Sample Shots---Lessons On Photography

02 March 2009

*This Blog Entry Is A Matter Of Opinion*
Let me first give my gratitude of thanks to Canon Ditigal Cameras. They really wanted everybody to own a DSLR without the reason that SLRs are only for professional use. It made youngsters and picture lovers happy by releasing Canon Rebel XS or the Canon 1000D. This particular camera is now on the top 10 gadget list in 2008, up to the present.

A famous Photographer caught my attention in this photo magazine I'm reading.Rene Salta. The article was entitled: Old Wine in New Bottle. 'Because of automation, some practices have fallen by the wayside. The medium may be different, but the disciplines are the same.'

According to this man, digital or not, its good practice to compose in the viewfinder, to think a photograph through before you shoot.

I found inspiration with his words. Because it is exactly the point I am holding right now, while I'm stuck with a basic camera kit. Maximizing every feature the camera has. Using one's imagination and views before taking the picture. And I felt these were coming as I learn and practice. I may not be as good, my photos may not be as great. But I'm getting there, by acquiring the basic concepts. Suddenly, photography has become a huge deal for me.

Here are some points I learned and some understandings from Rene Salta:

1. Practice. It's through practice that you encounter various problems in different situations.

2. Discipline. Caring for your equipments. It is an expensive investment, so make sure you clean and maintain them.

3. See it in you head first. Many photographers do produce good photographs, but they are those who rely on digital editing to create the image for them.The challenge is having the vision and finding ways to materialize it, using the right equipment and techniques.

4. Know your camera's capabilties. Master all functions. Know its every usage.

5. Produce photos with minimal post processing. Constant practice. Mastering the camera's functions and capabilities will aid you produce an almost perfect shot. Avoid: "I can Photoshop it later".

6. Specialize. You need to establish your style. It's who you will be in photography.

My last photo session was last christmas. My cousin asked if I'm going to edit the pictures. I honestly answered: "I don't use photoshop on my images. I only edit the size and add my signature. The image itself remains. One reason why I wanted an SLR is to improve the quality of my/our photos. And it didn't disappoint me. I am now having a blast taking great pictures. When I was concentrating on a digital camera, I was on photoshop galore! Some are blurry, some are dark, some even looked naked. It was very frustrating. With a DSLR at hand, I am able to preserve the raw image and met the reason why I needed one (which is important). May it be good or bad. It helps me distinguish what to learn and what to improve. With my camera's features I was able to get old-fashioned photographs from my recent family weekend getaway. Taking advantage of the light available and its color effect.

Manlalayag ng Ilog Pasig (Pasig River)

Ang Magkasintahan (Lovers)

Sinaunang Kopya ng Noli Me Tangere(first copy of Noli Me Tangere)

author: Jose Rizal---Philippine National Hero

Sinaunang kopya ng El Filibusterismo (First Copy El Filibusterismo)
author: Jose Rizal -Philippine National Hero
You may not see it my way. I find it nice and cool. It's something different from our usual picture- taking and we are loving every bit of it.


Umma said...

We have the Nikon D50 but we seldom use it because its kind of heavy and bulky for me bring outside.. but it takes good pictures though.

We are stuck with the thin one which is easy to bring along and just throw inside the purse hahaha

pehpot said...

This is very nice and helpful. I am using Nikon D60 and still clueless about it and yet I am enjoying it na.. what more pa pag talagang kabisado ko na.. thanks for this info :)

Make or Break

maxi said...

i love the photos you've taken. the light is not destroying the beauty of it as you were able to use just the right amount of light to keep the photos' beauty. good job!

i am trying to develop my talent in photography, too. i love it actually. my boyfriend bought me a Canon EOS D400 in october 2008 and i love using it. i still need to practice though just like what you mentioned in one of your tips.

thanks and have a great day!

fedhz said...

galing galing talaga ni Mommy! pangarap din namin magka-DSLR. hehe

Babette@ One at a Time said...

Nice photos Enchie! I'm also learning how to use my Canon. There's a lot of info to digest but like you said, it's easier to learn in doing.

Vera said...

Great tips! I bought an old manual SLR (Nikon FM) a few months ago but have not been able to practice as much as I want to on it. It's like my starter camera before I commit to a DSLR (because I can't afford one). I found though, that doing Project 365 have encouraged me to improve using my Kodak point and shoot.

Have fun in more photos! :)

Ebie said...

Good tips. Practice makes perfect. I am reinventing my love of photography. I love all the pictures you took.

Enchie said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the wonderful messages,. And I hope this entry will us develop more :)

Marites said...

Am thinking of buying Canon DSLR since months back and this post somehow helps me :) and reinforce my decision to buy one. Thinking of Canon EOS 450d.

EastCoastLife said...

I bought a new camera last month but it was not a Canon. They have several competitors. :)

Jona said...

someday i'm going to achieve great photos like you have in here hehehe:) i'm practicing photography with Nikon D40. i would want to really have lots of time to practice.
thanks for sharing these great insights.
i'm feeling better now. thanks for the message by the way.