Happy Birthday Killahhhqueen!

03 March 2009

Today, Killahhhqueen turned 1 year!!!


This is my first ever site that turned one year old. Clap!clap!clap! I survived a year without cancelling or deleting anything. Finally.

Multiply served as my Mother home. Sweet Nothings, maybe doing better and is now my main site. I still consider One Woman’s Tale very special. It contains tons of memories with my families and friends compiled in albums.

Music that I love, Links that I find extraordinary and useful and personal blogs that best fits a woman's tale.
"It is a tale of a Mother's journey through hardships, laughter, love and to finally find the true meaning of happiness"
Blogging has become part of my life June 2007. I created my first site in 2005 under Yahoo 360. It didn't work, I was nurturing my son then, who was only 1 year old. I continued with my life as a mother and had a few struggles. We all know that life is going to be different once you start having kids. I thought I was fully prepared. Mentally, I had a tough time detaching myself from the single life I had. My husband helped me go through it. When I found time to finally surf the net 100%. I immediately created an account in Multiply. It just so happen that we just celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary, a great way to start an open letter. I had a lot on my mind. And those wave of thoughts are still coming in. I will never stop, nobody and nothing can stop me from doing something (now) I am very passionate about. It's my only outlet, second or maybe third after my family.
Blogging is literally my online diary. I didn't even know what came to my mind and I started blog advertising. I lost a lot when I started making ads. For each story, an ad covers it up. Well now, everything is back to the way it was. My page rank went down from 3 -0. And I don't want to know why. Now I have a new batch of opportunities to make my sites more personal.
How odd when I mentioned Opportunities :D


fedhz said...

Hi, Mommy Ench! Congrats on your killahhqueen multiply account. I have an account there too but I don't know how to set it up. hehehe

I love your writings. I am one of your fans so please don't get tired of sharing your lovely stories to us.

I used to own diaries during highschool too. A friend told me to set up an account in Xanga, and tried blogging... I think that was way back 2004.

Boyfriend wanted me to learn web programming/designing (as this is his passion) so he was the one who urged me to buy my own domain. But I love writing more than "programming". hehe

congrats again! ^^

NovaS said...

May you inspired more and motivates to write informative entry here....

happy blog anniversary...


Veronica Lee said...

I'm looking forward to more visits to your fab site. I found your blog via EC.

niko said...

happy birthday to ur multiply site dear!!!

am sorry to hear you lost ur pr.. been there, felt that. i dnt know why it is sobrang nakakasad. :) to think na PR we dont live for them naman hehehe. oi am just making u laugh ha!

i lost mine noon nung active ang aking paid posts. later wla na kong oppss so retain si PR pero no moolah nmn for me.

parang mas maganda na nga wla PR pero may moolah ang paypal right? :)

kahit anu pa yan ench, dito lang ako.. lagi nagbabasa sau! :) wink wink

ingat lagi!

Chris said...

hey enchie! congratulations ha... :)

just letting you know, i am still here, visiting your site daily... i really enjoy your writings :D

Enchie said...

Thanks so much ladies. You inspire me too. And I'm actually happy for not getting any ads lately. mAs less ang stress LOL.

kittykat said...

Hi..my first time to comment here..

btw happy anniversary to your blog..

will add you in my fave site okay..

will visit more often from now on..tc

Elizabeth said...

hi Ench, i told you before that magp-paid advertising cum blogging na din ako right? pero I stopped di ba? I still have opps but I ddn't do them. I'm just not that into it. I don't know why.

Even if I lost my PR and got it again, I don't think I would do paid ad actively. I'll post about this so you'll knw the reason na din. :)

congrats to your Multiply. meron din ako niyan pero puro graphic design jobs ko, I'm planning to put up one too for my personal effects, hehehe.

do continue inspiring us with your posts, i love visiting you here! ingat!

pehpot said...

Hi Mommy Enchie, congrats on yuor multiply.. I will add you up there..
I also started blogging in multiply then I learned that I can earn through blogging.. kaya nag gawa ako ng blog, but now I enjoy personal blogging na rin..

same with you.. multiply ang nanay ko hihi.

Make or Break

EastCoastLife said...

Happy 1st year birthday! Congrats for coming so far! :)

girlforallstatus/cherry said...

hi enchie. congratulations. it surprises me still how i manage to pull off having more than one blog and like you, one blog of mine just turned one year last feb. =)

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, Enchie!

Grabe, ako naman it's my 2nd year blogversary. what a coincidence.

Happy Birthday to your multiply account. Many fruitful years to come.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Congrats on the success, Hope I make it that long!