Tea Talk And Others Related To Health

18 February 2009

Just last week I posted an article about tea and the amazing results it gave me.HERE
Let me make it clearer to everybody.
I am just an ordinary person trying to make the most of what I have, everyday. Like I said, Tea has been part of my family's diet since childhood. My parents are health buffs. We've gone organic since I was a kid. The result: Not a single member of the family got hospitalized until now.
Tea is good with digestion. It burns fats. It will only go haywire if you don't eat and you take so much of it. Simply because there's nothing to burn. Anything taken less or too much is bad for one's health. Its a matter of balancing. Eating a well-balanced meal, simple exercises best support this tea issue.
With the Simple Exercises I mentioned, I am referring to the following:
-brisk walking
-regular chores around the house
-playing and running after your kid
-even errands
We all need movement.
A well-balanced meal comes with great moderation. Tea helped me acquire this. At the same time, you will still be healthy with all the vitamins, fiber and protein your body needs. Tea is good. And it really did made my tummy smaller in 3 days. Not as flat, but you know there's improvement. And I took it without even exercising. What more can it bring if you get some movement go with it.
Drink a hot cup of tea with meals. Some people tend to gulp cold beverages such as milk, soda and water with their meals. Having a hot cup of tea will encourage less liquid while your eating, which is much better for digestion. People tend to sip rather than gulp with a hot drink. Green Tea is very famous for weight loss results. source
I personally, don't take anything that is being advertised a lot or has become a trend (that includes organic). Red Rice is the only organic product I rely on at the moment. The rest I trust, are the ones my parents are using. And besides I can't go organic all the way, I have a growing kid who needs a balanced meal everyday. And tea is the one that's helping me balance my own in-take. The one I'm using right now is not available here in the Philippines, maybe at some health store. It's Bergamot. An herb, a type of English tea with a balanced aroma, colour and strength. But again, it's not the only one around. Dried jasmine i love too.
The Lifestyle?
A doctor told us that the diseases which are making waves at the moment, are acquired thru the food we have been eating through the years. It's not the food we are taking- in now. Of course it's clear that if we continue this unhealthy lifestyle, it might just cut our lives short.
And to be honest, I can't say that I have a healthy lifestyle. Reality check: Eating in restaurants, especially fast food, instant meals proves it. But nobody is perfect. Nobody can say that your lifestyle is right or wrong (except the experts). And Again..."Anything taken less or too much is bad for one's health".
NOTE: This is not a paid review. All statements are of the author's only. Based on experiences and conversations with experts.


Chris said...

very timely post enchie! i am thinking of starting some sort of diet. since my little one has stopped breastfeeding 2 months ago, i think i should be on a diet that could help me lose a bit of my weight now and flatten my tummy a bit!

i havent been drinking much soda since i got pregnant 2003 and i intend to stay that way. i also intend to stop eating junk food
(yes, i usually have one pack when we watch late night series or movies). i also intend to eat less rice at night. those are my first steps...

well, maybe i should start drinking tea too... :)

Umma said...

I agree with Chris.. this is indeed very timely.. I was trying to lose weight too bec lately I was dining out a lot and eat too much. so I have a hard time shedding the excess lbs caused by pregnancy..

BTW, I was looking for that tea Mommy Ench but cannot find it in the market so I bought different type of tea.. hopefully, its going to work for me. hahaha.. well, its true that we diet and exercise both works together.

SO I guess, we need to exercise even a little bit in order to lose weight..

Twinkie said...

Ouch! Enchie, I should hang around more often. This is a really good post.

I like black tea better than green tea. Bergamot is a good flavor. Maybe I should like a little walking too... Hay easier said than done.