Me Time: The Family Man

25 March 2009

Tuesday Night was another chance for some Me Time again. My husband was still at work, my son slept early, a good meal of Pork Afritada, Corn Kernels, Hot Jasmine Rice and The Family Man waiting for me to start.

I went through old piles of original VCDs the other day. Boy we had a lot. Since Dvds costs so much then, VCDs were the next best thing..

Same picture to be shown, not as clear unlike with a DVD and it goes with the trouble of changing the disc after the other. I didn't mind, I was caught between watching Blast From The Past or The Family Man. Clearly both Family movies are great, might as well go with the more serious one first.
The Family Man was shown in 2000. It was one of the nicest movies of Nicolas Cage. Jack Campbell, a successful businessman, was happily living his life. Single, rich, successful, what will a man want on Christmas Eve/Day, but to nail a big time deal as Christmas gift for himself. Christmas night, he decided to take a walk home.
Passed by a shop for some eggnogs, encountered a life changing experience that led him waking up with a new life the following day.

He's married to Kate, lives in New Jersey and has two kids. Kate played by Téa Leoni was the old girlfriend whom he left for London. Kate wanted a normal life with Jack, but he chose a different path that ended their sweet relationship.

Jack was having a hard time understanding the glimpse of his life as a Family Man. Part of it, he was trying to get back his Luxurious life as a single person, which he worked for 13 years. As he went through discovering Family Life, he learned a lot of things. The value of relationships, the happiness that a Family can give that Money can't provide, and of course, the unconditional love.

I was thinking of my husband the whole time while watching the movie. I am grateful for the life I have now. With my family...
This was a great movie. I'm buying the DVD :D


Rob said...

I agree The Family Man is one of my favorite movies by Nicolas Cage. Might need to pick up a copy myself. That's for this post.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

DebbieDana said...

Husband and I watched it couple of times and we never get tired of it! We both loved the movie, it's really for the entire family!

Shu Fen said...

wow! thanks for the great review! :D must catch it myself xD

shydub said...

Ive seen this movie many times and I love it.
Btw, I made the post of that mommy and wifey things and got question ench, how to get the master list like the one you place in your post. Where to get it or I'll just have to copy your master list hehehe. Naive and confuse here mommy hehehe

Jes said...

sigh...naalala ko yan...yan ang first movie na pinanuod nmin towgether ng hubby ko hehehe =)