Meet The Husband

19 March 2009


My husband is a very private person. He asked me not to share too much of him on my blogs and sites. If you noticed, I seldom make posts with our family pictures. I think it's okay. In a way, there's this part of my life that remains a mystery.

One of my daily activities with my other half, is going online with him on YM. He's in the office and I'm at home.

We just talk, and of course we want to see each other. It's so fun chatting with him. He literally tells me stories about the latest activities at their workplace, on what's keeping him busy, I ask him if he had lunch already and where he ate.

Yesterday, he talked to me, made fun of this halloween mask.

I don't know if I'll get scared or if I'll feel so-yucky about it, or if I'll get angry. Anyway, it's one of those moments when he is in the mood for some teasing. It's a good thing he's not anywhere near... it will scare the hell out of me.


pehpot said...

oh how sweet..

LOL on your comment.. I can't bake.. tamad pa ako mag aral..

I am on plurk na join ka na! LOL

hubby and I ganyan din. and sometimes kahit dito sa bahay.. nung nasa kwarto pa namin PC. we chat.. dito sya sa baba ako sa kwarto.. weird no? LOL

Make or Break

MsRay said...

Your hubby rocks! LOL!!

Jona said...

hahaha! ang sweet naman ni mr. cruz. sweet ba ito?
but i wish my hubby could have this kind of leisure when at work. we chat too sometimes, hehe!
thanks you liked my new hair :)

fedhz said...

yikes.. you should have said warning to all faint hearted.. buti na lang hindi ako sumigaw. actually katabi ko baby ko while looking at your post. NR sya. lol

san ba nagwowork si hubby? what time sya uwi?

thanks sa comment ha, mommy. lagi ka talagang dumadaan sa site ko. yaan mo, i'll put your banner on my site. pati kay peh. kase most of the time, kayo lang 2 commenters ko hahaha!

@peh: haha! it's not weird. sus, lalu naman kame ni boyfriend. nasa loob lang kame ng kwarto pero chat lang. kase lagi sya naka-headfones. at ayaw nyang tanggalin un unless important talaga. kaya chat lang kame magusap. sya nga lang din kausap ko lage online eh. hehe!

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Enchie! Thanks for swinging by my blog. Yeah! I would love to read your entry for the contest. I feel excited reading my fellow blogger's experiences in blogging. I will be waiting for your submission...

See yah!