Life In 2 Weeks

23 July 2013

This entry will sum up my activities for the past 2 weeks. I have been terribly sick that's why I wasn't able to post anything. The past weeks were filled with both good and bad, but mostly good news. But hey, life's what you make it right? The #1 reason why I got sick was because of the change of weather. There were times when the sun was up, when it's just plain cloudy and humid, plus the sudden rain fall mostly late in the afternoon. One day, I had to give the umbrella to my son while I secure the car's locks. In other words, I got drenched. 3 days after, I was sneezing and coughing.

In my week of being sick...

My husband took over on bringing and fetching our son to and from school even with his tight schedule at work.

Thank God, none of my kids got sick.
I was still able to cook something delightful on a rainy day, BULALO.
Had our clothes washed at a nearby laundry shop.
It wasn't that bad at first, until I lost my voice for 3 days.

I rested for 4 days. Come weekend, when I was a bit well, my husband took me on a movie date. Remember in my last entry, I was suppose to go on a date with my husband. We were set to watch in Resorts World. But due to my sickly condition, I requested if we could see the movie in a nearby  mall instead.
Movie treat: World War Z!!! For some reason, our quick movie date helped. After the movie, I was already feeling better. In our list, World War Z is one of the much awaited movies for 2013. I like how they summed up the whole book in this movie. Even if they missed on some parts, I still like it!

So after watching a nice movie, the following week, I was able to catch on some episodes of  Modern Family. This series is love for me. It makes a gloomy day bright.  So love it, and I missed so much  since our transfer to our new location last year.

School, work, school, work in between.

When weekend of the following week came and I've fully recovered, our family was out again for another spectacular film, Pacific Rim. My boys went ahead to watch Pacific Rim on IMAX, Sm Aura. I was with my mom and sister then, we were in Sm Megamall.

The following day, my husband took the whole family out for a movie and watched Pacific Rim (his second time).

Shocked and saddened by Cory Monteith's passing.

Aside from our movie trip, we also went around the newly opened Sm Aura. We waited for the rush of people to ease out a bit since it's grand opening.  

Amazing find: Palladium shop.
Then, we ate at YABU's newly opened branch in Sm Aura.
 The kids and the young at heart had a good time in Timezone some Sunday.
Made discoveries and thru those findings, I was able to put up some goals like visiting Aura again when all shops are open, I'd get myself a new pair of Palladium shoes, my last one was still in highschool. Over-all, even if I got sick, I'm always blessed with so much fun activities with my family.

Awesomized With Pacific Rim

18 July 2013

I don't even know how to start this entry. I'm still overwhelmed with what Pacific Rim served us, it's viewers. It went way beyond our expectations. Great work from Guillermo del Toro & Travis Beacham. My husband watched it like, twice already. Our weekend was spent only on Pacific Rim. First was on IMAX SM Aura. Second, was with me and the kids in Greenhills. Two days in a row. If I'll be going for a second, that's going to be his third.
That's how good this movie is. 

Well, I read some reviews from unsatisfied movie goers. But heck with those guys, what's their problem? Do you go see a movie to stress your mind figuring things out your way? No. You sit back, relax and enjoy.

"This movie was made by people who loves monsters and giant robots for people who loves monsters and giant robots."- Guillermo del Toro

Pacific Rim is "the movie" if you want to watch something fun, adventurous, exciting, action-packed. A flick with a touch of reality and with a bit of humor on the side, that involves a "sort of" love development between characters and of course,  robots fighting "monstrous" sea monsters, the Kaiju.

It's an "all-in" movie.
The storyline was straight forward, which I really dig. The relationship of Mako and Raleigh was more of a partnership. They were inspired by each other's thoughts and uniqueness that it brought balance not only to the drift they're both in, but also as individuals. Mako Mori has a distinct representation. I thought that the Japanese actress was a great form of tribute to the Japanese community. I've heard a lot and I read some articles that Pacific Rim was also inspired by Japan's Kaiju movies.  Well, from the robots alone, in a way, you can already connect Voltes- V, Voltron and Gundam. Not that they can transform, but because these are manned robots.

My favorite part of the movie was when the Jaegers were battling multiple Kaijus. Especially the double attack in HongKong with the Gipsy Danger scenes. When Mako took out the sword, thought that was another excellent tribute made.

I also like the fact that the artists, especially the director and writers were able to tap into the human side of creating gigantic robots. Did it ever occur to you the what ifs... in making real robots to fight monsters? How's it going to be?  Pacific Rim, I gotta say, holds the closest answer, The Jaeger Program.
I thought the ending was good enough. I wasn't left hanging. Feels like every question in my mind got a corresponding answer. The soundtrack rocks! with geniuses Ramin Djawadi & Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) I went home satisfied and awesomized!

Throwback Thursday: With My Lolo

My tbt entry for this week is in memory of my late grandfather, Lolo Abdon. Lolo Abdon, is the dad of my mom. Half of my childhood was spent under the roof of my grandparents (mother's side) in Manila. I was the second among the grandchildren. My lolo would always take me out together with my Ate Che and my younger brother.

When my mom is doing something, she would ask my lolo to look after me and my brother. Then, my lolo would walk us to a nearby church, and there, he'd buy us some sweet nuts and candies. After, he'll buy bread and hand it to the person sleeping near the church entrance.
I was very close to my Lolo Abdon. Most of the time, he'd drive me and my brother to school. He makes funny sounds to make us laugh. Sometimes, he'll just carry us place me or my brother on his lap and tell us stories. By the way, my parents met thru my Lolo Abdon.  My dad was my lolo's salesman. One day, my lolo decided to have lunch at home, so he invited my dad to join him, that's when my dad first saw my mom and the rest is history.

He is one of the kindest people I've ever known. I remember my Lolo as a very giving person. Not only to us his grandchildren but also to the people around him. Everybody loves him. That made him  my favorite Lolo. He is an inspiration to me. As a patient person, being compassionate, flexible in situations and his love for family. I had so much happy memories with him that I hold onto and will still do throughout my lifetime.

Grew Up With It, Now I'm Still Playing It... LEGO!

17 July 2013

LEGO is one of the toys I grew up playing with. I shared it with my brothers when we were kids. During our younger days, we only have the basic LEGO blocks/ bricks where we can create and build anything we want. Being a little girl, I would always make a house/  home with small cars. 

Over the weekend, my husband and I took our kids to the newly opened Sm Aura in Taguig City. One of our stops was Toy Kingdom. There weren't much people in SM Aura when we visited, so we basically have the whole toy store to ourselves. My eldest son Frankie, likes to build things. He can make his own buildings/ city which he calls "metro city".
LEGO enhances ones imagination, especially for a child. It's a material that can be used to build the child's path to better learning and bringing their thoughts into life.
During our LEGO experience at Toy Kingdom, we shared the work area with other kids. Each has his/her own set to play with. LEGO bricks were placed in the middle to be shared. At first, I was just watching my son do his thing. Then when my little boy started to grab some pieces, I played along and started putting colors together until I finally came up with a castle- like wall.
Maybe my husband noticed how concentrated I was building. He took our baby from me so I won't have a hard time "daw". Anyway, it was fun. Our boys have LEGO toys but mostly are for creating cars and Duplo for the little one. On our next visit we will get Frankie a set that he can use to build his city. He's going to love it!

She Wants My Life

10 July 2013

It's a bit hard to start this post because I want to share a scenario that happened early this morning with a friend of mine but I can't really share details with respect for the person. I was just told about it. It's nothing new, but I after quite sometime, here I am again sharing my thoughts on how I was able to attain this position in life.

My mommy friends often thinks that what I do everyday is easy. I am typing in this blog of what would I've advised the person involve if I was asked directly.

There are so many things to consider if you want to shift from being a hard working mom to a full- time mother and wife. 

In my case:

From the very beginning, my husband requested me if I can be a full- time mom and wife. That he will work hard to provide for his family and me on the other hand will take care of our family's over-all wellness. I didn't think twice, I automatically said yes with the set up and it naturally flowed in our family.

One of the perks of staying at home full- time is PEACE OF MIND. My husband and I never considered of hiring a helper or someone to look after our kids. The thought of a total stranger in our very own house is a bad idea for us.
Here's the life- changing part. 

I was 25 years old when I got married. I did have a plan for my future and like everyone else, I had so much urge to make it happen. I was out watching bands, smoking and drinking beer, I shopped using my dad's credit card, I was at the highest point of watching over nothing else but myself. All I think about is myself, what's mine, I and me...

The moment I vowed under the sacred bond of marriage, everything changed. There were adjustments and sacrifices made and that includes detachment of what I once was and of what I used to have.

The sacrifices I make everyday is putting my family on top of my priority list. Meaning,  my personal needs and wants will come in last. Financially, I'm broke. I get by with whatever is given to me and I save it. But I don't feel less of a person and so lowly. My husband takes care of me, he is a very good provider.

My work everyday goes around a routine from keeping my boys healthy, safe, happy and loved. To cleaning the house, running errands, doing a man's job when my husband is not around, being the mom and dad at the same time when my husband is working, making difficult decisions, cooking healthy dishes. I can also be a teacher, a nurse, a carpenter, a plumber, a mechanic and a pest controller at times. I'm more resourceful now. Name it, I'll see what I can do to make it work. 

Staying at home 24/7 doesn't imply that I lounge around all the time. My husband and I have other plans such as putting up a food business. Something that will keep us occupied once our kids are all grown up and running their own lives. You see, I still get to work.

Ladies, don't just decide on something on your own if it involves your family especially your children. It may look easy watching me and taking note of what I do, but remember from the moment I got married, I was already conditioned not to work and to undergo extreme adjustments. That's why my so "inspiring" status (which some mommy friends of mine would call), turned out right for me. 

It's always best to talk things with your other half or with whoever is there for you and compromise. I work hand in hand with my husband all the time and I absorb inspirations from my mother who is also full- time housewife. With that, I said yes to the life I have right now because I trust my husband and I know that I can be the best mom and wife to my family.

Inspirations: I Say A Little Prayer For You...

Life In A Week #2

04 July 2013

My week has been fun as always. Filled with the regular things I do, but somewhat, presented with a twist. Last weekend was spent with my loved ones in my hometown. It was raining hard because of a typhoon, but for some reason it didn't matter. Especially on a day raining so hard, most of us would rather stay indoors. As for us, we continued with our visit to my parents' place.

My mom cooked spaghetti and ordered cake.
The kids had a blast playing.
Our dog Emo got a little something from Ella's dog Boo, but he's okay.
Early Sunday, we went to hear mass.
Then we drove around UP Diliman for some fresh air.
Breakfast in one of our favorite restaurants.
Tasted something new from the menu by the way.
Monday was just plain ordinary.
Tuesday morning, I was lining up at a nearby panaderia for some freshly baked pandesal.
Gorceries done for the week.
Spoiled surprise from my husband :D

My brother messaged me of some contest by Dr. Martens. Here's the funny thing, I was preparing my old boots for some buyer when the message came. I'm suppose to sell my shoes so I can buy a new pair. But with the Dr. Martens contest/ open application game, I was inspired by my own entry and decided to keep my old pair and just save for a new one.

To end another colorful week, my husband asked me to go on a date.  A movie and dinner perhaps. Goal: to watch World War Z on the big screen. I finished the book years ago (, I wanna see if the movie is going to be fantastic and if it will meet Max Brooks'. It's been months since we went on a date, will post about it on the next Life In A Week entry.

Have a great weekend everyone! and Happy 4th of July to our families and friends in America!

Throwback Thursday: Nursing

Looks like I'm bringing Throwback Thursday to my blog. Joining TBT is something I look forward to every week. Though I've joined several memes through the years of being a blogger, some I've let go due to lack of time, still 1 meme per week will not do any harm. As a matter of fact, it will add some color to my blog again.

My entry for this week is an image when I studied Nursing. It's my second course in college. I wanted to study again in case I can't find a job months after graduating from my first course. It was a choice between CCA and Nursing school. I ended up in Nursing school  with the promise that my aunt from America will give me a job. During my time (10 years ago), Nursing was at its peak. But then, even with hard work, perseverance and luck, if it's not meant for you, destiny has its ways. My husband proposed to me a year before my graduation. When I got pregnant, I decided not to continue to keep the baby safe because of the risk being exposed to various illnesses if I'm to work in hospitals at the same time.

Most of the students in my batch are aspiring nurses. My friends are nurses here in the Philippines, in America and in Europe. They worked their way to where they are right now. They had years of experience here in the Philippines before they left.
I learned a lot on being a Nursing student. The only difference I have from a regular working nurse is a license. I wasn't able to pursue it but I am very knowledgeable of various medical procedures, medicines, epidemiology of a disease and with great caution and advice from the doctor, it has become helpful to my family in case of emergencies.

The decision I made 10 years ago changed my life... I'm at my best right now. I stay at home to nurture my kids and to be the other half of my husband. Together, we work as a whole to make life extraordinary.

The Dance Project

Before I tell you about this "project", let me share with everyone, that yes, during my younger days. I used to dance. Right now, instead of going to the gym, or getting an exercise equipment, my husband and I invested on a PS3. It has been with us for years now... Dancing is my #1 fitness regimen. I'm not talking about "hardcore dancing" though... just something easy and fun to do everyday to be able to stay fit.
 I have the Michael Jackson Experience, Everybody Dance, Just Dance 3 &4.
Dancing helps me maintain a figure right for my age and my size. I base my regular dancing on the number of songs I'm going to dance in a day not on how many minutes or hours should I dance. For me, I like it that way, since it's fun and it's something I like to do, I don't even notice the time anymore, I just keep on dancing. It will also depend on the moves and the level of difficulty of each.

With this dance project,  I accidentally came across G- Force's Pow Wow. I thought that it's "the dance project" to look into. It's snappy, the moves are accurately done and the performance itself by G-Force is super clean. It's meant to be performed for our Christmas party this year. We thought that it's good to be able to try something extraordinary and yes, we know that it will take a lot of guts. You'll know what I mean once you see the video attached.
My younger sister Les is very much into dancing. She joined several dance contests and trained street dancing under Dance Planet, a dance school supervised by The Manoeuvres. ( She said yes  immediately. I'm still thinking if I'll join her. The only thought for me is that... I might look ridiculous if I'm going to do it. Let's face it, I'm in my mid- 30's, even with a dance background, and with the Move around, my body is not as flexible anymore.  I have very poor  hand and foot coordination.

Anyway, it's easy to decide as time goes by.

This project is such an inspiration. My sister advised me to stick to the Move, it's a good routine so I can slowly warm up my body. I'm looking forward to watching my sister and her group dance to Pow Wow soon. As for me,  I don't really need to dance like the pros, all I have to do is meet my goal everyday. To dance.

Father's Day Celebration at the 2013 Toy Convention

02 July 2013

Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
June, 16, 2013

Like any other Father's Day Celebration, we had an advance feast with my dad eve of Father's Day. This has always been a practice so that my brother and my husband can spend Father's Day with their respective families on the day itself.

Last year's celebration was spent in the 2012 Toy Convention also in SM Megamall. This year, when I found out that it is going to be held at the very same venue and with Father's Day being the last day of the exhibit, my husband decided to take us to the 2013 Toy Convention.
The Toy Convention was the perfect place to spend Father's Day. Knowing my husband who is such a geek, feels like he went to the wonderland for hobbyists, toy collectors, movie and anime fanatics. My husband was in search for a hard- to -find toy. Speed Racer cars.

It was a good place to look for toys to add to our son's car collection. Our son got very excited when he found out about ToyCon.
Some of our friends have booths in this event, we paid them a visit during ToyCon as well. As for me, for this year's event, I looked for small merchandise from the anime series called Sword Art Online. Most of the stuff being sold were costumes.
Lucky, somewhere in the middle of the Megatrade Hall I found Keybie Cafe. I was able to take home a key chain of Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online). And of course, a few from the Coca Cola Collection being sold.
The Toy Convention is also the event for Cosplaying.
Since my husband and I are into costumes too, we got a lot of ideas from the Cosplayers. Especially on where to buy some accessories, cheap and creative ways to come up with a gear. Our son on the other hand, was amused by the Cosplayers since he watched some characters on television. Like Dragon Ball Z and Ralph from the movie Wreck It Ralph.
Before wrapping up our ToyCon experience for 2013, we were graced by the presence of the Cosplay Queen: Alodia Gosiengfiao.

The Toy Convention was a good choice to celebrate Father's Day. The event made the whole celebration special for dads who spent their time with their kids. My boys were able to bond in an extraordinary way as they search for their collectibles in the ocean of toys and by sharing thoughts with their other interests.