Planning To Use EON?---Updated

12 August 2009

I chose to use EON for my paypal transactions solely because I don't want to put any of our savings account or credit card no. at risk. For security purposes on my part. My EON will only contain my Paypal transactions- nothing else. I was a victim of hacking sometime last month. Though, it was only my Facebook that got hacked, it is still hacking. Anytime, someone or a group might just tap your usernames and passwords. We'll never know... Besides EON doesn't require a maintaining balance.

The good news for Philippine Bloggers: Yesterday, I shared a list of Philippine Banks with Mommy Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts in case you still want to use your personal savings account to get your paypal money. Or you may ask your bank if they cater to Paypal transactions.

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Bank of Commerce
China Banking Corp
East West Bank
Phil National Bank
Security Bank & Trust Co
Landbank of the Phils.

With regards to the verification of your Paypal, a debit or credit card is required. With what I read on some websites and info from fellow bloggers, if Paypal is not verified, widrawal of money is impossible.

If you're interested with Unionbank's EON Debit Card, for new users like me, you can go to any Unionbank, fill up their form, bring 2 valid IDs, your T.I.N and SSS. Make sure that your banking name matches your paypal info from the account name to billing address. I had the very same dilemma as to what Mommy Tetcha encountered.

Let me clear this, you will be needing 4 identification nos.

from 2 valid IDs
T.I.N no. (no. will do even without ID, but make sure it is yours and it is valid)
SSS no. (no. will do even without ID, but make sure it is yours and it is valid)

There will be a 7- working day waiting period until you get your card. Upon receiving your card, you will be asked to pay 350 Php annual fee. Deposit at least 200Php. You will be able to activate your account the following day at any Unionbank ATM (as what they instructed me). And through the net, got to: EON Cyber Account to acivate your online banking services. Activation will take another 2-3 days.
A set of number code from your bank is also required to widraw your paypal.

Then, you're all green to transfer and use your hard earned moolah. Yipee!
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note: Inactive EON will have a monthly penalty . Keep it active.

I hope this entry will help you , my fellow bloggers. I was once filled with questions too as I was figuring out how to get my online earnings, without sharing any of my personal accounts.


onlinemommy said...

Thanks for sharing this info. I will keep this for future use.

Chris said...

thanks for sharing this.

i am also thinking of what account to use... well, we are trying to use metrobank account, hopefully, it works!

♥Willa♥ said...

This is really helpful to me,Mommy Enchie, I've been asking my sister to open a paypal account (so it will be easy for me to send them money) and get this EON but she have no idea how or where to start.Thanks for this info.

Yami said...

I'm thinking of changing my bank as well solely for paypal's account. The one I'm using at the moment is a credit card at medyo nakakaalarm nga. Maybe I should start to inquire sa China Bank. Thanks for reminding me through your post. :-)