Why Not Buy A New Car?

14 March 2009

Many have asked...why are we spending so much on a 1994 Honda Civic. When, with the the total amount of expenses, we can purchase a brand new or a nicer second hand car. This Honda Civic I'm talking about was my FIL's car. Its the sentimental value we're after. And we are going to preserve it any way possible.

Purchasing another car is being considered too. So I can drive without the incovenience of waiting and bothering my husband.

Anyway, the Honda Civics from 1991-1994 are being linked to be the car for all seasons. Just like the box-type Lancer of the 80's and the 196o's VW Beetle. The function, its beauty and form doesn't fade away, and definitely will never let you down. The Honda we have has been with the family for 15 years. And we are very proud to say that it is still functioning very well and running smoothly. Every year, we have a major check -up done. From the engine, the body, the electric connection and accessories needed. Last year, we concentrated on having the internal fixed , having a change oil on time, radiator check-up, breaks, engine support. With the external, changed the seat covers to a new set of leather, new tires and the suspension updated.

And look how cool can this car model go :D

These are just few of the maintenance in order to keep a good car. And since Honda is already known to be sturdy, with this plus a well-maintained vehicle, we spent less than expected. In a few weeks the body work begins...I'm so excited. All I can think of is...this is my FIL's car. It's one of the things he gave us...we must preserve it, in memory of him...


pehpot said...

sentimental talaga when it comes to car.. sabi din ng hubby ko if ever (gasp!) na makabili ulit kame (another gasp) aalagaan pa rin nya ung kotse na una nya nabili..

actually naloka sa hubby after nya marinig na ang gusto nung panganay nya PS100.. ayaw nya daw PS3 kailangan PS100 LOL

Make or Break

deejay said...

it looks like a brand new car...thats the worth of it in taking care of the things you love.

Ebie said...

You are not alone. I still have my '93 Honda Accord, as a spare car. It has serves its purpose. The last job done was replace the original alternator. Yes, like yours, mine has sentimental reasons.