Camping Trip In The Making

04 February 2009

In a few weeks we're set to go on a camping trip. We decided to try something new and more adventurous. We found out that my brother-in-law has a nice set of camping gears, and a famous park near our place is offering camping facilities. In a way, I am having seconds thoughts. Just in case, it is going to be my first time. I have no idea on what to expect and experience. Will I enjoy it? I am more fond of nature tripping during the day. I can't imagine how everything will turn out when night falls. It would be nice if we're also equipped with a night vision. To elaborate some more. Night vision is the ability to see in dark places. This was built to help humans see better at night.

Optics Planet holds a great line of goggles, binoculars, and monoculars. Free UPS Shipping on orders over $29.95. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and much more. Optics Planet offers a wide selection of night visions on the net. Now, there's one thing to pray for. With Optics Planet available with just a click away, I hope my husband will agree to buy one to complete our first camping adventure.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun trip. If you like nature and being outside then you'll totally love it. Wish I could take a camping trip too. Thanks for stopping by Enchie. Take care.