26 February 2016

The first person who introduced me to a beauty salon was my grandmother ( my mom's mom).  Around 9 or 10 years old, I spend summer at my lola's ( grandmother) house. Aside from cooking and making beautiful things in the kitchen, my lola would take me with her at a nearby salon. 

There, she'll have some "me time", from having her hair dyed and permed to cleaning and painting her nails. One afternoon, while having her nails done, she told me: "Chie (my nickname), when you grow up and become a lady, it is important to have "at least" your nails done". "Take it as something that you can reward yourself with "pampering". "Every woman needs to look good, presentable and confident".

I took her words for it. My lola who is 89 years old now, still goes to a salon and have the usual pampering, only, she's accompanied by my younger cousins because she couldn't walk well anymore.  I look up to her... a lot.  As I grew up from being a teenager to a full adult, I "at least" have my nails done. If I can't go to a salon, I do it myself. It feels good to have nice looking nails. I mean, everyday, we interact with people, in any given circumstance, it's best to have clean hands and nails, same goes all the way down to our toes.
With that,  my post today is going to be about my #1 choice when it comes to nail polish. It has been 2 years since I shifted to imported nail enamel. If I'm to have my nails painted most of the time, it's best to apply non- harmful polishes. Here in the Philippines, local brands hasn't improved yet, I mean, from the moment you open the bottle you'll immediately smell the chemicals.

Essie is considered to be a non- toxic nail polish brand. Web MD Is your nail polish toxic? 

Not only it will keep my nails healthy, but Essie has the cutest shades I've ever seen. My sister-in-law was the one who introduced me to Essie. I've tried other imported brands like Orly, Revlon, Wet n Wild etc. but so far, for me, Essie has the most adorable line to offer. I often see their collection from Lucky magazine. Recently, my sister-in-law sent me a couple of pictures while shopping for some nail polish. Just great, I really love every bit of it, if I can only have it all.
This was my first set of Essie. I don't wear pink nail polish but when I tried these, it's beautiful.
The spring and winter collection offers the colors I'm very fond of. It's a good set to have. A base coat was bought separately. I do a lot of cooking and baking so I live with short nails. But long or short, Essie can make my nails and hand look girly and more feminine even after working on loads of detergent and cleaning liquids in the house.

Essie Flowerista
Spring Collection
Essie Cashmere Matte: Comfy in Cashmere

Essie Cashmere Matte: All Eyes on Nudes

My interest with anything matte started by seeing some clips and images on Instagram. Matte brings a sort of "cool option" when it comes to lipsticks and nail polishes. It's a must- have. My younger sister was pretty ahead of me when she got a matte top coat. If not a matte nail polish, we use the matte top coat on any nail polish we like and it's fantastic.

This is not a paid post.

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