A Cool Summer

12 March 2009

It is a hot--hot--hot summer guys. Here are some tips for protection to make your summer cool:

It is painful, unattractive and can spoil your holiday. Sunburn can double your risk of skin cancer.

Did you know that....

As with sunscreens, sun protection from UVB rays provided by clothing and fabrics is expressed in terms of an SPF rating.
Research on clothing and UVR protection has found that:

One hundred percent (100%) polyester has the highest SPF of all fabrics, providing 2 to 3 times more sun protection that any other fabric.Darker colored clothing has a much higher SPF than light colored clothing (black clothing provides 5 times more protection than white clothing - a white T-shirt has only a 5 SPF rating).Apply at least a SPF 15+ sunscreen to all exposed areas of the skin.Sunscreen should not be relied upon as the only form of sun protection. No sunscreen, no matter how high the factor, can offer 100% protection.Sunscreen should be reapplied liberally every two hours.

When Are Sunnies Useful:
On A Very Hot, Sunny Day
When at the beach or near water.
When outside at high elevations.
Or even participating in snow sports.

A $20 pair of sunglasses can look pretty similar to a $150 pair, so why pay more? The difference is in the technology, which offers more comfort, durability and performance. For around-town wear and while driving, an inexpensive casual pair may be all that you need. But for regular outdoor activities, especially high-impact ones such as cycling, performance glasses are usually well worth the investment.

A hat with a wide brim offers good sun protection for your eyes, ears, face and the back of your neck – areas that are particularly prone to sunburn.
Drink Plenty of Water
Bring an umbrella! (as for my advise hi!hi!hi!)
Foundation Is Out- Moisturizer Is In!

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