Toy Story 3

23 June 2010

After a year of waiting, here I am finally blogging about it. It's been 10 years since the last Toy Story came out. I followed Toy Story since 1996.  When I read about the news that Toy Story 3 is in the making, I got very excited. I bought the dvds for both Toy Story 1 and 2 so that my son can watch it too. Toy Story is the favorite cartoon movie of the family. We love watching it over and over again. And who wouldn't want a Potato Head :)
sweet nothings

sweet nothings

I am not going to make an all out review about Toy Story 3. All I want to share is the big difference it made from the first 2 movies.

A new Story,  A new Adventure and new Toys!

Toy Story 3 left a greater emotional impact to the audience. All kinds of emotions were extracted out of me. And we're talking about a 31 year old adult watching here. I laughed, I giggled, I smiled, I was in awe, I got scared for the toys and I also cried.  Oh and I just love hearing the children laugh. They were very entertained. My son loved it! Laugh your heart out with the Spanish Buzz Lightyear.
My favorite scene from the movie was the last part. I guarantee, the finale will surely melt your heart. I grew up not having a favorite toy. I was a kid of jump ropes , game boards and jack stones. I played a lot outside the house. You see, as a person who had a different  childhood experience,  I was still able to connect with the boy (Andy) and his love for his toys treasuring them as his loyal friends. I cried because I felt the emotional attachment of a teenager to his favorite toy. You see a young man but deep inside,  his heart was still of a little boy. Strings of fond memories he spent with his toys and the joy these toys gave him throughout his childhood.

Just like what Woody would often say. "We're not here to be played with, we're here for Andy when he needs us". It's filling up those tiny spaces in a child's heart, making him happy and jolly all the time.

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Free Best Movies said...

Toy story 3 is retributory as simple as the early two films, and has the aforementioned main end (pass to Andy), but it feels like a untold many maturate and skilled play on the effort of the filmmakers. It was a omniscient pick to set the flick so some life after Toy Story 2, not fitting because it has been that eternal since the wrapper came out, but because it resonates with the audience on a level so some greater than anyone could wait

seth said...

my son enjoyed it too...and he even saud after the movie that the film made him laugh...

Beth said...

I love Toy Story 1, 2 and 5 (khit di ko pa nappanood un 3!) Three of the best Disney Pixar movies! We haven't watched it yet, pero for sure, di namin to palalagpasin :)

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

A friend with 5 yrs old and I w/ kendrick are planning to watch this movie,if anything it's gonna be the first time for both of them to see a 3D movie.