Kill The Termites

05 February 2009

My family owns a old house. One problem we have right now is dealing with termites. Anything that is made of wood, eventually, it is going to be a big head ache. My dad did several treatments of his own. The main reason we went for this kind of treament is because the liquid version works immediately and it is cheap.When I got married, my husband and I move to this old apartment. The landlady pre-warned us that every month a group of people will visit for termite control. Now, that confused us a bit. Why control if there are ways of eliminating these critters. If there are ways... I hope!

As shown, in these termite pictures they are very small and obviously with their size and their ability to eat up the biggest wood available... they also multiply fast. At they're featuring guidelines on how to inspect for termites, basic ways to protect our houses and 3 kinds of treatments. The liquid treatment is the most famous. It uses a pesticide called "termiticide" (because it kills termites) it creates a barrier around your house with chemicals, so that termites can't pass and come in to start a colony. That explains it!

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J@n!ce said...

Those insects are freaking me out. I found traces of wooden little debris inside my cupboard recently too. I wonder if there are termites :(