Of Plates, Pans And A Confusing Weekend

16 March 2009

I don't like it! I really hate it, everytime I break something nice . This evening, I broke another Corelle. Yup! its breakable, and I think, this was my 5th breakage. And last Saturday, I burned a Tefal pan handle. And I can't afford to add another one on my list. These kitchen wares are so valuable here in the Philippines. You will find Tefal pans literally, "chained" on every rack, in every store, and I simply don't understand why. And of course the lovely and dashing looks of the light-weight Corelle plates, dishes and cups. They're expensive, but it will turn out to be very economical. It's up to the user to keep them safe and functional. I need to be extra careful, it will take a lot of bucks to replace each.

My mind was just everywhere this weekend. I really don't have anything in particular planned. I'm the kind of person who set things ahead, to avoid total chaos and confusion. I wanted to go shopping, but something inside was pulling away from everything. I ended up buying my boys new slippers and a cardboard playhouse for my son, Saturday.

Sunday, I still had a hard time figuring out what to do, I went to visit my hometown instead, and helped my dad do some gardening. It was still a productive weekend, to be fair. Not to forget that Friday, we had the car checked until early Saturday.

Or I was thinking, maybe I'm just pressured to finish some tasks before the Holy Week begins. (and that's in 2 weeks) Like getting my Driver's License (old story), enrolling my son for summer school and to be able to register the car on time. Well, these are pretty good reasons. I just pray, that after everything is all settled and done, I could take a vacation with my family somewhere, or some me-time to destress.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a vacation is exactly what you need. It's been 4 years since our last vacation. I sure could use one. Don't feel bad. I'm always dropping my kitchen wear and breaking something.

Mira said...

I use inexpensive dinnerware sets from Ikea for everyday use so I won't feel as bad when they get chipped in the dishwasher. I guess breakage is just part of the 'trade' being in the kitchen. Though I don't remember the last time I break anything in the kitchen, my little tot though broke a glass 2 days in a row. Anyway, I hope you get all your plans done and get some time to relax as well. Have a great week.

liza said...

naku ako rin ang dami ko nang nabasag at nasira. minsan talaga I have this "off day" when I can't do everything right. ganun siguro talaga, ang mahal pa naman ng tefal!

Enchie said...

Hi Moms! Yeah, a cheaper set of plates will do. I was thinking that the breaking is going to be done by my little boy. Instead, it was me who's doing it LOL

Tetcha said...

I guess what this all boils down to is you really need a break. In our house, because our little boy plays with everything he lays his hands on, we use cheap plates, bowls, etc. Never mind if they get broken or chipped. It will be easier to replace them. When my son gets a little bit older, that's the time we'll replace what we have with more presentable ones.

pehpot said...

Mommy Enchie maybe you need a little more time to blog.. haha loko lang.. ang sabi kase ng hubby ko pag natataranta ako or wala ako sa loob ko.. na mi miss ko daw ang blog ko..

anyways, I hope your Ok now..

(breakable pala ang correlle *gasp!*)

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