A Woman's Tale---“Blog to the world; Blog for you and me”

19 March 2009

I decided to use this title because it best describes me as a person. And most of all, as the Blogger I am today. My journey as a blogger is basically compose of my travel from being a first time mom aiming, to become a fulfilled parent.
I became interested to blog in 2004. I was reading celebrity blogs then. I found it fun and exciting looking at pictures and reading stories about them. Putting myself at the author's position, it is indeed something to look forward to everyday.
From then, I got stuck with reading somebody else's blog. I got too busy establishing family life . And it wasn't very easy. I had to put my interests at the bottom of my priority list. But then, we were able to get through all the trials and tough times together. Maybe that's why I got married to him...we were meant to help each other...With blogging as my new passion in life, his support is just amazingly overwhelming!

My story starts here:

I may have started late creating my own zen in the blogosphere, but my stories will remain . I gotta hand it to a friend, she was the one who led me, in a way, inspired me to blog.
I knew this person since we were kids. She moved to another country. From there, she told her stories through her blog in Multiply. It was very inviting. Until I finally felt the excitement, the unexplained feeling on sharing my own stories.

And so I started with Multiply too...My first successful site was entitled One Woman’s Tale . It was the only site that made it for 1 year.

While at it, I decided to create a Blogger site, just for the sake of trying something new. And I must admit, it's more fun than Multiply. The wave of sites is longer. It's more interactive and the opportunity for discovery and learning is wider. With what I am enjoying, definitely, SWEET NOTHINGS will turn 1 this year :D

My blog entries goes around my Personal and Family Life. The sad moments I have encountered, the happy times I spent with family and friends, the places and events that have captured our interests. A Woman's Tale is said to be my life's journey through the hardships, laughter, love and to finally finding the true meaning of happiness. This is in search of happiness for every good deed done, for every story that has been told and for every experience made.

Part of this, lessons are also learned. The person whom I have mentioned who "inspired" me, was also the individual who added spice and conflict to my blogging life. There came a moment that our point of views didn't meet, and I eventually gave up. I must admit, I viewed my life as something that is close to perfect. It was a situation to think about...I had to let go. And once in awhile in life, we need something hot in- between. It was the challenge that made my blogging journey a bit complicated. I faced it, I conquered.

Letting go made everything better, not perfect. I was always at my best. It was finally a chance to breath some more of that fresh air. It became my moment to come out of my shell.

Of course, if you lose someone, you gain more in return. I found a new home for a new site here on Blogger. I was able to expand my wings as a mom-writer, met new friends, moms like no other. It was breathtaking! I can never find another place like this, where people can be so friendly and thoughtful. I kept my friendship with those Mom Bloggers. As a matter of fact, one of them gave me the link to Lainy’s Blog Contest. Thanks to Chris of The Mommy Journey! These people inspire me. My everyday is incomplete without them, and I am very happy to serve as an inspiration to these guys too.


I noticed that I have been using this word a lot. Two of the no. 1 inspirations in life, is my faith and my family. Without something to believe in, and a reason serving also as a purpose, it's hard for a person to move- on. There should be someone and something that will stand as a good example, as a life motivator and again as an Inspiration...I have my faith to hold onto and my family...
To live as my life's purpose


FickleMinded said...

got to check that contest, great way to share a personal story. By the way I have another Award/Tag for you. grab it whenever you have extra time.Thanks!

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Enchie! I enjoyed reading your blogging tale. Thanks for your participation. You are officially IN for the competition. Until the casting of votes on April 1!



Chris said...

nice post enchie! :)

and you are most welcome... i am really glad to have met you online too...

Ebie said...

What a wonderful and inspirational story. And, now I am able to see the face behind the mask. Good luck and more power to your endeavors.

sparkzspot said...

Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

fedhz said...

Mommy ench! I think I would love to join this contest, I'll find the time. ^^

By the way, the link to Lainy's blog contest has double // kaya it won't work kapag ni click. ^^

I'm really curious what happened between you and your friend. I'm glad you're open to new friendships because I'm really happy to have known you! ^^

fedhz said...

Mommy Ench! I joined the contest too! hehe

Jona said...

i voted for you already. hope you win!