Tips And Tricks On Credit Cards

13 March 2009

An instance I experienced when I moved out of my parents wings, was to own a credit card of my own. It was very hard to choose from a lot of well- known banks, credible for such offers. I did own one. A gold card to be exact. But I gave it up eventually, when the bank started billing me with a membership fee of Php3000 a month. Which was made clear when I applied for it, that it will not be included. From that time on, I made sure to check everything that has something to do with credit cards. Well, this was the source's or the bank's fault. On our part as consumers, we must develop and create a good credit background.
One of the major troubles an individual can get into is having bad credit. Let this Tips For Credit Cards For Bad Credit help. It is advisable to do some research on credit cards, before applying for one. Get a copy of your credit report so you'll know where you will stand and if it is going to be 100% beneficial. Make sure to learn about any annual fees these credit cards. Some charge as well as the interest rate. Find out if the interest rate is fixed or variable.
Upon making a purchase with your credit cards , check monthly statements. That way, you'll be able to pay on time. That will lead to a good credit record.
This way, both parties are safe.


pehpot said...

I want MJ's op hehe

Have a great weekends Mommy Ench..

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FickleMinded said...

I learned abt a credit card a hard way, it gives you nothing but a headache, now we opt to use debit card instead.

Enchie said...

Yeah I changed it to debit card too...

Ebie said...

Just make sure, you read the fine lines.
BTW, I like the new pink color.

Beng said...

you can easily waived the annual fee if you don't have an outstanding balance...just tell the operator that you're going to cancel your card because of the annual fee. PRONTO! they will waived the annual fees!