How Did You Spend Your V-Day?

16 February 2009

It's very seldom that my husband & I would celebrate Valentines Day...We often just greet each other, give some hugs and kisses, and that's it. I was thinking, maybe we're just to occupied with establishing the family, that we unconciously set aside "The Love Day". Well, this year was different. We found time to exert a little more to make The Red Day extra special.
My husband intentionally went home late, (spent the whole night in his office) so he could surprise me with these...
He bought breakfast and when I pulled my chair by the dining table, there I saw the red roses, that made everything perfect. I didn't have anything ready for him... but a kiss, a hug and a thank you...also made this year's hearts day lovely.

Him in His Favorite Shirt with his favorite----Mojos

Late in the afternoon, we decided to take my son out. Although, its suppose to be a couple's day, we made it a family day. Of course, we want to celebrate it with our son... We had a quiet stroll around Cubao. Visited the newly renovated AliMall...(you should check the 'ol mall's new look), walked all the way to the Gateway Mall, and went to Rustans. I say, it was indeed one of our more relaxing walks. There were so much people around. Yet, we feel so relaxed and cool. To top the night off, we had dinner in a family restaurant. Had a basket of Mojos, Large Pizza, some Chix n' chips, and the new Parmesan Garlic Fries.
I was very happy to see couples, young and old, having a good time in each other's arms. Making the most of this special day. I was very delighted to see the "guys" buying flowers, stuffed toys and cakes which we all know are gifts for their special someone.
Everybody was just so happy and in love.
On my other site, I dedicated a song for My special someone...I have been listening to OPM lately. And a song from The Company, Now That I Have You best described the overwhelming feeling I have of being with the right man, the one who truly changed me and loved me for who I am...
Now that I have you
Everything just seems so right
Now that I have you I'm alive
You are the song that
I'll beSinging my whole life through
I'm living in a brighter world
Now that I have you...
come and sing along HERE
Hope you had a relaxing weekend...and a Blessed Week to spend.


SASSY MOM said...

How sweet! Me tooo! I didn't expect hubby to give me flowers.
Im glad you enjoyed the day.

Kate said...

Pizza + mojos. Yummy! :-) Happy Valentine's, Ench Mwah!:-)

Chris said...

sounds like you had a great V day :D
my post about my V day is up too!...

have a blessed week!

fedhz said...

hehe, kami rin. lumabas with baby. ^^