Costume For The Month

18 February 2009

Every 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month, my husband's company holds a Friday's Theme. All employees, from Managers, Staff and even The Directors are required to come to work in costume of the chosen theme. It is a fun activity. Prices are given away. And these are not just prices. I'm talking about BIG Prices... sometimes, they give out cash $100, I remembered somebody won a PS3, a Wow Magic Sing and last November (for Halloween) my husband won a Microwave Oven, dressing up the Guitarist from the KISS band.

It wasn't really easy to look for a costume. We tried making but its very tiring and more draining for the pocket when it comes to the materials. And we did went online to look for the perfect costume. Now we're months away for the next halloween. I wonder what will be the theme for this year... Halloween is one of the most challenging costume month, people come up with brilliant costumes and ideas. They already did the 80's and the 70's. I hope its something from the 20's. A flapper dress for the ladies would be perfect.

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i wanna try this one in our deviance day at school!hehehe!so cool!