go made everything better, not perfect. I was always at my best. It was finally a chance to breath some more of that fresh air. It became my moment to come out of my shell.

Of course, if you lose someone, you gain more in return. I found a new home for a new site here on Blogger. I was able to expand my wings as a mom-writer, met new friends, moms like no other. It was breathtaking! I can never find another place like this, where people can be so friendly and thoughtful. I kept my friendship with those Mom Bloggers. As a matter of fact, one of them gave me the link to Lainy’s Blog Contest. Thanks to Chris of The Mommy Journey! These people inspire me. My everyday is incomplete without them, and I am very happy to serve as an inspiration to these guys too.


I noticed that I have been using this word a lot. Two of the no. 1 inspirations in life, is my faith and my family. Without something to believe in, and a reason serving also as a purpose, it's hard for a person to move- on. There should be someone and something that will stand as a good example, as a life motivator and again as an Inspiration...I have my faith to hold onto and my family...
To live as my life's purpose

Meet The Husband


My husband is a very private person. He asked me not to share too much of him on my blogs and sites. If you noticed, I seldom make posts with our family pictures. I think it's okay. In a way, there's this part of my life that remains a mystery.

One of my daily activities with my other half, is going online with him on YM. He's in the office and I'm at home.

We just talk, and of course we want to see each other. It's so fun chatting with him. He literally tells me stories about the latest activities at their workplace, on what's keeping him busy, I ask him if he had lunch already and where he ate.

Yesterday, he talked to me, made fun of this halloween mask.

I don't know if I'll get scared or if I'll feel so-yucky about it, or if I'll get angry. Anyway, it's one of those moments when he is in the mood for some teasing. It's a good thing he's not anywhere near... it will scare the hell out of me.

I Have A Visa---Just Waiting For The Right Time

17 March 2009

Just to clear things for those people who knew that I applied for a Visa last year. And who thought that our trip didn't push because I got denied. Well, I have a Visa, all 3 of us have Visas. For my husband, he got his first Visa when he was still a kid (if I'm not mistaken).

We're suppose to fly over to Atlanta Georgia late fall of last year. But due to more important reason/s...we decided to cancel it. We're just taking everything one at a time. We have more serious things to ponder on right here, in our Mother home. Like education, housing and health.

a hint of our destination

the backyard of our second home

I just realized that we were blessed to have options available at this time of crisis. That it brought so much good for the past 6 months, since we decided not to go. We made the right decision. Although, it also brought disappointment for some, who 's been expecting us...but we know they'll truly understand and see the lighter side of things.

Of Plates, Pans And A Confusing Weekend

16 March 2009

I don't like it! I really hate it, everytime I break something nice . This evening, I broke another Corelle. Yup! its breakable, and I think, this was my 5th breakage. And last Saturday, I burned a Tefal pan handle. And I can't afford to add another one on my list. These kitchen wares are so valuable here in the Philippines. You will find Tefal pans literally, "chained" on every rack, in every store, and I simply don't understand why. And of course the lovely and dashing looks of the light-weight Corelle plates, dishes and cups. They're expensive, but it will turn out to be very economical. It's up to the user to keep them safe and functional. I need to be extra careful, it will take a lot of bucks to replace each.

My mind was just everywhere this weekend. I really don't have anything in particular planned. I'm the kind of person who set things ahead, to avoid total chaos and confusion. I wanted to go shopping, but something inside was pulling away from everything. I ended up buying my boys new slippers and a cardboard playhouse for my son, Saturday.

Sunday, I still had a hard time figuring out what to do, I went to visit my hometown instead, and helped my dad do some gardening. It was still a productive weekend, to be fair. Not to forget that Friday, we had the car checked until early Saturday.

Or I was thinking, maybe I'm just pressured to finish some tasks before the Holy Week begins. (and that's in 2 weeks) Like getting my Driver's License (old story), enrolling my son for summer school and to be able to register the car on time. Well, these are pretty good reasons. I just pray, that after everything is all settled and done, I could take a vacation with my family somewhere, or some me-time to destress.

Why Not Buy A New Car?

14 March 2009

Many have asked...why are we spending so much on a 1994 Honda Civic. When, with the the total amount of expenses, we can purchase a brand new or a nicer second hand car. This Honda Civic I'm talking about was my FIL's car. Its the sentimental value we're after. And we are going to preserve it any way possible.

Purchasing another car is being considered too. So I can drive without the incovenience of waiting and bothering my husband.

Anyway, the Honda Civics from 1991-1994 are being linked to be the car for all seasons. Just like the box-type Lancer of the 80's and the 196o's VW Beetle. The function, its beauty and form doesn't fade away, and definitely will never let you down. The Honda we have has been with the family for 15 years. And we are very proud to say that it is still functioning very well and running smoothly. Every year, we have a major check -up done. From the engine, the body, the electric connection and accessories needed. Last year, we concentrated on having the internal fixed , having a change oil on time, radiator check-up, breaks, engine support. With the external, changed the seat covers to a new set of leather, new tires and the suspension updated.

And look how cool can this car model go :D

These are just few of the maintenance in order to keep a good car. And since Honda is already known to be sturdy, with this plus a well-maintained vehicle, we spent less than expected. In a few weeks the body work begins...I'm so excited. All I can think of is...this is my FIL's car. It's one of the things he gave us...we must preserve it, in memory of him...

Tips And Tricks On Credit Cards

13 March 2009

An instance I experienced when I moved out of my parents wings, was to own a credit card of my own. It was very hard to choose from a lot of well- known banks, credible for such offers. I did own one. A gold card to be exact. But I gave it up eventually, when the bank started billing me with a membership fee of Php3000 a month. Which was made clear when I applied for it, that it will not be included. From that time on, I made sure to check everything that has something to do with credit cards. Well, this was the source's or the bank's fault. On our part as consumers, we must develop and create a good credit background.
One of the major troubles an individual can get into is having bad credit. Let this Tips For Credit Cards For Bad Credit help. It is advisable to do some research on credit cards, before applying for one. Get a copy of your credit report so you'll know where you will stand and if it is going to be 100% beneficial. Make sure to learn about any annual fees these credit cards. Some charge as well as the interest rate. Find out if the interest rate is fixed or variable.
Upon making a purchase with your credit cards , check monthly statements. That way, you'll be able to pay on time. That will lead to a good credit record.
This way, both parties are safe.

A Cool Summer

12 March 2009

It is a hot--hot--hot summer guys. Here are some tips for protection to make your summer cool:

It is painful, unattractive and can spoil your holiday. Sunburn can double your risk of skin cancer.

Did you know that....

As with sunscreens, sun protection from UVB rays provided by clothing and fabrics is expressed in terms of an SPF rating.
Research on clothing and UVR protection has found that:

One hundred percent (100%) polyester has the highest SPF of all fabrics, providing 2 to 3 times more sun protection that any other fabric.Darker colored clothing has a much higher SPF than light colored clothing (black clothing provides 5 times more protection than white clothing - a white T-shirt has only a 5 SPF rating).Apply at least a SPF 15+ sunscreen to all exposed areas of the skin.Sunscreen should not be relied upon as the only form of sun protection. No sunscreen, no matter how high the factor, can offer 100% protection.Sunscreen should be reapplied liberally every two hours.

When Are Sunnies Useful:
On A Very Hot, Sunny Day
When at the beach or near water.
When outside at high elevations.
Or even participating in snow sports.

A $20 pair of sunglasses can look pretty similar to a $150 pair, so why pay more? The difference is in the technology, which offers more comfort, durability and performance. For around-town wear and while driving, an inexpensive casual pair may be all that you need. But for regular outdoor activities, especially high-impact ones such as cycling, performance glasses are usually well worth the investment.

A hat with a wide brim offers good sun protection for your eyes, ears, face and the back of your neck – areas that are particularly prone to sunburn.
Drink Plenty of Water
Bring an umbrella! (as for my advise hi!hi!hi!)
Foundation Is Out- Moisturizer Is In!

Drooling Over A New Desktop

10 March 2009

Its one of those moments when you wanted and you really needed something badly, but you can't have it. One reason why I went for blog ads because I wanted to buy a new computer. The one I am currently using is just an emergency PC that my husband assembled last year. Assembled from old computer parts, that is.

Our 'super power computer' died on us last year. A deadly virus killed it. Good thing that we have this back up PC. Just in case you're asking, why not use your laptop. Well, that's the point, I only use my laptop as back up too. But for major net surfing. No, no, I don't want to. And its nice to play with a bigger screen right?
This HP set is what I want. My laptop is an HP. We find this brand reliable, flexible and of good quality. Since I stopped making ads, looks like it will take us another year to avail one. I honestly thought I'm done with gadgets and stuff. My favorites games are coming out this year. SIMS3, Diablo3 and Starcraft 2. The requirement or let's say 'specs' for these games are too high compared with the one I have now.

Well, its one of the things that can wait...I'll see what I can do. I hope this new business will come in handy ;)

A New Toy For My Kitchen

09 March 2009

It's not an electric gadget, its not a common thing and definitely not a toy doll. It's a pasta maker! My mom & I are just a few steps away from establishing a successful food business. We're taking it slowly. This weekend, I accompanied her around the metro looking for reliable equipments. It is a very expensive investment. And if it's expensive, everything must be of good quality. Today is going to be our first function. We will be catering an event for a small Cafe in La Salle Dasma. We did some taste testing last week, and the owner loved our every recipe. Today, is the Grand Opening of their Cafe, and we will be providing the feast! I pray for it to go according to what we have envisioned.

My mom and I divided the task into 2. She did the accounting, I gathered all the recipes the client chose. That includes organic dishes. I honestly don't have any idea on how to produce an organic recipe. Thanks to my dad. Like I said on my previous blogs, my dad is a total health buff, he was the one who help us with this.
And since, most of the food on our menu are psta dishes, I never thought that he will also provide us with our own Pasta Maker! It may look complicated, but making your own pasta is fun! I tried it when I was in college. It's an SOP. You know, we make our own pasta and sauce.

I was very happy that he finally bought one. We have been talking about it, but I never thought that he'll really do it.
As much as I wanted to share the procedure and ingredients on making your own dough for the noodles. I can't, its for business. Maybe online we can find something.

For now, I will be practicing on making some again. The rest of the pasta-making procedure is easy, its the dough that matters. Once you get it right, its time to play circle and around withthe pasta maker. From lasagna, angel hair, fettuccine, spaghetti, anything!

Note: Guys and Gal Pals, I 'might' go on a blog break for the next couple of days...I might not be able to drop ECs or leave messages. When I get back, I'll make sure to visit and leave some smiles again :D

Have A Wonderful Week!

Me Time On Wednesday Night

04 March 2009

It has been a very tiring week for me. I did some major cleaning since Monday. Major and general, meaning, every corner and small space we're occupying, must be cleaned up.
It's a good thing I'm free and relieved from the stress of grabbing ads. Or else, its going to be a hectic one. Anyway, all the work I've done for the past 3 days made me super lazy. So I thought, pizza and a nice movie would be great.
The best pizza in town today...Shakey's Grand Slam Pizza! I just love it. The dough is soft and the pizza toppings are fresh. For every order, it comes with a bottle of 1.5 coke and ice. Just right for a perfect Me- time.
My husband will work over-time, my son will go to bed soon. It's going to be just me with this 18 inch temptaion and Mr. Freddie Prinze Jr.

I love this movie. It's one of my favorites. This was shown in 1999. That time Freddie Prinze and Paul Walker (Fast & the Furious lead) were the teeny- bop sensations. Now, Paul Walker has moved on to be a great actor, and Freddie Prinze is happily married to Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy). My husband is not a fan of this kind of movies, so the timing is perfect. Wednesday night, was really meant for some me-time...

Official OST

Kiss me - Sixpence None The Richer
Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grassS
wing, swing, swing the spinning step
You wear those shoes and
I will wear that dress.
Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me.
Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon it's hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map
Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me
Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me

Happy Birthday Killahhhqueen!

03 March 2009

Today, Killahhhqueen turned 1 year!!!


This is my first ever site that turned one year old. Clap!clap!clap! I survived a year without cancelling or deleting anything. Finally.

Multiply served as my Mother home. Sweet Nothings, maybe doing better and is now my main site. I still consider One Woman’s Tale very special. It contains tons of memories with my families and friends compiled in albums.

Music that I love, Links that I find extraordinary and useful and personal blogs that best fits a woman's tale.
"It is a tale of a Mother's journey through hardships, laughter, love and to finally find the true meaning of happiness"
Blogging has become part of my life June 2007. I created my first site in 2005 under Yahoo 360. It didn't work, I was nurturing my son then, who was only 1 year old. I continued with my life as a mother and had a few struggles. We all know that life is going to be different once you start having kids. I thought I was fully prepared. Mentally, I had a tough time detaching myself from the single life I had. My husband helped me go through it. When I found time to finally surf the net 100%. I immediately created an account in Multiply. It just so happen that we just celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary, a great way to start an open letter. I had a lot on my mind. And those wave of thoughts are still coming in. I will never stop, nobody and nothing can stop me from doing something (now) I am very passionate about. It's my only outlet, second or maybe third after my family.
Blogging is literally my online diary. I didn't even know what came to my mind and I started blog advertising. I lost a lot when I started making ads. For each story, an ad covers it up. Well now, everything is back to the way it was. My page rank went down from 3 -0. And I don't want to know why. Now I have a new batch of opportunities to make my sites more personal.
How odd when I mentioned Opportunities :D

Sample Shots---Lessons On Photography

02 March 2009

*This Blog Entry Is A Matter Of Opinion*
Let me first give my gratitude of thanks to Canon Ditigal Cameras. They really wanted everybody to own a DSLR without the reason that SLRs are only for professional use. It made youngsters and picture lovers happy by releasing Canon Rebel XS or the Canon 1000D. This particular camera is now on the top 10 gadget list in 2008, up to the present.

A famous Photographer caught my attention in this photo magazine I'm reading.Rene Salta. The article was entitled: Old Wine in New Bottle. 'Because of automation, some practices have fallen by the wayside. The medium may be different, but the disciplines are the same.'

According to this man, digital or not, its good practice to compose in the viewfinder, to think a photograph through before you shoot.

I found inspiration with his words. Because it is exactly the point I am holding right now, while I'm stuck with a basic camera kit. Maximizing every feature the camera has. Using one's imagination and views before taking the picture. And I felt these were coming as I learn and practice. I may not be as good, my photos may not be as great. But I'm getting there, by acquiring the basic concepts. Suddenly, photography has become a huge deal for me.

Here are some points I learned and some understandings from Rene Salta:

1. Practice. It's through practice that you encounter various problems in different situations.

2. Discipline. Caring for your equipments. It is an expensive investment, so make sure you clean and maintain them.

3. See it in you head first. Many photographers do produce good photographs, but they are those who rely on digital editing to create the image for them.The challenge is having the vision and finding ways to materialize it, using the right equipment and techniques.

4. Know your camera's capabilties. Master all functions. Know its every usage.

5. Produce photos with minimal post processing. Constant practice. Mastering the camera's functions and capabilities will aid you produce an almost perfect shot. Avoid: "I can Photoshop it later".

6. Specialize. You need to establish your style. It's who you will be in photography.

My last photo session was last christmas. My cousin asked if I'm going to edit the pictures. I honestly answered: "I don't use photoshop on my images. I only edit the size and add my signature. The image itself remains. One reason why I wanted an SLR is to improve the quality of my/our photos. And it didn't disappoint me. I am now having a blast taking great pictures. When I was concentrating on a digital camera, I was on photoshop galore! Some are blurry, some are dark, some even looked naked. It was very frustrating. With a DSLR at hand, I am able to preserve the raw image and met the reason why I needed one (which is important). May it be good or bad. It helps me distinguish what to learn and what to improve. With my camera's features I was able to get old-fashioned photographs from my recent family weekend getaway. Taking advantage of the light available and its color effect.

Manlalayag ng Ilog Pasig (Pasig River)

Ang Magkasintahan (Lovers)

Sinaunang Kopya ng Noli Me Tangere(first copy of Noli Me Tangere)

author: Jose Rizal---Philippine National Hero

Sinaunang kopya ng El Filibusterismo (First Copy El Filibusterismo)
author: Jose Rizal -Philippine National Hero
You may not see it my way. I find it nice and cool. It's something different from our usual picture- taking and we are loving every bit of it.

From My Kitchen And Beyond

01 March 2009

from my kitchen and beyond

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I just want to let everybody know that I will changing my Food Blog's title to a shorter one.
Since it's long I find it hard to be recognized. The simpler, the shorter, the better. People will remember.
Same perspectives and goals. All posts are going to be about recipes, sweets, restaurant reviews, health, delicacies and stuff that is related to food. Thank you so much for the visits and drops! Very much appreciated!

Please leave a message if you linked up my food site, so I can add you too. Wink!