A Happy Father & Daughter Relationship

10 June 2016

It was a cloudy Friday morning and I met with my dad at the newly opened Novotel in Cubao, Quezon City. Apparently, my dad booked a 2- night stay at the said hotel and he is giving one night for me and my family, the other goes to my other sibling. Upon check- in, we were welcomed and greeted warmly by the front desk personnel named Michelle. As my dad and I were filling up forms, the both us were also conversing, our usual father and daughter bonding. We make jokes, we talk about funny stuff about each other.  With this, Michelle noticed this warm relationship I share with my dad and even acknowledged that we're blessed to have such wonderful relationship.

My father treats me and my other siblings equally... but we all have our own ways on how to be a good daughter and son to him and our mom.  We don't abuse his kindness and as much as possible, we think of him and our mom first more than ourselves. My dad "was" a strict father. There were times when I would make up lies just to go out or break a curfew... But him being strict and all, I'm thankful for that, because I wouldn't be where I'm at right now, happy and most of all, I have this sense of contentment and peace inside me if it weren't for that  stage in my life .

I carry and apply my parents' life principles with me in my own journey as a parent. At the age of 37, my father continues to teach us, his children life's lessons and he and my mom are our guiding factors on becoming better parents and beings. 

Sabi nga nila, " Habang  nabubuhay kami, we will never stop supporting all of you." We will always be here for our children". Support doesn't have to be always monetary. There's a lot a parent can give to his or her children that money can't buy. It is something that can define us both here on earth and even the afterlife,  that's our values, what people will remember us for.

I'm happy that Michelle noticed this blessing I share with my father and also same with my mom. Again, I'm truly grateful for this gift I share with my parents and siblings. It makes life more colorful each day. For every family gathering or event we look forward to, for the blessing of wisdom that each could share with the rest. For the laughter and tears of joy we share... and the list just goes on and on.

It's my first time to be away from them this long... it's my first time to miss Father's Day...

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