Sunday Was Monsters vs Aliens Night

30 March 2009

It was quite a lazy sunday for us. After going to church in the morning, we went home to get some sleep again. It's a good thing that my son was having that same mood too. From Friday until Saturday, I got busy with various activities and appointments. Pedia appointment in the morning, groceries in the afternoon, photo shoot in the evening and a family reunion the following day. Sunday night, we went with our instincts, I was so damn lazy to prepare dinner, had to eat out, and decided to watch a Family movie.
Everyone was raving about this 3D movie. Gateway Cineplex was the movie house to be. After buying our tickets (Php271), went to Starbucks to wait for the time, and to relax some more. Bought some burritos from Taco Bell and went inside with our 3D glasses. It's movie time!
By the way, the glasses are not for free, how I wish.
Monsters vs. Aliens is a computer animated film, 3-D feature film from Dream Works and Paramount Pictures. This is the first computer animated movie produced in real 3-D instead of converting the film into 3-D after it is finished.-source-

A meteorite that contained an element called Quantonium hits Susan Murphy that turned her into a giant monster. She was taken to a secret government compound where she met a group of monsters taken from other encounters over the years. Far away from earth, an Alien (Gallaxhar voiced by: Rainn Wilson) was after this Quantonium to make a new world of his own. Using one of his Alien Bots, he was able to track the Quantonium inside Susan Murphy (aka Ginormica). With the US government all pushed to the edge, they had no choice but to use the monsters against the aliens.

Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie), a mad scientist turned himself into a cockroach hybrid, BOB (Seth Rogen), the gelatinous, mass brought to life in an experiment gone wrong, The Missing Link (Will Arnett), Lizard- Man from the Black Lagoon event, and the humongous-sized mutant larvae Insectosauru. Including, Susan Murphy (aka Ginormica).
It was a fun movie :D Considering that it was also my first 3D experience and my son's too. The price was a good Php 271, we got free popcorns. You guys should watch it with your kids, they'll love it.
-all photos from google images-


mommy jac said...

I can't wait to watch this Monsters vs. Aliens. I love the castings like "Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland". nice post Enchie thanks for dropping by...

pehpot said...

ay i want! kaso paano naman si chico huhu

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Lynn said...

That was a jampacked weekend. I can't wait to see Monsters vs Aliens in full, with my daughter.

mommy jac said...

hi Enchie nice to meet you I'm Jac since you are not yet in my blogroll wanna exlinks?

liza said...

Hey Mommy Enchie! I really think magkapitbahay lang tayo hahaha. ;)

kittykat said...

We were suppose to watch this today Mommy Enchie..I have seen the trailer..I am big cartoon lover..

btw thanks for the advice on the DSLR ha..I could use a lot of help specially from pros like you..I'm a newbie..

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

My daughter went to see this movie over the weekend with a friend. She really enjoyed it.


Shu Fen said...

hey! first time dropping by! :D

i loved the movie too xD

keep up the good work! :]

Michelle said...

I want to see this too. I've been looking forward to it. It got great reviews. I think we are going to take the little one to see it in the next few weeks. Thanks for the review.