I'm A Mother; I'm A Wife

23 March 2009

My big THANKS to Eds of Eds Mommy Life and Nisha of Nisha’s World and Baby Alisha

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~ Parenting Style ~

1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child’s / children’s behavior?
Yes! I make sure that my son knows that "I'm The Boss"

2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them?
No, I'm not expecting 100% from my son. He's going to be a big boy soon.He was created to be a different person. He's free to do whatever he pleases. It's our job as parents to lead and guide our children towards the path to goodness.

3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules?
I am very open for discussions. I weigh things through that.

4. Do you reprimand?

5. Do you use spanking for punishment?

6. Do you use some kind of a reward System for motivation?
Yes, but in a very healthy way and purpose. It motivates the child to do better all the time.

7. Do you enjoy being a Parent?
Of course, who doesn't! It made me appreciate life more, and my bond with my husband, became stronger than ever.

8. Are you a hands-on Parent or do you have a full-time Nanny?
I am a hands-on parent. My husband and I agreed for me to stay at home full-time. We don't trust (100%) anybody else aside from family, to handle our kid or kids.

9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself?
Now! He can make simple decisions already. We let him decide on simple situations, like getting caught between 2 toys.

10.Do you and your Husband have the same Parenting Style?
Nope. We meet in the middle, when it comes to discipline.

~ Wife Style ~

7. How long have you been married?
5 years

8. How do you feel about being a Wife?
I feel very, very special. I feel like a child, with all the love and care I get from my husband.

9. What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married?
Still the same from my usual. Pajamas and socks.

10. How do you show how appreciative you are of your Husband?
I thank him all the time...whether he gives me something of none. I say I Love You as much as I want to.

11. What do you do when your Husband annoys you?
I surprise him with a prank. I don't get mad that easily, like seriously. In the end, we'll be caught laughing at each other.

12. You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife….
Yes, we are in the process of planning, gathering more info. Plus, we're not in a hurry, we want it to be perfect. Something to be preserved for our children and grandchildren.

13. How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
Depends on what day? Monday---stuff around from a weekend activity. Tuesday---Laundry, Wedenesday---I have dry clothing piled up somewhere (for folding) Thursday---the whole place is free from clutter, but not from my son's toys, Friday---definitely, my husband will come home to a well-organized and clean home.

14. How do you feel about running a household?
Like a QUEEN! :D

15. What is the sweetest gift you have given your Husband so far?
I think his Bubble Footspa Massager. That's 100% pampering, which Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani can't give. :D

I am tagging all the Moms and Wives!


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