Let's Talk About Perfume

02 February 2009

Basically, perfume is a mixture of fragrant. Oils, and other essentials taken from flowers, plants, fruits and even wood. The only difference it makes is the selection we will consider to fit our body's chemistry. On a hot and humid day, you might want to stay away from musky or hard scents that will leave you sticky at the end of the day.
As I was browsing, I found this interesting new perfume blog. It contains reviews of perfumes, its description and mixture of scents. It also includes results on the perfumes' final smell after taking a few spritz. It is an interesting site for people who loves perfumes and for those inspired by scents.
I have several perfumes to fit all types of occasions. It is an essential to me. Plus, the fact that I married a man who's very much into colognes too. We (my husband and me) believe that the smell of a person, reflects his/her personality or being.
The better you smell, in a way, says that you're a clean person and vice versa when people find you smelling weird.
I personally don't know how to gauge finding the right one. I just try everything and later on, a particular scent will stand- out. And it will go all the way, years and years, until you can find a new one. Another interesting smell to replace it.
Need help on finding one Talk Perfume may help you out.

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