A Little of Everything Bag

27 January 2016

Now I can say that I've officially graduated from carrying a "mommy bag" as my everyday bag.  As a mom, there are times when I need to bring 2 bags: 1 for the baby/ kid and of course 1 for myself. As the child grows, we lessen the things we tote around (so far based on my experience). If you have kids maybe you can understand where I'm coming from. For the past 8 years, all I invested on are tote bags that can work as my personal, travel and an all- around bag.

It's just recently when I was able to fully utilize my purses. My youngest is such an adorable kid and wants to bring his own little backpack. So for quite sometime now I'm enjoying holding a small bag/ purse. Since I'm used to having my hands free, I go for at least a body bag or a messenger.

My so- called purse contains a little of everything I need: Pressed powder with a thin casing, chubby stick, a small hand sanitizer, a small "all- over" color stick and a tiny bottle of my favorite perfume. 

This is my "everyday bag".

If you can still recall, I even posted about my Vanity Kit  and why I like mine totesbig. There, you will see the things I used to bring in my everyday bag. From an iPad, sunglasses, a separate wallet and a coin purse, wipes and even a bottle of baby cologne. Compare it now,  yes there's a huge difference. With this new transition, I've excluded the iPad and my iPod Touch since the iPhone, I have a zippy wallet for all bills, coins and card, my son carries his own wipes and baby cologne in his sweet backpack, and I've replaced my vanity kit with "a little of everything" I need.

It's a big load off my shoulders and I believe that the simpler it is, the more we can maximize our energy and time. Over- all, whatever bag you choose to carry, it is most important that you are comfortable, happy and confident. 

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