A Mother's Heart Reflects God's Compassion

09 February 2009

Here I am supposedly on a blog break.
As I was doing my motherly meditation, I came across a passage. Still familiar with My Personal Promise Bible ? For sometime, I stopped sharing some good words online. But I never took a break in real life. This Promise Bible my Mother gave me replaced every book I planned to buy for my past time. Instead of occupying myself with other stories, I meditate on a passage. Mostly applies on how a Mother reflects God's love.
And today, I landed on a page where A Mother's Heart Reflects On God's Compassion. photo
Compassion is a feeling deep within ourselves. And it is also a way of acting of being concern by the suffering of others and moving on their behalf. Most people who overcome me with this feeling are those who are burdened to work hard but they don't get as much in return or nothing at all.  Since it's all hard up now, they agree with whatever their employers will give them. And the OFWs who are always in battle just to provide a good life for their families. The street children who are forced to work. Everytime I see these people, my heart cries. I wish I can do something for them and I always pray for their safety and security.

You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and plenteous in mercy and truth." -Psalm 85:15-

My Mother once told us (her children) that if you think you're poor and deprived from this world, a greater glory awaits you in the kingdom of heaven. These are our Mother's comforting words.  Why did she say that. There came a point in our life as a family when we had nothing. My Father needed to give up his job, that involved moral issues. As kids, we frequently ask questions with what's going on with our lives. Its her motherly instincts talking. She doesn't want us to feel bad, or get confused. And up to now, I look up to those words. It made my own family's life easier. We stopped setting expectations in life we're very contented with what God provides.


SASSY MOM said...

I agree with you, Moms do tend to shelter us. But you know, sometimes it doesn't help ... like what my mom did with my other siblings. Ako lang ata ang nakapagadjust ng mabilis. They had a hard time adjusting to life's realities because mom was always there to cover for the. Now that I am a mom, I let my children know how hard life is so they will cherish and appreciate the things we have.
Thanks for sharing this.

liza said...

Your mom is right, we have to learn to live within our means. My mom always tells us (her children)that. And now that I'm a mom I also try to instill that to my kids.

Marlene said...

There was a time when we had nothing at all when I was younger. But yes, the experience helped to live with what I have now and not crave for more that's out of bounds. Contentment is a sense of being.

Jes said...

have an award for yah!!! =) visit my little angles site =)

EastCoastLife said...

My Mom taught me well, she was strict. Now I'm strict with my son. Teaching kids value is never easy.