How Mommy Inspired Me To Write

04 February 2009

My mom's been a SAHM for 34 years. She never visited any office of any kind. She told us (her children) that she wasn't expecting that she's going to be a housewife. Thinking, that she's one of the most active students in college. She joined seminars, activities and the likes to equip herself with proper background in order to nail a good position in the corporate world.
She was the editor in chief of the school's organization, Gold winner in poetry, became president of the Film Society in College, Secretary of the Scientific Film Society of the Philippines, where, that time, the late Ernie Baron was their President.
As we (her children) grew up, she tells us stories on how wonderful her life had become staying at home. Maybe (she said) I will also be successful if she worked. Looking at her and knowing her as an intelligent, hard working person, I think she'll make it in the world of working moms too. But then, she was given another path. A path that brought out the ultimate being in her.
My mom loves to write. I saw her articles, tons of them. She never miss to write about something. Anything that inspires her. Last April 2008, she celebrated their wedding anniversary with my Dad in Singapore & Malaysia. It was her first time visit to those countries. At their hotel, she wrote a story about their travel experience. The impact in her life. She wrote about her new discoveries and the simple things that made her day extraordinary.
Even on my wedding. I found a message she wrote. It was meant to be read on my wedding day. But her speech was different that night. Anyway, I loved the message she shared with us that evening.
Let me share part she wrote:
She (Enchie) is truly a believer, she said it to herself, "I can feel God's graces and presence if we put Him first in our lives." Enchie, tonight is the beginning of your life with Dolf. Thank you for being a daughter to your parents, the eldest sister to your siblings and a bestfriend to everyone. Remember that there is only one God, The One who will be with you forever. And to Dolf, you are always loved. Love and take care of Enchie, be a good father and husband.
Enjoy life together...
I was encouraging her to make her own site and share her writings. My Dad was very supportive, he's ready to buy her a laptop. Wouldn't it be wonderful knowing that your mom is doing exactly what you're interested in.
We're both housewives. She gives me traditional tips and advices. And I also give her advices plus tricks dealing with household issues the modern way.
The inspiration? It's Us living the very same life.


Jes said...

ahhh....thats so sweet!!! galing nmn ng dad mo heheh suportive tlga! =) nice! so magaling tlga mom mo site n b sya..share mo pag meron na hehehe =)
nweis, gusto mo bumili books? bili ka na heheh visit my site sa sidebar ko lng =) tnx!

Enchie said...

Hi Jes! may site na siya pero wala pang laman he!he!he! will think about the books :)

Jes said...

hehehe thanks for dropping by enchie!! =0 cge tingin k lng ng boks hehe =)

Chris said...

wow! this is great... :) i cant imagine if this was my mom --- well i really think its cool :) hopefully, we will see her online soon!

by the way, great dad you have there.. very supportive! ;)

cherry said...

it's good you have your mom with you. my mom is a plane ride away and communication is always limited. i hope your mom would put up her own blog. i'm gonna be one of her "stalkers"

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Jona said...

wow! how sweet naman the thought of you sharing the same interests. i believe marami rin mashe-share ang mommy mo pag natuloy na ang blog nya :)
just dropped by. ingat!