Argue With Everyone

20 February 2009

I just recently had my fair share of the government system we have in this country. I am a citizen reaching out to the people responsible to get things working the right way. Especially government offices that handles public transactions. I was mad and pissed-off. I wasted a week just gathering the right requirements and in the end, they'll just say it's not enough. This experience led to an argument or let's say a debate with some people. People who viewed the change of transaction system something positive. Yes, it is clearly an improvement, but an improvement that needs further studying and research.

I didn't bother to argue. There's a right place for this kind of things. An open, free speech zone where you can debate topics.

A political debate forum was made available for this kind of matter. From war-related topics, political agenda, personalities of great influence and simple topics that affect our daily lives. will let you express yourself on whatever issues you feel like discussing. All you have to do is to register.

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GAGAY said...


i wanna try this one te enchie..panget n talaga ng pamamalakad ng phil gov't..i don't even like it...thank u to this one te enchie!