Do You Want A Private Number Plate?

06 February 2009

Even before I started learning how to drive. I have been very curious with plate numbers ending with same 3 digits or combination of letters of all kinds. I asked my dad, "how does one acquire such plate?" as he explained, it is made available for those who want a personalized plate but there's a certain price for it.

Despite a weak world economy, people in most countries are are still concerned on how they’ll be able to stand out individually. One way is by choosing Private Number Plates . Private plates are now considered as a status symbol. Is it fashionable and fun. Wouldn't it be nice to have a personalized plate for your awesome car? I'ved talked about this with my husband...we find it cool for our car. My brother has a personalized plate with his children's initials and their wedding date. Northumbria Numbers offers Private Number Plates services. They have been supplying thousands of private number plates to thousands of happy customers over the last decade. Get one for your own car now!


pehpot said...

Hi Enchie! how long have you been doing buyblogreviews?

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Azumi's Mum said...

ive got mine personalized with my hubby's (my bf at that time) initials, and my birthdate and it cost me 15thou pesos =( while here in Tokyo, could only cost you 50dollars.

But its nice to have your own personalized plate =)

pehpot said...

sis nakakababa ng PR ang buyblogreviews hihi