The Trip Worth Waiting For

20 April 2016

How can travel define a person? I guess it depends on his/ her dreams, goals and of course, the travel companion. There were times when my husband would tell me to proceed and explore new places even without him. You see, my husband's work requires a great deal of his time as a global manager for one of the biggest global law firms. He is entitled to go on a certain no. of leaves but his role for this company is very important globally,  it's tough to find that window to go on long vacations. I always tell him, that I will never go anywhere else without him. Since we got married, in everything that we do, it was done with both of us in it. I don't care if it's a trip around the world, for as long as it's not with him and my children, a trip will never be as fun and memorable. My family is my life, and they make it sweeter.

It has been 12 years... 12 years full of love, laughter, unforgettable moments and learnings. My husband and I went through a decade filled with discoveries that nurtured our relationship even more. We waited and waited... true enough in God's perfect timing everything was easy.

Finally, we have arrived at the moment when we get to try  something new and different not just as individuals but as a family. We're about to fulfill another dream... the dream to travel as a family. I'm very happy that our 12th wedding anniversary is going to be extra special, definitely outside the country. Months away from the busy life we have here in the Philippines is surely worth waiting for and  it took us 6 months to prepare.

Travel does wonders to each of us, regardless of location and how it's spent. Near or far, travel makes us better beings, it pulls out our greatest strengths and fears and it brings us to a certain high where all we can think about is to explore and be limitless.

A new experience, a path to discovery and awareness. The most important for me is the impact of this whole new event to my children. My kids are at a stage where they like to discover and recreate, it's the perfect moment to make those thoughts come to life right before their very eyes.

As to where we are going? Let me hold that as a surprise...

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