Replacing My Cup Of Coffee With Tea

11 February 2009

I have been drinking tea since I was a kid. My family loves it. It has always been part of our diet. I enjoy drinking it, especially Jasmine. But as I aged I discovered a lot more about this magnificent drink.
But I stopped when I started studying Nursing. I was on coffee and cigarette diet then. I had no time to fix myself a warm cup of this refreshing goodness. But now, I don't choose the type of tea that I drink. As long as it's the real one. I also make iced tea using the very same traditional health tea we know. How To? will post it on my food blog soon ;D
Taste good cold. You can also add milk and sugar. From the usual tea cup, I upgraded it to a full coffee cup. I take- in 3 to 5 C daily. And I saw a big change. I noticed that my tummy has gotten smaller and I feel lighter inside.
And so, I changed my usual caffeine fix and replaced it with tea. I would normally take tea after eating, but lately, it's different.

I love drinking it while in front of the computer, doing my stuff. I also stopped craving for junk food, I now eat in moderation. Feels like the tea's doing the eating for me. Cravings? a cup will stop it.
*can you see your Ec in the picture


pehpot said...

true un mommy enchie? papayat talaga? coffee addict ako eh, I can take in as much as 5 cups a day.

Kahit lipton lang OK?

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niko said...

i dont like the taste of tea... can u recommend something na magugustuhan ko ang lasa..

i have to avoid coffee, i have gallstones na e. sawa na rin ako sa MILO hahah..

gusto ko yang tea na sinasabi mo mukang ok sa diet lalo na sa lumalaking tummy ko :D

Umma said...

WAAH... what kind of tea is that Mommy Ench.. I need to drink that one too para lumiit ang puson ko huhuhuh

OMM said...

ang healthy ng lifestyle mo. i also aiming for it. drinking tea is a good start. tnx for this tip :)

abie said...

I'm now into tea drinking.It does help me especially in my digestion.

{girl}forallstatus said...

yes, do share. gusto ko rin malaman yan tea na yan =)

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Gin said...

I'm a total coffee addict...tried drinking tea once but it just can't replace my coffee.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi enchie, you've just been tagged with love! Come & join me in the Valentine's Love. :)

GAGAY said...

mommy enchie, pampaliit ba ng puson un? nagtatanong kasi si ate umma eh..heheh!

eneweis, coffee at yosi? tsarap tsarap yun!hahah! am a certified coffee addict..and ONCE CIGAR also..but ngaun, coffee nlng.hehe!no cigar na!


J@n!ce said...

I need my daily doze of coffee in the morning & green tea in the afternoon. Its so impt to perk up my day.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Come & spread the V love with me :)